I have always loved watching Jamie Genevieve on Youtube with her S T U N N I N G makeup looks and after watching them for a while, I subscribed, followed her on pretty much everything and have just - in all honesty - became a little bit of a 'fangirl'.

When I heard Jamie was collaborating with MAC and she hinted it online I was buzzing! I was so excited about it and when it became clear that it was going to be a lipstick I was honestly sooo sooo excited and I definitely wanted to grab one. It kept selling out SO quickly and some people found it early so I kinda just thought okay this is clearly not for me. I have the worst luck with MAC lipstick collabs I can never get my hands on the limited edition and I was sooo gutted, I may have had a little bit of a princess moment, I won't lie. 

Anyway, it came back in stock so I very rapidly purchased one, although now I'm wondering if I should've stocked up because the lipstick is honestly stunning! It's a gorgeous satin finish which I personally love, I used to be such a matte lip kinda girl but satin finish lipsticks make my lips look so much healthier I think and more 3D and fuller. The colour is so flattering and I actually paired this with 'Spice'. In Jamie's tutorial using this lipstick she actually used copper but I saw in a photo she wore it with spice and it looked gorgeous and she also mentioned other lipliners in her tutorial, Spice was one of them.
It will definitely suit a hell of a lot of faces and skin tones for sure and I know it's going to become an everyday lip so I think I need to go stock up, like now.
I also really like the MAC lipliner in 'subculture' for a subtle barely there liner next to Jamie Genevieve's lipstick.

I needed to feature this on my blog because I am obsessed with her and I think she has done soooo well in this industry she's amazing! If you would like me to do a video using this lipstick then let me know and I will!

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In my opinion, there are 3 fashion pieces that you should be able to invest in.
Coats, Shoes and Bags.
These are the 3 key pieces of your wardrobe that can make a statement while being really practical too. These pieces can be a little more expensive in my opinion because, to be honest, if you buy cheap you buy twice right? So invest in some key pieces that will last you years and you can really get your wear out of them. You can find some really accessible luxury pieces now with the likes of ASOS, Net a Porter, Zara whatever your budget.

How to Choose?

My choice of Material is always a faux leather. I don't know why you would get real leather if you can get a good faux leather. It's pretty sustainable it doesn't show wear and tear quite as easily as other materials and it looks expensive. I like a firm sturdy bag that can hold up, not one that's flopping about.

If it's a luxury piece I tend to go for classic styles. Black or white timeless pieces, I find that spending a fair amount of money on a trendy bag doesn't seem to pay off that well and you don't really get too much wear out of it once the season changes. I have a couple of trend bags for around £60 pound which is pretty good, I didn't have to spend a lot so I will easily get my wear out of it but I definitely try and go for more simple classic styles if they are more expensive.
If you do however have a fair amount of classic bags or once you have collected a few classic items then you can always treat yourself to a bold statement trendy handbag of course! 

How practical is the bag you are eyeing up? We all have different types of bags for certain occasions, clutch bags are perfect for events or weddings where you only need your phone and credit card and you're good to go. Luxury pieces need to be practical too If it's an everyday bag I want to fit all my daily essentials inside. Camera, purse, phone and maybe some doggy essentials for Louie too! 
Although it needs to fit everything in I personally don't like huge bulky bags, this is where the Versace Jeans comes in to play.

Versace Jeans Backpack/Shoulder bag hybrid

I absolutely love backpacks! and this one is by Versace Jeans. They are cute, stylish and soooo practical. I have bought a couple of bags from the high street before but because I use them a lot for all my essentials they tend to kinda fall apart
I carry my camera around most of the time so I don't want a cheap or flimsy bag that is going to break on me and I found the cutest one.
Versace Jeans is basically the more casual range from Versace. I love how cute and compact this bag is but it is SO chunky so it really fits everything in without looking bulky or big which is what I love about it. 
It is sooooo roomy inside and has a zip up pouch at the front which can also hold quite a lot. It also comes with a removable chain strap so you can wear it as a backpack with the normal straps or change it up for an over the shoulder chain strap which I think is super sleek! 
It fits everything in while still looking effortlessly stylish. It's a black faux leather backpack/shoulder bag hybrid with signature logo details. 
I consider this an accessible luxury item it's not exactly cheap but it definitely isn't Chanel pricing but still really good quality, what do you think? 

Do you like accessible luxury? Or do you prefer things more budget-friendly or even more luxe?

Shop this bag and other 'accessible luxury' bags...

(you can also find the exact one I have on my homepage)

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~Alicia à la mode~

There are gonna be some changes around here! 
Okay so, first of all, where did my blog name come from? Alicia is my name (pronounced Aleesha) I wanted my name to be in my blog name so it was personal to me and the term 'à la mode' means fashionable in French and 'Alicia à la mode' altogether means Alicia in Fashion. 
So I wanted my name first off, then I mixed it with the French language (because of my love for Paris) and I wanted this to be a fashion blog and that is how Alicia à la mode was created. 

As you can probably see, I kinda failed on the whole fashion front. I slowly got swept away but amazing skincare and beauty, I loved the reaction I got with my lifestyle post and there seem to be so many fashion bloggers that I felt like I was just amongst so many there wouldn't be much point. I still and always have loved fashion, it's how I first got chatting to my boyfriend for our love of fashion and clothes and that hasn't changed but since moving in together and saving up clothes wasn't a necessity but I really do want my 3 main passions on here beauty, fashion AND lifestyle.

I have decided to completely get rid of my Food and Trave categories on my blog. I don't post about them regular enough for them to have their own categories if I do travel or eat out then I will definitely blog about it and place it into my lifestyle category.
I have however decided to reintroduce fashion to my blog and I really wanted to find my 'niche' and I think I have. I will be leaning more towards petite fashion. I mentioned this on my social media recently and have already had messages saying how you guys need petite fashion inspo so I am glad to help and wished I'd done it sooner!

I am kinda curvy petite I guess, I have big hips, thighs and boobs but quite a small waist and I'm a teeny 5'2. I have noticed that a lot of girls who are plus size but still petite struggle to find sizes that cater to their short size but the fuller figure and I will do my absolute best to find outfits that cater to all us fellow short gals or at least a petite but plus size alternative to help my fellow shorties!

Another thing that I have changed is ... MY LOGO! How Beautiful?!?!?!?!
So, my current logo, don't get me wrong I love it but I know for readers who are new to this blog can be confused to what it means, it doesn't really represent my blog or what it stands for sooooo I opted for a fashion illustration because of 1. it's a portrait of me and Louie which makes it super personal and custom to me 2. it's in front of Paris (Alicia à la mode is french remember?) and 3. its a FASHION illustration so yes! it finally fits and makes sense now! I'm so glad Louie is on there too because everybody knows he follows me everywhere and is my little shadow so I needed to feature him and now it definitely feels like a proper brand and logo now. If you wanted to know where I got the custom illustration from it's this shop 'here' on Etsy by Parinaz Wadia. She was amazing and got back to me so quickly with everything and all the little changes I wanted didn't seem like a bother at all she was so helpful with everything little detail and I am so happy with how it has turned out. You can also find her Instagram 'here' she's amazing!

I am super excited to add petite fashion to my blog and really strip my blog back and introduce some fresh content for you guys. Another thing I am really considering is to make a Youtube channel in September. I would love to know your thoughts and if you would want that here on this blog too.

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PS I hope you like the fact that Louie will now be at the bottom of every post instead of crystals. Gotta love him! :) 

I love collecting little pieces for my home, personalising it, adding personal touches to make it represent, me. One space I am working on at the moment is my dressing table area which, at the moment, doubles up as an office too. 

It's a very clean glossy space which I am pretty pleased with but I knew I had a lot of space on the walls to fill.
I scoured Pinterest to look for inspiration. I knew what I wanted, a montage of all the things I love which is essentially what this blog is about.

I really wanted to share some things I found recently because they are just so pretty! 

I wanted to look for some prints online which lead me to Etsy one of my favourite websites, to be honest for little quirky pieces. While watching Devil Wears Prada (my all time favourite film) and I spotted this framed, fashion illustration of Miranda Priestly and I was instantly so in love with it I love the fact she is holding the Runway magazine too it just looks so cool and so pretty and I thought it was perfect for what I was thinking of having.

The second print I picked up is equally as beautiful with the most perfect girl gang. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. I love how this looks especially next to my dressing table it is the perfect place for this type of print. You can find where these prints are from 'here' 

Another thing I love to use for decoration? Beautiful books! these two are my current favourites at the moment I love having them on my dressing table because I love the aesthetic and also they are easily accessible, I usually have whichever books I am reading at that moment. 

Paris: Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess is an amazing book, I love the illustrations they are beautiful and I can relate to it so much. Paris is one of my favourite cities and reading this book just makes me wish I was back! It has everything you could possibly need, places to go, places to eat it actually works as an amazing guide if you're looking to visit Paris pick this book up for sure! 
I actually wrote a post about my thoughts and memories of Paris recently which you can find 'here' because I couldn't stop thinking about Paris since I picked up this book! 

The second book is 'How To Be An Overnight Success Making it in Business' by Maria Hatzistefanis Founder & CEO of the skincare brand we all know and love Rodial. I find books like these so inspiring hearing her story and how she made her way to the top the struggles, the triumphs it's so easy to consider big businesses as overnight successes without knowing all the background and hard work that goes into it. I think sometimes we think things look easy so assume it was easy to achieve but at the end of the day anything worth having is in fact hard work! and if you love hearing girl boss stories you will love Maria Hatzistefanis story!

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