I'm like the next girl I loooove a good face mask! Although now it has turned into a full body mask situation!
I have tried a lot of face masks in my time I sound so old. When I were a teen, I would have sleepovers with my best friends and it was tradition to watch mean girls, white chicks and wear a face maks - usually the harshest clay ones that were probably not needed on our little faces but oh well. Over the years I have actually taken into account what type of skin I have and what products and ingredients will help enhance my skin and make it look its best. I have combinational but mainly dry skin so I love hydrating products, the more hydrating the better.

This Oskio Renaissance face mask is amazing. You simply rub it into your face, like you would a cleanser or face wash and it goes all white when it activates and looks a little bit like soap, you then leave it on for around 20 minutes then wash it off and it leave my skin looking bright and hydrated and my skin honestly feels incredible afterwards. I am such a fan of this face mask I love a face mask to work and feel quite spa like and luxurious and this does exactly that, it minimises fine lines and wrinkles that improves skins radiance, it is honestly a "spa in a jar"

Okay, another thing I have really got into lately are sheet masks but I much prefer eye mask versions like this Soap & Glory Eye Mask I don't know what is wrong with me but I honestly cannot keep face masks to sit on my face they drown me literally and then start sliding off and I just don't find them relaxing or comfy, eye masks however I am all for. I was swaying between these eye masks by Soap & Glory and the Estee Lauder and surprisingly the cheaper option wins this time. I absoloutly love these eye masks and I wished I'd found them sooner! Estee Lauder ones are good don't get me wrong but these are just as good quality but so much cheaper and I am obsessed. Boots always have deals for Soap & Glory so it's good reason to stock up, they are great for a little gift or for a pamper night with the girls and obviously they are amazing for a weekly treatment at home. I suffer with dry sore eyes sometimes but surprisingly haven't since I've been using these. Love them!

This face mask is super lightweight and full of amazing ingredients such as Peony extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Linseed which all work together to moisturise and hydrate skin while also protecting your sin against enviromental stresses. Perfect for dry, itchy, tired looking skin that needs an added boost. I love the feminine powdery scent of this mask and it really does make my skin look a lot more radiant and in amazing condition which I need in this hot weather when I don't want to wear too much makeup.

Skimono Beauty Masks
I love Skimono and I'll be surprised if I havent mentioned them before. This one pictured is the hand mask I also love using the foot mask too. They are the essentials for a relaxing pamper night, they leave my skin feeling smooth and silky for days which is why I had to mention them, such an amazing brand. They also have a face mask specifically for after sun which I think is a really good idea.

Shop the beauty products here...

Those are my favourite face/body masks. I have such dry skin so I am always looking for hydrating, radiant masks that will help fix that.
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It's been almost a year now since I cut inches and inches of hair off! I used to shield behind extensions for around 7 years! They were between 18-22 inches long, so as you can probably gather they were wayyy down my back. I got to a point where I was actually a bit scared to see my natural hair, I always had super thin hair which is why I opted for extensions in the first place but I decided to just chop it all off and originally my plan was to wear clip ins while my hair grew, I just needed a break from bonds, my hair was in awful condition, it was so dry as I could never fully condition it due to the fact I had constant bonds in my hair and in all honesty I never thought there would become a day where I said goodbye to them. The thought of it would make me feel sick I remember almost crying at the thought! for somebody who's hair never saw the light of day I never got it cut either but I realise now that is what stopped it from growing.
I have even more of my hair off now, it was just past my shoulders after chopping half of it off last June and now I can't even tie it in a ponytail! It's a little brighter too but I didn't want my hair to then have a reverse effect and go back to being dry and straw-like due to bleaching it up again so, I have made a conscious effort to keep my hair in tip-top condition by trying and testing all kinds of brands and products.
I've tried every salt spray and texturizing spray imaginable I now feel like I have my little signature hairstyle I thought I'd share with you my favourite sprays, products and hair styling tools that I've tried and tested for the past year. 

Okay, so I've been washing my hair with the L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths shampoo and conditioner. I am so obsessed with this range, I think it's typically for long hair but I love the smell and feel it gives to my shorter hair and it is amazing for split ends!

I normally prep my hair before blow-drying it, the Lee Stafford's Blow & Go which is from the Coco Loco Range is my go-to. This preps my hair and keeps it smooth and silky and heat protected while blow-drying/styling. 

I then go in for the actual styling tool. I recently bought the Mark Hill Pick 'N' Mix interchangeable curling wandI love the idea that you can change the barrel whenever you want which makes it easier for travelling so you don't have to take multiple hair tools.
I opted for the Ellipse Waver Barrel which gives gorgeous beachy waves, which doesn't look too uniform they are pretty messy beach waves which is perfect for summer and personally my favourite hairstyle on anyone. I really want the corkscrew one next I think that would look pretty cool!

Umberto Giannini Texturizing spray, you can find the exact one - here. This is essentially the glue that keeps everything together. This stuff is amazing - especially if you have shorter hair. It keeps everything in place all day and it adds that bit of texture to my hair and decent amounts of volume. I hate my hair straight but if I use just a bit of this spray it looks amazing! I did try the Oribe Texturizing spray for quite a long time but I prefer this Umberto Giannini spray and its a fraction of the price of the Oribe spray Deffo a good dupe!

That's my current hair care routine. A little different to when I was new to the short hair but I definitely am loving this little routine that I have and I am so happy with this haircut. What do you think?
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I was going to pair this handbag with a super cute spring outfit and display the pictures right here in this blog post but I decided I would dedicate this entire post to the most gorgeous handbag I have ever owned and I did not want any outfit to steal its thunder.
I definitely have a slight obsession when it comes to handbags which I have said before, I blame my nan and mum for that who genetically embedded that into me. Aldo absolutely smashes it when it comes to handbag designs, they are pretty affordable and often on sale on ASOS anyway. 
I think when it comes to shoes or bags, it's okay to spend a little more as it usually lasts longer you know the saying ''buy cheap buy twice'' 
Aldo handbags are usually (well most of mine) have been around £50 which I think is pretty good because they do last a long time and the quality is stunning. 
The designs are just beautiful, so girly and such statement bags. This one in particular really caught my eye the Embroidered Cross Body Bag 

The colours are insane they screaaaam spring/summer I love the ombre effect of the pastel pink, mint green down to the gorgeous light blue colour and the matching strap with the gold chain detail added near the bottom means it even looks good on your shoulder.
I wasn't entirely sure on the embroidery at first, I didn't give in to the trend last year so I wasn't sure if I was going to like it as much once it got delivered but I did, I think it is stunning!
It's a simple flap opening with a little gold popper on the front and it has a zip pocket inside (also with the cute ombre effect) how can a zip be cute?! but it is.
It's a decent size as well it fits all my essentials inside without being too bulky so it is perfect for day to day wear which I have been using because I am so obsessed but it looks just as pretty for a cute night time accessory with a plain white dress, simple but effective.

What do you think of this bag? Are you a fan of Aldo?
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Purchase the bag of dreams here.

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I have said a million times, I prefer silver jewellery to gold jewellery, As you can imagine Pandora was amazing for me because they are a brand which stock a lot of gorgeous silver jewellery and their Disney collection oh my god it is amazing!! 
One of two years ago I started to really get into gold jewellery and Pandora obviously wasn't my go-to for gold jewellery, until now. They launched the Pandora Shine collection, inspired by the warm hue of sun rays. The rich golden tone is perfect for spring/summer when we the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing and you can get your jewellery to match the setting.

I have a little obsession with bees and I saw this ring when the collection first launched, I thought the design was stunning with its honeycomb band and gorgeous heart detail inside some of the hexagons and one little honey bee sitting on top. I thought this was such a unique ring so I went to look online and it had vanished, I found out it was Limited Edition so basically nowhere had it anymore and they couldn't order any more in stores for some reason, I managed to get this one in a local store in Essex when my boyfriend bought it for me which I was so so happy about and have been obsessed with ever since! 
My birthday is coming up soon so I would love to add to the collection, I have my eye on the honey bee choker and matching bracelet (which will match my ring) I think these are gorgeous! and I really want some pendants too!

What do you think of the Pandora Shine collection? Do you love it as much as me? Let me know! I really wanted to share it with you guys I'm obsessed with the entire collection.
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