Today is officially the first day of autumn and what better day to be than a S U N D A Y!
I thought I'd write a little post for a little catch up really today has been really nice. It started off rainy so I walked Louie super early which was super relaxing (I even took my Keepcup and filled it with tea to keep me warm)
I got back and had the nicest most chilled out day. I've had my fairy lights on all morning (you can see how I decorated my lounge for autumn - here) and just had a super chilled Sunday planning future content/autumn content for you guys.

One thing I am looking forward to this autumn is actually venturing out. We have been saving up and pretty much stayed in all of the summer and when it gets colder outside that's when we really venture out. me, my boyfriend and pug Louie are definitely winter lovers we love the cold weather and I love going out in the rain I find it sooooo relaxing.
We are going to Comicon which we do every year and I love it we get to look around for cool Harry Potter and Disney collectables for our little game room it's always such a cool day.
I am also getting a new MacBook. I currently use my boyfriends MacBook but it is pretty old now and getting super slow, I did try to import videos and it honestly took a day! So I am super excited for that to come.
I also really really really want to visit a pumpkin patch, for all the photos and of course to buy some cute baby pumpkins and big boys too carve too. 

What do you have planned this autumn? I would like to get your opinion on something before I sign off. I have had a few ideas and a couple of people are encouraging me to do my own Youtube channel. I was thinking of featuring some videos on here, lookbooks, clothing hauls, that kind of thing, with the odd beauty looks thrown in too.

Let me know what you'd like me to feature maybe a Q&A to get things started for a video? I'd love you to send me questions..maybe autumn related ones? 
Anyway, I hope your all ready for autumn and you love it as much as I do! I am soooo excited for all the pumpkin picking, shopping trips, food markets all of it I am fully ready for!
Have a good Sunday and now we can really get ready for Halloween, Christmas and all the best times! yayyyy!

I love doing our house up, I love making it cosy, cute and a little shabby chic. I've shown snippets of my bedroom and our walk-in wardrobe which are very white and modern but I thought I'd show you some pictures of my living room. 
It's a space completely different to my bedroom.

My living room is one of my favourite rooms in the house. I've changed it around and added a few textures into the mix to make it super cosy. This is the space I use to work in, to watch movies and to make memories with my loved ones 🖤
My family is one of the best things to me. The majority of us are super tight-knit and see each other quite a lot so obviously, I make this space the cosiest it can be, not just for me but for them. My house is pretty full most of the time my mum, sisters, nephews, niece and my cousin are constantly over and I actually love the fact that I have the welcoming house which everybody seems to love and be comfortable in, it reminds me of how my nans house used to be, constant visitors and that's what makes a home to me, I think my sisters house is going to be the same as she has moved super close which I'm quite happy about. I always keep my family in mind when I make my house cosy and think of the movie nights or game nights we can host.

Adding texture is a great way to make a room cosy and homely. Faux fur and cable knit are a couple of my favourites. I got this giant faux fur beanbag (which now doubles up as a dog bed) from The Range. 
The Range is a great place to get homeware that is so reasonably priced. I picked up this cute cable knit throw which was down the bedding aisle but in all honesty, I never use a blanket or throw in my bedroom but I knew it would be perfect for movie nights. I also got this cute and very fitting cushion which says 'Reserved for the Dog' and this is the spot where he sits most days and I lay his pets at home blanket at the bottom so he has his own little cosy spot and I love it.

This Wreath is from Homesense which I get out every single year. Instead of placing it outside to look pretty for passers-by, I like to have it inside so I can enjoy it myself haha!
I love this part, it's under the TV so everyone's eyes are drawn here. I have cute fairy lights that are like leaves as you can clearly see here lol from Etsy along with candles and this gorgeous print which was made by fellow blogger Tarnya on her Etsy shop - Sweet Allure.

Candles are my favourite. I have wax melts dotted around the house so it fills my house with sweet vanilla and gingerbread but I will forever have a love for candles. One of my all time favourites is the Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow candle by Bath and Bodyworks. It's a gorgeous sweet but smokey scent which reminds me of bonfire night, I love it.

Fairy lights can make any space look snug, honestly, whether you're in a small room at uni or you have a huge grand dining room it can make it so pretty and cosy. I have a decent sized living room, it's quite open and to be honest I don't really love having lots and lots of art or photos on the walls and where the walls are quite big and a bland shade I didn't want to just take away my nice feature wall with prints so instead I made my decent size lounge turn cosy it doesn't take anything away from my beloved Paris wallpaper it just makes it the cosiest and snuggliest place to be and with faux fur and cable knit tied in it creates the calmest space for anybody.
I know I have typed the word cosy about 400 times in this post by now but I used to think a cosy room would have to be small but that's not the case and I'm so glad I have a spacious living room so I can fit homely furnishings and adding the fairy lights to make it cosier is the perfect addition.
You don't need to break the bank to make your space homely and comfortable and if you really want to save money you can even youtube DIY's and find some cute homeware to make. 
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I love getting organised when the seasons change, giving my wardrobe a good clear out. Don't get me wrong it is one of the most long-winded jobs but the most satisfying once it's finished. I got to a point where I would rather buy a new outfit rather than look for one in my wardrobe which is bad I know. I'm quite a visual person if I can't see the clothes then I probably won't choose it.

You have to be a bit of a savage with any kind of house clearout. So many of us hold on to things because it's a memory and I am all for that but when it comes to clothes, I need to just give away the pieces I don't wear - some still even have their tags on! It honestly takes me at least an entire afternoon to sort my wardrobe which I do every few months or when I'm transitioning from season to season. So I thought I'd let you know how I tackle my wardrobe and at the moment I am being super strict because I really want to love my wardrobe I was so fed up of looking at my wardrobe and it is so boring and a bit 'meh' but this Autumn I want to love every single outfit I pick out.

When my boyfriend and I first moved in together we knew straight away that we wanted to make the smallest bedroom into a walking wardrobe so we have a good amount of space before I am sorting it all out I make sure I clear the floor space as much as possible because whenever you organise clothes it definitely gets worse before it gets better but persevere it's worth it. 
Once everything is clear try everything on this is probably the longest part but I kinda like it although get an ice cold drink because it gets hot! 
Try every outfit on so you know if you want to keep it or not. I have saved so many outfits thinking its super cute but I try it on and some of them I wished I had given away when I could have so triying them on really helps. When you try on your outfits you can do these things...

If you try on an outfit that is ripped or ruined if you can reinvent it in some way then go ahead if you can't, then throw it away (I always keep one baggy messy shirt  for hair dye or fake tanning evening etc) but anything else if it is ruined beyond repair, then it goes in the bin.

If you find that you have found an outfit that fits, it's in okay condition but you're just not feeling it then put that in a separate pile for your local charity or if you prefer to sell it then do whatever suits you.

Okay if you try on an outfit that you love or used to love but it doesn't fit so well put this in a bag ready for the tailors especially if it's a timeless piece you might as well keep it if you love it and get it tailored to your size.

Trying on clothes that you love but haven't worn in so long, I would say keep. I usually keep these in drawers if I don't want to part with it just yet

And of course, anything you love has earnt it's right to hang in your wardrobe.

Everything that you've decided to keep then needs to be organised into your wardrobe. I have to have all my clothes hanging the same way purely for convenience when I'm rushing. When you organise your kept items into your wardrobe group them in an order, dresses together, shirts together, tees etc. and prioritize your items so if you wear dresses a lot of shirts for work make these really accessible if you don't go to posh events regularly then leave your cocktail dresses near the back or end of your wardrobe leaving all the everyday essentials easily to grab.

Once your pretty much organised and everything is hanging up go back and organise one more time (if you can be bothered) I go back and arrange it all into colours so it's easy to see and you can see where certain sections start and end and you can see what colours you tend to overbuy on although I buy a lot of blacks especially in winter so it can be hard to tell them apart if that is the case then I would either break it up with some white or simply organise it into items like jumpers, skirts, tees etc.

Hopefully, now you have the most organised and loved wardrobe! I really am being less and less of a hoarder. I have kept some of my favourite pieces but I have always given away a ton of clothes that I liked I just got bored of. I wanted a wardrobe I was excited about and clothes that I genuinely love.

Hope this helped! Now I am soooo ready for autumn fashion!
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I have always loved watching Jamie Genevieve on Youtube with her S T U N N I N G makeup looks and after watching them for a while, I subscribed, followed her on pretty much everything and have just - in all honesty - became a little bit of a 'fangirl'.

When I heard Jamie was collaborating with MAC and she hinted it online I was buzzing! I was so excited about it and when it became clear that it was going to be a lipstick I was honestly sooo sooo excited and I definitely wanted to grab one. It kept selling out SO quickly and some people found it early so I kinda just thought okay this is clearly not for me. I have the worst luck with MAC lipstick collabs I can never get my hands on the limited edition and I was sooo gutted, I may have had a little bit of a princess moment, I won't lie. 

Anyway, it came back in stock so I very rapidly purchased one, although now I'm wondering if I should've stocked up because the lipstick is honestly stunning! It's a gorgeous satin finish which I personally love, I used to be such a matte lip kinda girl but satin finish lipsticks make my lips look so much healthier I think and more 3D and fuller. The colour is so flattering and I actually paired this with 'Spice'. In Jamie's tutorial using this lipstick she actually used copper but I saw in a photo she wore it with spice and it looked gorgeous and she also mentioned other lipliners in her tutorial, Spice was one of them.
It will definitely suit a hell of a lot of faces and skin tones for sure and I know it's going to become an everyday lip so I think I need to go stock up, like now.
I also really like the MAC lipliner in 'subculture' for a subtle barely there liner next to Jamie Genevieve's lipstick.

I needed to feature this on my blog because I am obsessed with her and I think she has done soooo well in this industry she's amazing! If you would like me to do a video using this lipstick then let me know and I will!

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