Hello! I know I haven't posted in a while I haven't had Wi-fi for two weeks so it's been a bit of a struggle in this modern household! We now have every single channel on TV (Disney and Christmas movies are on 24/7) and I have been enjoying life offline.
I have been kicking back, pampering and just not really posting it but I have switched up my skincare so I thought I would come back an update you on my new finds!

I've only been using Nuxe for around a year and a half thanks to a monthly subscription beauty box! It was a face cream which I just had to repurchase after sampling it. I am a lover of French things anyway if you've read my blog for a while now you will possibly already know my huge love for Paris and all things French. After doing a bit of research on this French brand I began to love the sound of all their products as well as their ethics behind them.

Nuxe have an ethical policy, a commitment to nature if you will. They use Eco-Friendly jars, plant-based inks which I think is incredible they use this from sustainably managed forests for packaging and brochures, they don't use parabens, mineral oils or plastic micro beads.
What I have found with Nuxe is how consistently luxurious this brand remains every single product I have used by Nuxe has worked for my skin while feeling luxurious on my skin too which are the two things I continually look for in a skincare range.

I thought I'd show you what new products I ordered from LookFantastic they are all Nuxe and of course, I had to repurchase one of my all time favourite lip balms! I have almost finished my current MAC lip balm which I wrote about recently in my 'Autumn Saviours' post which you can find 'here' and I did mention what happened to my last Nuxe lip balm (it got eaten by my mum's dog haha!)
Anyway,  I knew I'd have to buy another. I do have the jar version which I always use before bed but I love having the stick in my handbag and at the moment LookFantastic have the lip balm stick in a pack of two so I obviously had to buy it because it's the same price as one.

The small white bottle you can see is the eye cream which I've never used before. I have been really struggling with dry skin around my eyes recently so I was on the hunt for a decent little eye cream and as LookFantastic blessed us with a cheeky 3 for 2 I thought why not? 
So I decided to buy this and it has been gorgeous to use, the texture is so nice and luxe!

The tall, brown bottle you can see above is the gel cleanser and it is a dreeeeeam! You apply it to damp skin and rub it into the skin and it takes all of your makeup off and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth. Although I will say it states on the bottle to keep away from your eyes so it doesn't exactly take all of your makeup off but I usually take my makeup off with Lush's Ultrabland cleanser (which is amazing and buttery and safe for the eyes) and then I use this cleanser as a second cleanse and it is gorgeous and obviously on days where I'm not wearing any makeup I just use this cleanser twice in the morning and twice at night and it honestly makes my skin feel gorgeous! 

Nuxe are definitely up there with my favourite skincare brand. Have you used anything by Nuxe before?
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Grab a cuppa and let's get chatting! I have wanted to voice my opinion on this subject for a while now on how we take and edit our photos online.
As a Blogger, everything needs to be sorry, look perfect. Our photos need to stand out in a sea of creators. The first thing you notice is the image so I see that it needs to be perfect but how far is too far? What I mean is, when do we stop over-editing our photos? when will the natural look become a normal beauty?

I feel like we are a walking contradiction. I feel like magazines and (some) of the media are slowly making progress when it comes to unedited photos. They aren't changing faces and figure as much so we can see and relate to the more natural look but what is happening to the beautiful places we visit? oversaturating our photos, adding the stars, moon and planets, taking away people and structures. Is it a little warped?

I completely understand it from both sides. As a content creator or an Influencer, it's a way to stand out from the crowd, It is a business after all.

guys c'mon HOW CUTE does Louie look?!

 I edit my photos very similar to each other (NOT usually like this👆🏼haha. This photo is a tongue in cheek type of edit, firstly I am crap at editing so hats off to the people who smash it, photographs can be super fun and playful which is why I chose this edit because it screams autumn and it's kinda funny.

I like my themes usually to look crisp and clean but I very rarely, in fact, I only slightly brighten photos of cities or places. Personally, I would never take away it's beauty yet I know sometimes with over saturating a picture or playing around with it too much can actually take away some of its non-perfect beauty.
I totally understand social media isn't real life anyway it's always, the 'highlight reel' but for content creators, it is a creative outlet, somewhere where we get to play around with photos, make them fun and a bit different and also to advertise a product we love.
 Why would we want to make it mundane and regular if it is supposed to pop and catch your eye?

Those who aren't familiar with blogging won't understand why we are going to such lengths that some of us go to for a 'holiday photo' but to a blogger, it isn't just your average holiday photo, it's an extension of their brand. 
Is this editing strictly for influencers and content creators? or will this become a trend where not only do people not look real but the cities around the world don't either?

Is it the editing that's taken too far or the props?

To me, seeing somebody pose on a balcony with all the pastries have become a normal thing but for others who aren't familiar with this industry, it is a little OTT and probably a waste lol. They look at it on a realistic level which I understand the photo isn't realistic hence the 'expectation vs reality' posts.

 I think some shots look amazing but if somebody has shot a photo of themselves laying in a busy street holding a huge bouquet of flowers, a glass of champagne, pastries, doughnuts, pizzas, balloons, a pumpkin spiced latte and a puppy I can see why you might not have any idea they are trying to promote that little tube of shaving cream that you may see slightly hanging out of their handbag - okay slight exaggeration but my point is if nobody knows what you are trying to advertise that's where the misunderstanding creeps in which angers some people. 

Repetition is boring.

In the past, I have followed people because of their OTT posing, travel photos because I thought they looked stunning and I lived for it but even too much of any good thing can get a little boring. They would tease on their into stories that they have an exciting post coming up from a new city and you 100% knew what it was going to look like before it even got posted and I wasn't that excited, to be honest I knew it was going to be the same  overdressed outfit (but in a different colour) with the same hair accessory (but a different colour) and the same bouquet of flowers you guessed it (in a different colour). It becomes a bit samey for me and that's when I click the unfollow button. I totally get the themes etc but I love fashion and beauty and if I'm seeing the same clothes over and over again in different colours I'm getting bored of ya sorry but true.

Staying Relatable

Being relatable will always win. It's why we love reality programmes we love seeing how the other side live but there has to be that tiny percentage we can relate to. whether it's because they are part of a family or purely share your love for love mac and cheese.
As soon as it turns a bit ridiculous I think as viewers, we lose interest.  

Who is the leading lady in the blogging/youtube industry? Well, in the UK it's probably Zoella aka Zoe Sugg.
Zoe is smashing it and has been for years in this industry and be honest, can you remember a time where you thought she had gone a little over the top with the editing? or that her videos were so over posed it was uncomfortable? nope neither can I and I truly believe that's why she has made such an impact on this industry? As much as we love editing photos and videos we equally love the bloopers and behind the scenes too!

So what do you think?
Do we need to stop over-editing or can we just explain a little more? shall we be a little more relatable and find a happy medium or should it be left to just enjoy? 

I personally like some of the edited shots, I love how the stars look at night when they are edited and added I think it's one of my favourite features I have seen. 
I guess I do prefer it when an ad and a photo match up but that's the same with TV adverts too. When I watch a TV ad then at the end I find out what it's actually promoting is nothing like what I thought, but the adverts that are clever, pretty and match the product its advertising I love and it draws me in and that's how I am with ads on social media but I will always find comfort in the more relatable Instagrams even after the trend of over edits has left.

For some reason I wear more jewellery in autumn I don't know why I just think layered clothing and layered jewellery pieces make a really good outfit and also the sun makes me want to have as little on as poss!

I used to always switch my jewellery up, so in the summer I loved gold warm tones really minimal and in autumn/winter I would change it up to chunky silver jewellery.
However, this year I am really loving gold with my autumn outfits, I think it's because of the crisp orange and yellow leaves and all the other warm colours I think it matches really well (I know who matches the scenery with their jewellery? - clearly me!)
If you haven't noticed my palette is pretty nude. I love anything nude, warm or just anything neutral and I love how well gold compliments nude, beige and cream colours so these pieces I found on ASOS and Glitskiin I am sooooo happy with!

Glistkin is a brand I very recently discovered, they have such affordable and quirky pieces which I am currently obsessed with. I obviously went for the gold pieces, the two-faced necklace and earring are soooo cute I don't ever really buy matching jewellery sets but these look really cute and I will wear them separately too.
I also got another plain midi ring (you can never have enough) and a cute circle ring too and I really do adore all these pieces they look so cool!

Okay, these beasty babes. Now don't judge I know they look a little bit out there but they look soooo pretty in person. I used to love hoop earrings as a teen and I am kinda glad they are back! These babies are huge. They are definitely on the bigger end of the hoop scale but they are so gorgeous, the stones do not make it look tacky which I actually thought they would look super cheap in real life but they don't at all. 
I would pair these with a little black dress or a little white dress on a night out I think they would look sooo pretty!

The next piece is hoop earrings again but a little more modest, they are a simple, small hexagon hoop. I really liked the simplicity of them so they are perfect for daytime and I like the fact they aren't a typical circle so they're a little different to the standard hoop.

These cute little rings are perfect for layering and I think they look soooo pretty for everyday wear. They're super simple and I just love them! It's the little things...

How gorgeous is this watch?! I haven't really got any watches, to be honest, but I love how they look with outfits. I thought this one looked a lot more expensive than the modest price of £22 and it really does go well with a dressy outfit, really happy with it although I need to get it made a bit smaller if I can.

Those are my new in jewellery pieces, what do you think? I am happy with all of them, to be honest, I always get a little-worried buying cheaper jewellery online but I am impressed - especially by the big hoops!
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Okay, I LOVE Halloween! dressing up Halloween nights in playing games and watching horror films, a house party, or even just a huge night out with the girls whatever! I love it and I will dress up whatever way I'm choosing to spend my Halloween evening. 

I would like to give a huuuuge thank you to Boohoo for getting in touch with me and gifting me some gorgeous pieces from their Halloween range.
They have soooooo many gorgeous pieces at the moment that are Halloween themes I honestly had a list as long as my arm! They cater to all shapes and all styles to suit every woman which I have huge respect for they even cover petite gals like me! Check out their current Halloween range 'here'
 Their #sexyvsscary challenge is part of their wider #DOYOURTHING campaign and they have challenged me to come up with a scary or sexy look for Halloween (or both!)
I thought I would go along the sexy but slightly casual route as it's one of my faves. As I said I either love a Halloween party or a night in playing games so I feel like this look can suit both and it can be really dressed up for a night out without looking terrifying.  
So I thought I would opt for a pretty glam Halloween look, full face of makeup and a gorgeous lace outfit.

Boohoo have such a good range for Halloween at the moment and they let me choose my outfit which let me tell you was bloody hard!
They have everything from skeleton mermaids to sexy leopard catsuits and everything in between. I opted for an all black lacey outfit. You cannot beat an all-black outfit at the best of times let alone Halloween.

I chose this gorgeous lace bodysuit which you can find 'here' it is super flattering and really comfortable. It is pretty see-through but I decided to put a frilly bodysuit underneath because it is cold out in the evenings aaaand I didn't want my nips on show.
I paired the bodysuit with these super cool gothic bunny ears. Bunnies aren't so scary but I love the dark lace veil on the front I think this looks super mysterious and really pretty! I also added this blood drip choker to add some extra Halloween vibes and I didn't even realise this but Boohoo actually sell makeup even glitter and face paint!

I thought this was perfect for a super last minute outfit, I paired it with some ripped jeans for a casual outfit but it still looks like I've made an effort. I am sooo obsessed with this veil!
What do you think of this look? Let me know your plans you have for this Halloween in the comments! 

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