Lifestyle | 25 Travel/Life Things On My Bucket List!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Lifestyle | 25 Travel/Life Things On My Bucket List!
When was the last time you didn't something huge and exciting? Something you had waited years to do? Things that added value to your life and that you craved? We get so wrapped up in our day to day lives we forget to do the things that we actually want.

Writing a list of things to do before you die sounds morbid so we tend to limit things to things to do before we hit a milestone like hitting 25 years old or 30 but we can't constantly tick off daily life to-do's without doing things that scare us a little, with that in mind - apparently you should do something that scares you daily, not in a harmful scary way but in the sense that you should do something that you never thought you could do or accomplish. The only thing that's holding you back from your goals - is you. If we never make goals we won't push ourselves so just bear that in mind 

Also, Don't forget to check off everything you do accomplish, It will keep you motivated and you'll want to cross off more the more you achieve. Check on it regularly and go over the things that aren't relevant to you anymore and maybe switch or change it up as often as you like, Lets face it your not going to run out of things to do and they can be as big or small as you like.

I'm a huge list maker so I'll find any excuse to make a list! Here's 50 things from my bucket list, I have things from my childhood right up to now and you can see what I've crossed off too! 

1. Go on Safari preferably in Cape Town! - I've done little ones but not a proper African safari and I would love to!

2. Raise a Puppy - I used to be petrified of dogs until we rescued a border collie/black lab cross and he was lovely and then we got another dog but neither were puppies ever since then I wanted a puppy of my own to raise myself and it was one of the best things! I also did a post on why pugs are the best pets  [here

3. Visit Pandora at Magic Kingdom! - I've been to magic Kingdom before but now they have Pandora the land from the film Avatar and it looks insane!

4. Eat authentic italian food in italy! - I want to see as much of italy as possible! Especially Rome and Pisa

5. Visit One of The World Largest Flower Garden, Keukenhof in the Netherlands - Honestly I've never seen such a picturesque place in all my life I wrote a post on this you can find [here]

6. Stay at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris - This place looks so beautiful they even do weddings here and it has the most beautiful view oh my god google this place if you haven't seen it! 

7.Visit The Sex Museum in Amsterdam - You just have to don't ya? It was a laugh

8. Eat at the Cinderella Castle Restaurant in Walt Disney World - This place looks incredible and I'm such huge Disney fan and this just looks fit for a princess!
9. Swim with Dolphins - This is the ultimate dream for everyone isn't it? I was lucky enough to swim with dolphins and I loved it, They're amazing!

10. Have a Picnic in Central Park - I love proper old school romantic picnics and I love food...Can you imagine that in Central Park it would be so so amazing!

11. Visit Paris and All The Monuments - Paris was an absolute dream and I am so grateful I have visited this city, I've wanted to go since I was young and I have so many little trinkets and accessories in my home that's Paris themed - even my wallpaper in my lounge! I've always been obsessed and honestly I love the city and I am soooo happy I got to visit you can see my post [here]

12. Eat at the 'Be Our Guest' Restaurant in Walt Disney World - Beauty & The Beast was and still is one of my favourite Disney films and to be able to see the recreation of beasts castle would be amazing.

13. Visit Walt Disney World - Obviously. This has got to be on every kids bucket list surely? I'm such a Disney fan. Luckily I've been twice and I intend to go so many more, I'd love to have babies and take them one day haha!

14. Write a book - I've always loved writing and my nan used to always encourage me to write stories and told me I should write a book one day so, watch this space.

15. Visit Comicon - I did this last year and it was amazing and I would love to go every year its so cool and brings out the geeky side I love it!

16. Visit Beautycon - I've wanted to go for a couple of years now and I'm hoping I get to go this year!

17. Stay in a zoo overnight - Ah! This was amazing this went on my bucket list as soon as I found out you could do this. I shared my experience on my blog you can click [here] to see a more in depth post it was amazing!  

18. Stand up paddle boarding / yoga paddle boarding - Water is so relaxing and I've always loved the idea of surfing and this is the less scary version of surfing it seems so relaxed and chilled I would love to give it a go!

19. Visit the Hollywood sign - To be honest I'd love to do all of california but this would be pretty damn cool!

20. Visit the Maldives - It looks incredible, picture perfect! I couldn't imagine how amazing it would be and feel to stay in those cute little huts over the beautiful ocean!

21. Visit Universal Studios - It was amazing! I've been here twice too and it was amazing and theyre always building new things I would love to go again!

22. Visit Canada - Im obsessed with bears and all the lakes and glaciers ah I can't even cope with how beautiful it looks. I would love to zipline through the forests there! and visit Niagra falls!

23. Ride water taxi in venice - Venice would be amazing and I'd love to tick this off my bucket list.

24. Have a romantic balcony breakfast/dinner - Preferably in Paris! ;) 

25. Learn a new language - I'd love to be fluent in another language! 

Those are a few things on my bucket list there are so many more - especially travel related ones but these are ones I've had for a while. Let me know in the comments if you have a bucket list - If you don't have one maybe watch the film the bucket list and have a little think of what you'd like to do! 

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Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - May

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - May
You probably know by now that I get the Look Fantastic beauty box every month, Its £13 pound if you subscribe for 12 months (which is what I did) just click the [here] if you want to have a look. This months box was a beautiful pink one which I was pretty happy about. The theme this month was 'Get the Glow' Perfect for the summer season.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but with every box you get that months issue of Elle magazine and a little beauty box short magazine also, which just explains whats in the box and other beauty tips and products that fit in with the theme of this months box.

I've seen so many body scrubs around and I really like the idea of it, I love exfoliating my face I know that's weird but I love the feel afterwards. The fact this is for my entire body makes me super happy, if your an avid fake tanner like me you'll understand that exfoliation is the key to a smooth home tan! The fact its all natural with amazing ingredients makes me want to re purchase for sure.

This hair oil is amazing! It's enriched with with a blend of oils that nourish and condition the hair. It smells bloody amazing and I've recently amped up my hair care routine because I've had hair extensions for so long I didn't really bother with my own but I'm getting a proper chop this month so i really want to get as much hair care as I can - This one is amazing!

In the box you could either get the shade 'Peach' or 'Cream' I love the idea of the peach shade but I'm so happy with the cream shade its so glowy and shimmery which will look amazing in the summer when you don't want to go all over the top with your eye shadows this will be perfect.

This little cloth is made from hypoallergenic fibres, It gently removes make up - even eye make up with just water leaving your skin super clean and glowy, Its like magic!

At first I though this was a peel mask but its not..Basically, you put it on your face and rub it round in circular movements with your fingers like a cleanser and the peel solidifies under your fingers because of the blend of proteins and removes dead skin cells so you get left with a refreshed renewed complexion I think its such a cool product! 

I think this product sounds so cool, I always wear fake tan throughout summer this mist hydrates and nourishes the skin while leaving a hint of bronze for a gorgeous glowy sun kissed finish!

That was this months beauty box - I loved it. I'm already buzzing for next months! 
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