Mental wellbeing/your mental state.
How you feel and how you're coping with day to day life, our mental state changes all the time, daily, monthly, yearly etc but we want to try and avoid it staying low for a long time so we need to take care of our mind, just like going to the gym etc but for our brains.

What is affecting your wellbeing?
If you feel like your health and wellbeing might be lacking, try and find out why. What affects me might not necessarily affect you but everybody does go through down days at some point and days where we struggle to cope sometimes whether its money troubles, family/relationship problems or even grief.

Find something to believe in

 I remember visiting Greece and the people their just seemed so happy and so family orientated and the more I spoke to different people that were born there I started to realise how big their belief system was and how it seemed to help their wellbeing just by having something to give them hope and a reason to keep progressing forward. It made me think how cynical us brits are and how we always need proof of this and proof of that. My nan who I was incredibly close with was a huge believer in all sorts of things but especially anything spiritual. I actually bought her a gorgeous dreamcatcher which got passed down to my niece who is smitten with it and I was happy enough to let her have it after my nan passed, I actually got to have a jar of her crystals which I am so happy about. 
I know not everyone is keen on it and this segment isn't to push you into beliefs but I am definitely into 'Healing Crystals', They have definitely made an improvement to my mindset.
I love reading the 'science' behind the crystals and I have accumulated a lot of books to do with them both mine and my nan's and what they mean, the history etc and it's nice to have something I can use that lifts my spirits and makes me feel calm and relaxed. 
I find that this makes me feel close to my nan and thats why it's so important to me but it could be anything to believe in, little mantras or quotes to live by or a certain lifestyle change it's just the same, it doesn't have to be spiritual or religious if you're not a spiritual or religious person, just find something that works for you.

Take time for yourself

Take some time to relax. Live in the present, become more aware of your feelings and your surroundings. It can help you enjoy life and accept more, make a list or a mental note of all the things you are grateful for. Find things that relax you, listen to music, meditate, have a long relaxing bath or even buy a colouring book I find it so relaxing colouring in a book or filling in a journal and reading makes me feel so calm. 
Me time is so important. 
I usually use my 'me' time by taking a long relaxing bath, having a little pamper session, doing some yoga or reading a book.

Build positive relationships 

Make time for people you love! 
...But don't force it. I've been in a situation where I felt like I used to be super close to someone but they hadn't noticed the drift and their partner thought it was silly to even think we were close, which in return made me feel a bit deluded and it kinda caused some grief but I've learnt from that and now I will only reach out to people if I feel like they want me in their lives too, don't sweat it or feel bad about it though it is what it is and its better to accept it, if they don't care don't waste your time fretting. 

You can reach out to people over the phone, through text or face to face. I have definitely made more of an effort to see my friends face to face, even for a quick coffee before their shifts start at work, having a girl chat helps on WhatsApp too for when we are all too busy to meet up.
I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces and I see most of them multiple times a week and I love it I always have my niece and nephew over to player switch games and my other nephew loves to come round, chill and watch some wrestling with my boyfriend. I also love having game nights or movie nights my little cousin (well...he's 6ft+ so not so little but he's younger haha)
I also have a huge whats app group with all my immediate close family and it's kinda nice to check in with each other, pretty much everyday especially when most of them have their own families, jobs and various other commitments but it has definitely strengthened all of our relationships. Most of us at some point end up creating our own family but it's still so important to keep families connected when it does expand. 
All these things combined have worked wonders for my wellbeing, I used to see things like going out with the family as special occasions but now I love it being a regular thing.

Start a new hobby

Think of something you love doing, dancing, exercise, painting anything and join a class if you can, being around like minded people that share the same interests can be such a confidence boost, it can seem a bit daunting at first, I joint a yoga class and I prefer it sooooooo much than doing it by myself and I would never have thought I'd be that person who prefers a group class, I'm actually looking at joining a new class too! It helps you to bond with new people too which in return could be potential new positive relationships. Even blogging is a real help, there are so many like minded people who think the same as you and want the same things and they can be such an amazing support.

Learn a new skill

This might not be for all of you but I for one definitely get a little buzz when I learn something new. I hated school and I found it sooooo boring doing school work but I got through it, by the skin of my teeth. Now I'm older I love learning new things, and I love passing on my new found knowledge. Learning new things can give you a huge sense of achievement and can really boost your confidence. You don't have to learn anything too far out of your comfort zone to start with, it could be a new recipe, an instrument or even a foreign language. If your short of cash to pay for classes, you can always go at your own pace and do it online or even on youtube.

Be open about your feelings

Bottling up emotions will not help, believe me I've been there. I rarely bottle up how I feel I just can't do it, it has an awful impact but sometimes I struggle on how to open up in the right way, not everybody thinks the same way and I am still learning but I really do have to get my feelings off my chest sometimes, if I bottle it up the slightest thing will set me off, they could say something about the weather and I'll divert my issue to that and it's not okay.
 If somebody has upset you and they are unapproachable like in my situation, it can be hard to talk to them direct, so talk to a trusted friend, family member anyone you feel is there for you, even a hairdresser or someone from a class just venting sometimes makes you feel better, whether it's because of how another person has upset you or just current situations you're going through at that time, just acknowledging your feelings by saying them out loud can really help.

Eat Well

 Try cooking yourself an amazing meal or a meal for the family. Sticking to a healthy diet makes us feel better, you can always make your favourite take aways healthier so you feel like you've had a treat as well as a healthier option. 

I hope these steps can really help at least one of you! Wellbeing is so important, we all go to the dentist or doctors or gym to get our teeth/bodies etc checked but we sometimes neglect out minds. Please don't do this, If you're feeling like your in a bit of a rut or stuck or just down and going through some things, just try one of these steps and see if it works. 
If you do try these steps, do let me know in the comments on how/if it helps!

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I remember being in primary school and we all got asked to think of our hero, someone we looked up to, who inspired us. We were asked to write a paragraph on this person and how we looked up to them. 
A few mentioned pop stars, actors, actresses, I think there were a couple of Disney characters too. I decided to write about my nan, I guess I've always taken words quite literally and there wasn't anyone that truly inspired me like she did except other family members. She was super strong, she didn't take no sh*t, she was fiercely independent and worked every hour for her family. 
That, to me felt inspiring, no pop star or actor had that affect on me and I've been like that ever since. I don't feel like I can get fully inspired by somebody unless I feel like I know at least a small portion of what they're about. I can get inspired by looks, fitness and makeup — sure! but to look up to someone is kind of difficult for me, I feel like 'famous' people only show us what they want us to see which is 100% understandable, I will always choose a documentary of a singer/actress etc. though because I'm fully aware as a celebrity they do have media training so they know how to take interviews and things but I feel like documentaries are a lot less filtered. You see them in their homes, around their families and in a less glam environment. One documentary I would totally recommend is Lady Gaga's Five Foot Two. I've always loved her and she is truly an inspiration to many you should definitely give this a watch!

Anyway, this isn't about my love for Gaga (who I actually do find inspirational) this is a dedication to the insanely beautiful Victoria Magrath she is the creator of the hugely successful, award-winning blog - Inthefrow. I first came across Victoria's Youtube after watching a number of beauty videos and literally just fell into a loop of similar videos, I came across Inthefrow, it was her skincare routine video, I then watched an American haul of hers I think it was and I thought she looked super cool and quirky and I loved her pink hair! I loved watching her Youtube for fashion videos and tags etc but for me it was her blog that I always regularly checked and I have done for a few years now.
Her pink hair became purple and she began to add some travel posts and videos into the mix. This is when I fell in love with her blog, the pictures from her Trekamerica trip made me long to go — weirdly my nan did the same trip with a different company! Since then it seems like she has just flourished and grown in the blogging industry and has really made her mark.
Her work is beyond impressive and I really do trust her views I think she is super reliable which is number 1, as a reader you can see how hard she's worked to have an impeccable reputation which is the reason I always go to her blog for up and coming products, I know she's honest and she has a lot of self respect and I have a huge respect for her.

Watching her grow has been so inspiring to watch, I love what I do and I may never excel as much as she has but I always take inspiration from her and I am definitely going to work harder to get there. Her style is incredible it has evolved in such an incredible way I cannot wait to see what she has put together, she still has that essence of cool while still looking really sharp, chic and well put together and that is a look she suits to perfection and she knows it and that's why it works.
You can see she has accepted herself she speaks about beauty and fashion but she also talks about important things like global warming or relationships, even night terrors! 
She is one of the most relatable people in this industry in my opinion. I definitely don't 'fan girl' that often and I honestly don't have many people that inspire me on this level. I would be so happy if one day when I have kids they will look up to Victoria, she sets such a good example and incredible work ethic and you can just see the passion through her work and that's what always draws me back.
Where I have been a loyal reader for so long I feel so proud when I see her work getting noticed and meeting incredibly talented people like Dame Helen Mirren! it makes me squeal inside the fact that I have got to watch her meet amazing hardworking women and you think she has reached as far as a blogger can go, you know, being the face of Ted Baker, being an Ambassador for FeelUnique AND L'oreal, even featuring on their TV advert looking gorgeous as ever! she has worked with some phenomenal brands, Burberry, Dior, Hugo Boss, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Balmain Eyewear and Tiffany just to name a few! yet she is still so balanced and down to earth and modest and shows gratitude in every video of blog post.

I mean, look at this elegance and beauty and sheer bravery, all for a photo and it clearly pays off, This is such an incredibly beautiful photo taken by Alex  
I know you probably have already seen her work and her photographer boyfriend/team member Alex Harrison who is amazing at photography (and his edits omg) he films the most beautiful footage on his Youtube too. They are honestly the dream team and their work together is honestly mind-blowing and this is true relationship goals for a blogger - trust me. 
If you have been living under a rock and for some unbeknown reason haven't seen Victoria's blog and Youtube and Alex's too then you can find them here:

I honestly have nowhere near enough room to list the amount of incredible things she has worked on and the places she's been I would love to sit down with and pick at her brain and listen to her stories.
They both have the most incredible Instagram pages and I am so in awe of both their work. I just thought I'd write this piece on such an incredible blogger and if you're ever in a little rut with your blog or you're having a bad day I would totally suggest giving her youtube a watch or reading her blog it honestly helps me so much to wind down and ease my anxiety if I'm having an off day.
She is amazing with beauty and fashion related things but her lifestyle posts are second to none.

She truly is an inspiration and I respect her immensely and had to share this incredible woman with you all I am in awe of her always and will forever be inspired! 
Who's your inspiration?

Happy International Women's Day!

Another delivery from Look Fantastic! I honestly could rave about these boxes so much, as soon as I think I'm going to stop the blog posts they hit me with one that's too good not to share.

This months theme is Beauty Empowered, to celebrate what makes us feel empowered. Beauty starts on the inside right? whether it's through self-compassion, confidence or from your favourite makeup product! This box is giving us all the empowerment feels, here's march's beauty box...

Skimono Foot Mask

I have received a face mask from Skimono before through this subscription box so I was pretty happy with another, then I noticed it's a foot mask I was actually pretty excited about this, I very rarely pamper my feet at home, I have my nails painted and massaged occasionally but I don't really bother at home. It's a deep conditioning treatment packed with shea butter and olive oil to soften hard skin and make it silky smooth.

How to use: You know the scary face masks everybody uses and they look like some sort of mummy? Yeah, this basically looks like a sock , so you pop your feet into the inner layer which has all the gorgeous squishy serum inside, secure the foot mask to your ankles with the little sticker tabs and leave for 30 minutes and then massage any remaining serum into your feet - or do what I did and get your other half to do it, it feels amazing and it really is like being pampered at home!

My thoughts: I know this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea with the squidgy texture but it really is such an amazing product, I'm such a sucker for a pamper night and this has left my feet feeling amazing!

Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

I completely adore this brand. They have some of the best face mists I have ever used. This moisturiser leaves skin feeling supple and balanced while also minimising pores and brightening the complexion. It also works well as a primer too. It also is good for using under your highlighter too. The product contains ruby crystals which help to diffuse light, minimising the appearance of wrinkles whilst giving you a little glow.

How to use: Apply liberally and evenly after cleansing, to both face and neck.

My thoughts: I adore this brand anyway and this does feel super luxurious. My skin feels so smooth after applying this and also I really love the packaging!

Renu Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

Full of vitamins, this mask enhances skins' radiance. It's super hydrating for your skin and is perfect for more mature skin.

How to use: Massage into skin avoiding delicate eye area. Leave for 10 minutes then for best results remove with lukewarm water. Also, this is great to use before a night out to ensure you look super glowy and healthy!

Skinchemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump

LFBeauty Say: This lip plump contains ingredients that will instantly plump and hydrate your lips. It contains Vitamin E to keep your lips looking and feeling smooth and the peppermint oil helps plump the lips naturally.

How to use: Apply to lips as if it were a lip gloss for a needle-free lip plump

I personally love this product (anything with Rose Quartz and I'm sold!) It does plump a tiny bit but not that is noticeable it's more like your lips a full and healthy rather than they have been injected with fillers - you can barely see a difference in size at all. However, this lip product is amazing I have been wearing it alone and it looks beautiful, my lips feel amazing and hydrated. It does have the tingle feel at first but it does wear off fairly quickly and you're left with the smoothest healthiest looking lips and I suffer from super dry lips especially in this cold. I have loved this product.

Stylondon Oval Face Brush

This brush can be used for blending and contouring your foundation, concealer, blush and powder. Its easy grip and designed to be flexible adapting to the shape of your face to ensure an even and flawless finish.

How to use: Use in a circular motion when applying your product.

My thoughts: I have wanted to use one of these brushes for soooo long I just haven't ever got round to using one. I have a feeling I will accumulate a few of these brushes now because I personally love the results it leaves! I have been obsessed with how my smoother my concealer looks when I use this brush!

Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Duo - 78 Kate & 81 Tenley

So, this is what is says on these eyeshadows ''We guarantee that these gorgeous shimmer eyeshadow shades will add instant sparkle to your look! Highly pigmented and customisable, Enjoy effortless application also with rich =, creamy and weightless texture''

How to use: Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a solo colour or combine the two together to cover the lid, use a darker shade in the creases and lighter shades up to the brow and blend well.

My thoughts: Ummm, this sounded so amazing from what the booklet that comes with it said. I personally didn't rate this product at all which never happens to me in these boxes. I thought the pigment was honestly rubbish it took me such an effort for it to even show up and I hated the packaging! It has these weird slide lids that constantly slide off. Not my kinda thing I don't think.

Sorry to end that on a sour note! I did, however, love all the other products I think my favourite would have to be the Rose Quartz Lip 'plumper' just for its hydrating purposes and I also loved the moisturiser.
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Be kind to yourself, then let your kindness fill the world...

Kindness. The world needs more of it.
It brings smiles to faces, creates friendships, can transform situations, it can make a day or moment memorable, it can be just what somebody needs. It's one of the first things we are taught, its actually embedded in our genes, looking out for each other is human nature, but the world seems to let it slip at times, if your stressed out etc it's such a mundane thing but it can go to the back of our minds but it really is so important, it's something that should really come naturally.  It doesn't matter what experiences you've had or how rich or poor you might be there is no better feeling than the feeling you get when your kind to someone or if somebody is kind to you, it can really brighten your day and in return it feels so good when you feel like you've brightened somebody else's day.
It's the one trait I find really important and the trait I always try to be and one I always notice in others.
Kindness is incredibly contagious. If your the one being kind, it has a ripple effect that goes way further than the person your being kind to even just smiling at someone they instantly (most of the time) smile back. it lightens your bad mood, gives you all the heartwarming feels. 

Have you ever felt like everything is getting on your last nerve? you feel like your getting to a breaking point and someone can throw a kind gesture or a little reassurance your way and it's like a breath of fresh air and you could give that feeling to someone else.
, it's actually good for us it makes us healthier softening our arteries, lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow to the heart. 

I started reading again (after 'not having time' to read for about 2 years) I then found time because let's face it, there is always time it's just whether we choose to spend our time on it or not. I picked up a little book on kindness and it was the story behind how this book started that attracted my attention.
Jamie thurston was looking forr second-hand furniture when she came across a desperate wanted ad placed by a woman who desperately needed rugs to cover up her broken floor so her children wouldnt cut their feet, the woman had recently fled a horrifying domestic abuse situation, to cut a long story short jamie spread the word with family and friends and gathered furniture, bedding, vouchers etc. she made such an impact on this shocked woman who couldn't beleive a stranger would be so kind and so jamie made '52 lives' it started off as a facebook page with her friends and family who wanted to help others and spread kindness.
They pick someone each week, somewhere in the world who needs help, they share their story on their website and social media, request what they need and their supporters offer help.
'It's based on the premise that people are good and want to help one another - and that lots of good people working together can achieve amazing things.
I thought this was amazing and not something that you tend to hear much about.

I thought I'd share a couple of things from this book that you could introduce to your daily life, maybe then to your kids, friends or other family members and help make the world a little kinder.
Give Kind Comments
'Unexpected kindness is a powerful thing, With just a few kind words, you can change someone's entire day.'
Sometimes it seems easier to give spontaneous kindness to a stranger and we can sometimes neglect the people who really mean a lot to us, they know we love them so they won't mind right? they probably don't even think about it. But one simple sentence, one simple compliment can change everything, it can make somebody's day. 'You have the power with every comment you make, every day, to help lift those around you - and yourself in the process'

  • Tell your child you appreciate how hard they try
  • Tell your parents how much their support means to you
  • Tell a sibling how lucky you feel to have them
  • Tell your partner just how much you love them
and so on.

Be Honest
'Forget about airbrushing your life and choose to be authentic instead'

I try to be as authentic as possible, Social media definitely encourages us to show ourselves in the best light, the glossier, glamorous version but that's not always the case.
Being true to about how we feel, our thoughts and our lives are a form of kindness.
It will most likely make other people more honest too It improves the well-being of everyone around us and can be a really liberating thing, so don't hold back or bend the truth just be honest.
'Being dishonest is tied in with our self-esteem. Men and women actually lie the same amount, they just lie about different things, men tend to make themselves look better, whilst women will lie to make the other person feel better.'

Be kind to yourself
'Self-love is not selfish. Silence that inner critic and feel good to be you.'

I wish I had this knowledge when I was a teen, I used to be so self-critical and it drives me mad when I see others going through the same thing, a lot of teenagers are evil, just joking but when I was a teen there were a lot of catty girls and when your so self-critical you then get super critical others, it's a cycle that I was in myself in secondary school. When we're kind to ourselves and we feel good, we then project that positivity on to others. When we neglect ourselves a little bit and feel a little low that negative energy influences how we act towards others. Look after yourself by doing something you love and do a lot of it!

'Self-love is about treating ourselves, determining to change our circumstances, deciding we need to be treated with kindness and respect, or deciding to be ourselves and not the person everyone expects us to be. These ways of being kind to ourselves make us happier and in turn more kind to others.' - David R. Hamilton Ph.D

Laugh about it!
''Taking things (even serious things) a bit less seriously can be kinder on everyone.''
We all worry about different things and we all get affected by things that can end up consuming us. Try to remember not to take things too seriously, even when it is serious it's nice to have a few moments laughing without focusing on the doom and gloom too much. It really does help to lighten up and to take everything with a pinch of salt and making a joke of things.

Share food 
'Next time you go shopping buy one extra thing at the supermarket and donate it to your local food bank.
My last tip from the book. Share food, I don't mean with your other half at a restaurant (although, do that too!) but donating food can be such a huge help, especially to families who rely on it. One tin or packet of food might seem insignificant to some but they mean the world to someone who needs it. Feeding a hungry person is more than kindness, it could potentially save a family from starving for the night.

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Let's sprinkle kindness like confetti!

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