Beauty | Burt's Bees Autumn Lip Products

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Beauty | Burt's Bees Autumn Lip Products
The Autumn beauty trend I completely fall in love with every year is the dark vampy lips. Super sultry reds and beautiful berry hues. 
I tend to wear a lot of white black and grey in the Autumn so the dark lip is definitely a way to make the over all look a bit bolder, although, this year I'm definitely leaning towards red fashion especially now I have gone brunette.


I can't wear any lipstick especially not matte lips without really prepping my lips first, I  always find through the transition of summer - autumn I get super dry sore lips so without moisturising them thoroughly lipstick would be a no go.
Burt's Bees have quickly become one of my favourite brands, they tick all the boxes for me and best of all they do exactly what they promise! I definitely take more care of my skin in the colder months, my collection of lip balms definitely grows bigger. This lip balm is honestly one of the best I have tried, I even prefer this to the Nuxe lip balm which isn't exactly cheap either. This limited edition ginger lip balm is so beautiful, It screams autumn with the gingerbread kind of scent and it is so nourishing and to be honest its all I've been using right now I adore it, all my lipsticks go on so smoothly with this underneath too.
Obviously, with my new found love for Burt's Bees, I had to try their lipsticks. This one is my favourite, its in the shade ' Nape Vineyard' and it is a gorgeous deep dark red with a berry kind of undertone, it's super dark and flattering. The application is so easy to apply with because of the crayon shaped tip and its not super drying either.
This combo has been a winner for me lately and I will definitely be keeping these in my handbag! Have you tried any of the Burt's Bees products? What did you think?
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Hair & Beauty | New Season New Hair!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Hair & Beauty | New Season New Hair!
Okay, If you saw my 'New Hair' post in june I opted for a new 'do a short ashy blonde 'do to be precise, I have already changed my blonde locks and decided to switch it up and go a little darker, I have forever changed my hair since I was a teen, I've been with my other half for 3 years and I have had around 10 different hair colours/shades in that time frame, which is a fair few in 3 years especially when some people have the same hair colour or cut for years.

My natural hair colour is a mousy brown I would say and ever since I was younger I just loved the thought of having blonde hair, when I was around 13 or 14 I had some highlights and then by the time I was 16 I was a fully fledged blonde! I played around with pinks, reds, purples too. I am a complete makeup junkie and I personally think dark red lips on darker hair is just the ultimate look! Which is what initially made me fall for darker hair.
So now its September and its beginning to feel like autumn with the dark nights drawing in and the leaves starting to crunch up I thought why not go a little darker and more natural and fully embrace autumn and the colours! I started off going slightly dark but its so much softer for my skin tone I really like it :)

I kept the style the same I am still loving the 'lob' haircut I think its super sexy and grown up and after wearing hair extensions for 7 years I never thought I'd say that! I am soooo happy with this cut and colour and I cannot wait to style it all season!

What do you think? Blonde or Brunette? Mine is kind of in-between haha
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Food | Afternoon Tea On The Lawn At Bourgee

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Food | Afternoon Tea On The Lawn At Bourgee
Bourgee has become a regular anniversary spot for my boyfriend & I. The first time we dined at Bourgee we'd only been together 6 months and instantly loved it and planned to go back for our 1st year anniversary. Well, now we are into our third year together (it feels like our tenth year but y'know) and we was clearly going to spend it at our favourite spot. I wanted to try something different on their menu and I had been dying to have afternoon tea with him here because it is insane! So thats what we did.
To start off we had our signature drinks we have whenever we go out to eat, JD & Coke for him and a Raspberry Collins for me.
Bourgee have the most amazing spread for afternoon tea and it is not the typical boring cucumber sandwiches either, Their afternoon tea included open toasted lobster bagels in a gorgeous cheesy sauce, steak and caramelised onion with a tiny bit of mustard on brioche, warm sausage rolls, mini chocolate filled doughnuts with cinnamon sugar, crisp coated fruit skewers with a chocolate dip and a coconut dip, and the most amazing sponge cake!

The food was cooked to perfection, the beef at bourgee is just incredible and I've never eaten better steak in my life so I knew I would love the steak brioche, the sausage rolls I could've eaten a crate of! They were not greasy what so ever and so seasoned, the lobster bagels had tiny bits of mushrooms in (which I usually hate) but I polished the entire thing off it was beautiful! I can't even remember what the sponge cake was but it was a gorgeous victoria sponge topped off with a lovely fruity mousse,  it was so tasty and the cinnamon doughnuts were insane!

I honestly cannot rate Bourgee any higher, The food is always perfectly cooked and the service has never been anything less than amazing, I always recommend this restaurant and it is a firm favourite of mine. I cannot wait to try their sunday roasts and breakfast next!
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Beauty | LookFantastic Beauty Box - September

Beauty | LookFantastic Beauty Box - September
This months Look Fantastic box is a gooden! Celebrating their birthday Look Fantastic created the birthday edit in this months box! The packaging of this box is so pretty as always and amazing inside! They also had their branding on a yummy elderflower lolly to celebrate, so cute!
This is such a cool product, I haven't actually seen this either, Its the Illamasqua mini contouring gel sculpt. This creates a super subtle contour and blends beautifully due to its gel texture and it can be layered to create a more intense effect. I really like this product, I much prefer using creamy contours rather than a powder so this is perfect for me.
I love this little palette, the eyeshadows are stunning, highly pigmented and with a mix of neutral matte and dark shimmer shades this will be perfect for autumn! The colours are honestly gorgeous, I have got into eye shadows a lot more recently after getting the too faced natural love palette and this is such a handy size to have on the go for touch ups too.
This is a volumizing paste with pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts which gives density to your hair while protecting and preserving your hair colour. I love any type of volumizing product especially since cutting my hair short but I have never used a paste before this product and I really love it!
This is one of my favourite products in this box it is super hydrating it helps my makeup go on super smoothly, its enriched with Moringa Olifeira extract and Neroli essential oils which hydrate the skin while creating a protective layer against pollution. 
This is my other favourite in this box this is an amazing multi purpose cleanser with muslin cloth too. It leaves my skin super smooth and radiant, they work perfectly together exfoliating my skin at the same time, It feels like such a gorgeous luxe product when I use it, I have enjoyed using this product the most I think.
The last thing I pulled out was this super cute unicorn eye shadow brush which is honestly the softest eyeshadow brush ever and it looks so so pretty! Definitely perfect for the little quad eyeshadow palette which was in the box too.

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