If you saw my recent post about my 25th birthday you would have probably seen this big box of MAC products I received from my boyfriend. 
I love makeup and always have and I thought I would give a little in-depth review of the products I received now I have been trying them out for a few weeks.

Mineralize Concealer

I got this in the shade NC20 which is perfect to brighten and conceal mine under eyes. It says it is a sheer coverage which to me made it sound like it wasn't going to do much, I suffer from dark circles under my eyes so I like to hide those bad boys so I can look refreshed. It definitely covers them and I think it's the perfect consistency for the under eye area my eyes are quite sensitive and can become quite dry so this creamy texture is perfect for that.

Prep+Prime Lip

This is a godsend I have no idea why I have never used this before?! It is basically a primer to stop your lipstick from bleeding, smudging, transferring and just keeps it lasting all day. This has quickly become my favourite product to use because as you probably already know I am a huge fan of my lipsticks!

 Burnt Spice

Dance With Me

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Speaking of Lipsticks! I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks in particular and I had never tried MAC's before but now, I have two of these on in the shade Burnt Spice which is a gorgeous dirty, pinky nude if that makes sense? it's a great daily shade that goes with every look and outfit and the other shade I got was the shade Dance With Me which is the most beautiful deep cranberry type of red which is one of my favourite kinds. It is so flattering on all different skin tones and hair colours and it will be so perfect for autumn/winter time as the new daily lip look because I love to wear red lipstick in winter well, I used to wear it daily when I was a brunette but since being blonde I struggle with finding one that suits me and the deeper reds with blonde hair is just a look!
The actual applicators are so nice to use they are soft and fluffy and distribute an even coat on to the lips and the tip of the applicator isn't flimsy at all so you don't need a lip liner to line your lips if you don't want too because the applicator lines them for you.

Upward Lash Mascara 

This is a game changer! I kind of don't get too excited with mascara because it seems to me that if you don't have gorgeous fluttery eyelashes (or extensions) then it really isn't going to do too much. My eyelashes are pretty short and straight and I have considered having LVL lashes. I did recently have lash extensions which I loved and will probably go back to have done and while they were super fluttery this mascara made my bottom lashes so pretty I got super excited to see what they did to my upper lashes. Since my lash extensions have been off I have loved using this, the brush is super small and grabs every single lash which makes my lashes pop and look really pretty and fluttery which never happens to my lashes. 

I did get a few other bits which I haven't tried just yet so when I do I will definitely update you on that!
I have been using the mascara, concealer prep+prime lip and the Burnt Spice Liquid lip all the time lately. What do you think of the shades? 
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We have actually had a summer in the UK. Can you believe it?!
We have had, what feels like a tropical holiday at home! I love the extra long days and the super bright evenings but once Autumn arrives I will definitely welcome it with open arms. 

Although I love Autumn and everything it brings, I also want to embrace summer, I'm really trying to live in the present more. 
Time is one of the most valuable things we have and being a blogger it means that a lot of our time is spent looking through a camera lens or a phone which isn't really using our time wisely and although we have photos to show sometimes we have to make some valuable time to make memories too.

The main way I use my spare time is with family, making memories for both of us. I think it is so important especially when there are so many kids in the family like mine to give them memories and spent time with them too. My house is always full,  I do love being an auntie and the children are always around and it's so nice to for them, as cousins, to make memories with each other too that will last a life time. 

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Obviously, I don't want to be living on my laptop or phone all day so I can spend quality time with my family and balance blogging with family time can be difficult if you don't plan!
Planning is everything if you want to be present 'in real life'. Working from home definitely has its advantages but you also have a ton of distractions when you're at home.
I will do little 2 minute updates on social media but I schedule everything else. Scheduling saves so much time during the day. I usually do this the night before on an app called Hootsuite I know people use various different apps but this is the one I find the easiest to use. I schedule all my promotional stuff for my blog so it's easily accessible and I'm still current online without having to touch my phone.

Another app which is great to plan content with is Planoly you can either use this to arrange your Instagram posts if you have a specific theme you can sign into your Instagram on Planoly and uploads pictures to see how you want them to look on your feed and then schedule them to upload and publish at specific times although for Planoly to publish them for you, you will need a business account on Instagram.

Photo Credit: My 10 yr old Niece Chloe getting those candid shots!

Getting in a Routine

Routines are really important setting your days out and having a schedule is so important. I use certain days to write a coupe of posts and I have then use the opposite days to take all the photos and then another day I will edit them and put them together in a post and schedule them to post automatically like the social media. 
I personally find it easier doing it that way some people might do it differently. Obviously, you don't have to do it like this but finding a schedule that suits you makes it so much easier.
You can also have a set blog schedule blog from 8am - 4pm or 9am-5pm like an office job or whatever times your more productive, I'm most productive in the mornings but if you're more productive in the afternoon then have mornings off etc. You base this around you and when your most productive so tailor it to you but once it hits 5pm or the time you have chosen to end your workday leave the laptop and blog posts and sign off. you don't need to work overtime otherwise you full into a 24/7 work mode.
and remember to take lunch breaks to refuel and not overwork yourself, go for a walk, grab some lunch whatever you fancy.

Make a to-do list

Sounds too easy right? Prioritize the things you need to get done. Make a list so you can tick off the job you have completed. Also, a good idea is to make a note of how long it takes to do each job and what time frame you have to do it in or deadlines you have etc. This way you can use your time wisely by completing the tasks in a more manageable time frame.

There are so many more tips I could give you but these 3 are the ultimate tips that I use and have helped me get my butt into gear and away from screens that little bit more!

I hope this helps your productivity or time management even the tiniest bit! 
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Caudalíe, a brand I have learnt to really adore over the past year. Most of the luxury brands I have been introduced to are through my LookFantastic beauty boxes, these are subscription beauty boxes you get delivered to your door every month you can find out more 'here'.

Caudalíe, a French brand, a brand I fully trust, which is why I wanted to dedicate a post to them. They are so committed to helping the planet, mother and children and even animals and I have so much respect for a brand that actually stands for something more than just beauty and making the privileged feel good, they care about everyone, I like that. You can find out what they support 'here'.

The two products I am about to show I have previously sampled from my beauty box and I was gutted when they ran out, although they lasted a fair while, so I had to buy the full-size products. They currently have a little code 'BOTTLE2018' which they send you a free reusable water bottle when you buy 2 products from the vinosource range so I obviously had to, it's so cute!  

Moisturising Sorbet

This Moisturising Sorbet is unreal and yes it's as hydrating and refreshing as it sounds. Matilda Thomas, the co-founder of caudalíe says she 'wanted to recreate the feeling of pure joy when you bite into a grape packed with water and sweetness the vinosource sorbet' and that couldn't sum up this product up more it is so refreshing on your skin. It's a cream to gel formula which soaks into the skin so easy due to it being so lightweight it reduces redness, soothes and strengthens the skin. I use this every morning and evening and I sometimes apply a thicker layer as a mask and after around 10 minutes I rub it all in for some extra TLC when my skin requires it.

S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

This S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum is beautiful, again, feels exactly as it sounds. This lightweight, oil-free serum works wonders for my skin. I use this as a base every morning and evening and follow it with my moisturising sorbet. The two combined make my skin feel incredible, it absorbs super quickly leaving my skin fully hydrated and prepped for the moisturising sorbet it's quite a watery formulation which I really love as it soaks right into the skin and hydrates it.

I am so grateful for getting my first ever sample in my Look Fantastic beauty box otherwise, I probably wouldn't have ever found this brand which has quickly become a firm favourite of mine. 

I really want to visit their spa in Covent Garden for a little pamper session! 
Have you used anything by Caudalíe before? What do you think?
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thank you

I don't know if you already know this but I am a huge lover of virtually ANY lip product, lipsticks, lip balms, you name it I'll probably buy it. Which is good because then I can find the best ones for you guys!
I consider myself quite the lip balm connoisseur. I have spent an obscene amount of money on different lip balms in the past from luxury expensive lip balms to the simple inexpensive £1.99 lip balms. I have an entire list of ones I would recommend like Nivea which are cheap and cheerful but they work super well but I wanted to talk about some lip balms that are a little more special and that work beautifully. These products are the ones that I will continually choose over any other lip products.
Nuxe is the brand I am talking about. They have quickly become my favourite skincare brand. I received my first Nuxe moisturiser in one of my subscription boxes by Look Fantastic and I was obsessed with it, I then had a couple more products sent through the monthly sub boxes by Nuxe hadn't found a product by Nuxe that I wasn't fully happy with. I repurchased many items and the lip products are my most used products.

These two are practically the same. One comes in a jar and the other is in your typical conventional tube. They have the same formula which is a gorgeous, thick luxury texture and it has the same scent which reminds me a bit of a lemon cheesecake it smells amazing.
The ingredients are pretty similar to each other using mostly honey, shea butter, argon oil, sunflower extract it leaves your lips feeling amazing and because it's quite matte, you don't have that horrible overly glossy sticky texture on your lips. 

These are the babies I use every single day without fail, whether Its a full-blown makeup routine or a no make up kinda day. I use the jar before bed every night as it feels a lot thicker which I think is due to the fact that by using a jar you are able to scoop the desired amount so I can use it before bed to essentially act as a little lip mask. I love the fact it has a matte finish instead of a super oily finish too, it feels much nicer.

The tube is just a typical lip balm so you apply with the stick and gives you a more controlled application with just enough product, obviously you can keep building if you want it super thick but I tend to use the stick on the go it literally lives in my handbag or pocket I am forever using this product! My ultimate holy grail. These are the products that work for my lips when theyre dry and ones I actually really enjoy using again and again.

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