This is going to be a long ol' chat, so go grab a tea/coffee and some snack, maybe even a glass of wine and get comfortable, just like a classic girly chat.

Everybody worries about their health but how do you know when to stop the worrying from spiralling into a catastrophic fear? that's the part I struggle with.
I have always been a little bit of a worrier, in my head, it's completely justified, but to others, it can seem pretty irrational which I completely understand. I don't worry about everything. I don't worry about things that have already happened and I have never really worried about peoples opinions but what I do worry is health, my families health and I guess, running out of time.
It's not something I speak about a lot unless it's with people super super close to me, it's not something I feel 100% comfortable about if I'm honest and it has only really effected me in the last couple of years. 

I remember in October 2016 I my vision started going all 'funny'which terrified me and it actually led to my first panic attack. It was super scary at the time and it turned out to be just a migraine but it shook me up and I was so scared to leave the house incase my vision went while I was by myself and had no one to help me. 
I stayed in for a week and my mum said I should try and go out because I had to leave the house because the longer I didn't the harder it would be, I went shopping with my sister and then the same thing happened, as you can imagine it was a huge stepback. The one thing I was worried about had happened, again, so then I was twice as scared to be by myself and twice as worried about my health, was it truly a migraine? was it MS? why did my eyes go funny, what if it's my brain? 
I have quite a vivid imagination and if you have health anxiety you probably do the same thing, I get quite irrational and I start off by thinking 'normally' I guess, and then I overthink and my mind runs wild and before you know it I've diagnosed myself with all sorts and I'm planning my funeral - sounds crazy doesn't it?

Ever since I found out that from the age of 25 that from this age you start to have your regular smear tests or 'pap smears' I dreaded that age, I know that sounds extreme but I did. What if the results came back abnormal? I watched Jade Goody get her life snatched away at such a young age from this awful illness and it honestly scared me.
Back in February, I went for my first ever smear test. I'm 24 (25 in July) and I had to wait 6 weeks for my results, as you can imagine I was pretty anxious and filled with fear. Everybody told me the procedure is fine it's over in minutes it's just slightly 'uncomfortable' and to be honest I wasn't at all worried about the procedure, I've had 14 tattoos and 13 piercings in total and pain or discomfort didn't feel me with dread. The procedure was absolutely fine, it was kind of uncomfortable I guess but it didn't hurt in the slightest and it was over pretty quickly. 

My results finally came back after 6 weeks of waiting! which seemed like forever and I had hoped that if it was bad I would've heard by now right?, I got my letter and I was informed that I had abnormal cells. This was everything I had dreaded from the age of 18 I was honestly beside myself and then I had a long anxious wait to find out when my appointment was going to be, I waited a week for my appointment date and then I had to wait a month for my Colposcopy. 
The name terrified me by itself, I had no idea what it was, if it hurt if it was uncomfortable? because that made me kind of anxious about discomfort and pain which I was originally fairly okay with, I had no idea what to expect and worst of all I didn't know anybody who had been through this before.
The few questions I kept asking myself was 'what if it's cancer?' 'Has anyone else been through this?' I wish I could ask someone with experience.
I did end up talking about it, My Mum, having to reassure me most days was probably pretty draining 
and My aunt - she has honestly been the best being so so patient with me and they had both been through it which I had no Idea, My boyfriend's mum had also been through it which I had no idea either and Sophie which you probably know her Youtube account 'Sopherina' she was super patient too and let me quiz her because she actually went through the same thing and was going for another Colposcopy she did a video about her experience on her Youtube so I contacted her to ask her basically everything and funnily enough our appointments were a day apart.

My appointment was on the 1st of May, It's was exactly a week ago today. I was dreading the date for the past month and everybody kept talking about summer and upcoming events and I couldn't even think of anything past may and to be honest I thought May was going to be rough but now it's here and its gone and I am writing my experience and to be honest it was okay, the sun is shining and I have been out the house every single day since and for the past year I've been a bit of a hermit.

On the day of my Colposcopy I arrived at the hospital with my mum she was with me for moral support (she even came into the room with me cos I'm a big baby! haha) I arrived super early which was a bit silly because I then had to wait for what felt like a lifetime. 
Entering the room scared the hell out of me, the nurses were so kind and could see how anxious I was and gave me every reassurance and explained everything to me, broke it all down so it was easy to understand and told me that it was not in fact cancer which was a huge relief and even if I had advanced cells, it still wouldn't be cancer. I had no idea that this was the case, I thought abnormal cells = cancer and the thing I was fearing the most is hearing them use the C word. I was petrified of having cancer which is normal but when you already suffer from health anxiety it can genuinely feel like its taking over all your thought. I was so scared to plan anything in advance because I didn't know if I'd have to have more procedures or treatments it was so horrible, and the fact that we can actually prevent it just by having our cervical screenings makes me so baffled as to why a woman at any age would miss such an important thing. 

The procedure itself wasn't amazing, it was fairly uncomfortable but that was due to me being so tense it was harder to do and once I'd chilled out, breather and stopped being so tense it was actually fine and I barely felt anything. It's similar to a smear except its a couple minutes longer because they put some 'dye' inside to see if there are any abnormal cells or any problems/changes. This just felt like cold air if anything it didn't feel like liquid or anything weird it was fine, I chose not to look at the screen and see my cervix but you can have a look so they can explain things more in depth I just listened to her explanation instead.

I have learnt that these smear tests we have are not scary at all, they shouldn't be feared at all. It isn't cancer, it isn't life threatening as long as we have our screenings, they grow so slowly before they turn into cancer but if you miss your screening you could potentially put your life at risk which of course is scary BUT these screenings will prevent you from getting to the point of cancer so they are so so important.

Don't leave it please, as soon as you receive your letter inviting you for your screening just book it there and then and it could save your life. 
If you're worried about yours, or you need any questions or would like a little Q&A on this subject just comment and ask or message any of my social media platforms or email me! It's all on my contact me page!

I love a good beauty secret! I have used Lipcote for yearssss now, I would never ever wear lipstick without using Lipcote and the guys over at Lipcote kindly gifted me a brand new tube of their special stuff!
When I would go out clubbing with the girls or restaurants/bars with my other half Lipcote was always my secret weapon from our first date to our third anniversary. I would have perfect looking lips no matter how much food or drink I'm consuming and it will not budge for the entire night.
If you've been living under a rock and haven't used Lipcote before, it is basically a lipstick seal, you simply apply it over your lipstick to keep it lasting all night long - and I mean all night  no feathering, no fading and no transfer, just perfect looking lips. Follow these simple steps.
1. Apply lipstick and blot with tissue; repeat;
2. Evenly brush quick drying Lipcote over lips and slightly over the lipline
3. Keep lips apart while Lipcote quickly sets.

Lipcote's Tip: For ultimate results, apply foundation as a base for lipstick and blot with a tissue. Outline lips with a lip pencil, blot again and powder, then apply lipstick and lipcote as above.

I also recieved their Browcote which was super kind of them and I never even knew they had a brow version! This is basically the same kind of product but to keep your brows/brows product in place instead, So, I have been trying this product out in this hot weather we've had this week and I must say my brows have stayed looking pretty damn good!
Another little secret weapon! There are so many brow products out at the moment and some are really good but also pretty pricey and if you're pretty reliant on filling your sparse brows then you don't really want them sliding off your face and this little product goes a long way and keeps your brows sealed and defined, whether your swimming on holiday or hitting the gym this is the tool you need! 

You can grab Lipcote 'here'
Browcote 'here'

I am so thankful that Lipcote decided to gift me an already loved product of mine and I thought I would share it on my blog because, well I need to tell you guys about these little holy grail products! 
Have you used Lipcote before? What are your thoughts?
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Some of these links may be affiliate links, this means I make a small percent of the products you buy through my blog but it doesn't cos you any extra, it just helps me keep this blog going :)

Oh wow! this is a goooood box. As soon as I picked it up and removed the lid of the box I got the biggest whiff of some gorgeous mysterious scent, which I will get to later.
I'm always unsure whether I should stop posting these LookFantastic boxes incase they are too repeptitive but as soon as one gets delivered I have to tell you all about it! 

Right, let's start this months theme is Beauty Awakening giving your skin a wake up call, updating your beauty routine and introducing you to new brands that are sure to put a 'spring in your step'!
Celebrating natural ingredients this month with some holy grail brand favourites to help our skin blossom and leave our skin super radiant for the spring/summer.

Dr Botanicals Vegan Bergamot & Poppy Seed Soap

The first thing to come out of the box - mainly because the smell was incredible ... and rather strong of citrus goodness! 
I am such a huuuuge fan of Dr Botanicals and I would never have got the chance to use these products if it wasn't for this amazing box. This is their Vegan Bergamot & Poppy Seed Soap. I am a huge lover of the scent bergamot, I think it makes a gorgeous scent especially in cologne. The added poppy seeds work as an exfoliator removing dead and dry skin, while shea butter and macadamia oil cleanse and hydrate your skin. 
How to Use: Lather up in the bath or shower using your hands and rinse thouroughly.
My thoughts: I love this soap and usually it's one thing I never buy. My nan would always have soap in her bathroom but I never do everything is liquid based and I've never really gave a thought to soap in all honesty. The first thing I think of when it comes to soap is dryness, it would always make my hands and body dry (except the beloved dove soap obvs!) but this soap by Dr Botanicals is amazing, it is so moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling all kinds of soft. I also like the fact you can smell it after your shower once your dressed I feel so fresh and the citrus smell is perfect for morning showers it wakes me up a bit.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleanse Pads

Radiance boosting pads, soaked in exfoliating Glycolic Acid to retexture and resurface skin while added witch hazel helps to tone/
How to Use: Simply wipe pad across face and neck after cleansing the skin, once-twice daily.
My thoughts: This basically acts like a toner which I personally am a huge fan of. I am still obsessed with my Ultrabland cleanser by Lush Cosmetics and I use this after that and my skin looks bright and refreshed and feels absolutly amazing. I do think a lot of that is the Ultrabland cleanser though! It's insane.

Pür Fully Charged Mascara

Using new generation technology with their unique formula through a magnetic polymer matrix that binds each lash in a positive electric charge - technical but exciting!
How to Use: Place the brush at the base of lashes and hold for a few seconds to set, wiggle the wand in a back and forth motion and repeat to build it up. Use the wand vertically for lower lashes.
 The wand on this mascara is beautiful, I must admit I don't 100% get this product, I recently tried Ardell's Magnetic lashes so reading the description for this mascara sounded like I was about to swipe lots of tiny magnets on my eyes, it just sounded bizarre. However, I do really like this product and it makes my little lashes look so spread out and long, it's not hard to take off at the end of the day either.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

''This mask was created to help with problem skin and blemishes instantly with its blend of acids and oils to help unclog pore congestion and clear skin! 
How to use:  If you have normal/combinational skin, apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with water. If you have sensitive skin, use soleely on the T-Zone.
I am pleasantly surprised with this mask, I have steered away from Glamglow just because I saw it everywhere so it almost felt like I'd tried it, I don't know it's weird I basically didn't expect too much from this product but I actually really enjoyed using it and my skin felt so nice afterwards and my skin has definitely seemed a lot clearer.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

A luxurious daily cleanser that works to lift away makeup and impurities while revitalising dull skin, leaving your face radiant and hydrated.

How to use: Take a small amount and warm between your fingers to melt the product a little. Apply to face, neck and eye area and massage thoroughly into skin. To remove, soak a cleansing cloth in warm water and gently wipe over the entire face and neck.
 I have wanted to try this cleansing balm by Emma Hardie for the longest time! I have such a huge tub of my Lush cleanser I just didn't see the point of purchasing it just yet but now I have the chance to sample this and see if it's better than my beloved Ultrabland. You can also use this as an overnight facial treatment or on spots and breakouts which really surprises me because it's quite an oily texture and when I think of oil I definitely don't think of breakout treatments thats for sure. This is just as good as the Ultrabland cleanser if not -dare I say it, maybe even better - I know insane! In my fingers it felt oily but weirdly doesn't make my skin oily in the slightest it leaves it super soft and radiant and I will not think twice about repurchasing this product it's amazing.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beauté

This Nuxe moisturiser melts effortlessly into the skin, softening, soothing and protecting you for 48 hours with its dose of vegetable milks and algae extract. Your skin will be safeguarded against damaging pollution and left feeling supple, fresh and plump in appearance.

How to use: Apply liverally morning and/or evening to the face and neck.
This smells gorgeous and it is so soothing on my skin. It's a 48hr Anti-pollution cream which is gorgeous it makes my skin feel insane. I am already such a huge fan of Nuxe and I will definitely be repurchasing this product too. 

I am so happy with this months box, LookFantastic constantly smash it when it comes to these boxes (and their christmas advent calendars) My two faves have to be the Nuxe Anti-pollution cream and the Emma Hardie cleanser I have enjoyed using them so much. What do you think? Do you recieve any beauty boxes?
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I absolutely adore Too Faced as a brand, I honestly love anything they create. Years ago I was put off by the overly 'cutesy' palettes. 
The first thing I tried was the melted lipsticks and it fully converted me to liquid lipsticks and after that, I tried anything I could get my hands on, contour palettes, eyeshadow palettes you name it I am fully obsessed with Too Faced.

One thing I have wanted since I fell in love with Too Faced is the Born This Way Foundation. It's completely oil-free, medium-full coverage and super blendable it contains Coconut Water to delicately replenish skin without over hydrating it, Alpine Rose to brighten skin's appearance and elasticity and Hyaluronic Acid provides long lasting, skin balancing hydration for a smoother, more youthful appearance.
This foundation is honestly incredible I have tried probably hundreds and hundreds of various typed of the foundation. I have never used a foundation like this ever! It's honestly amazing, it covers everything without looking cakey at all, it lasts the entire day and my skin actually feels amazing which is weird because usually, I cannot wait to remove my makeup.

 I use Bondi Sands fake tan, I use the dark shade so I purchased the Natural Beige shade from Too Faced and it is perfect I could probably use a shade lighter but this isn't too bad. It feels weightless and I love how it looks on my skin. I have dry skin so looking radiant is pretty hard for me without masses of highlighter on my cheekbones but this foundation somehow makes me look healthy and radiant all day, even without my trust highlighter my skin just looks healthy and natural and the lasting power is amazing, I always find lasting foundations make my skin feel so dry and cakey but this doesn't and I am so impressed with this foundation, I have definitely found my new holy grail foundation😍
What do you think of Too Faced products? Have you tried this foundation, I'd love to know what you think?

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