I have always been a big lover of Bourjois. The first item I ever purchased was the infamous chocolate bronzer that smelt amazing! Out of all the high street foundations, Bourjois has to be my favourite. Their Healthy Mix range is incredible especially for dry skin and it is pretty affordable too.

First the Primer. I kind of go through phases of using/loving primers. I am super fussy because I like a blurred primer to hide imperfections but I don't like matte drying primers I still like it to hydrate so this can be a bit of an issue. I found the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Primer and I was pleasantly surprised it's super lightweight on the skin with a non-sticky, non-greasy formula. It has a bit of tint/colour which I like because it means I can actually wear this alone which has been amazing in this heat but also if I am wearing it under makeup it already evens out my skin tone which means my foundation looks better already. It blurs imperfections but still manages to keep my skin looking fresh and radiant which is exactly what I want. 

The foundation I have really enjoyed using is the Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue foundation. They do a healthy mix serum which I did love at first because it is a gel-like texture which is perfect for my dry skin but it didn't stay put for very long so I didn't go back to it after I'd used it, although it still is a really nice foundation I use the shade No53 - Light Beige.
The Healthy Mix foundation is full of fruit extracts for all different uses like Apricot for radiance, Melon for hydration and Apple for youthful skin. It is enriched with crystalline pigments to even out your skin tone while letting in natural light for a healthy glow.
The foundation blends really nicely into the skin using either a beauty blender or a foundation brush and it stays put a lot longer than the serum version, it's a slightly thicker consistency and it does give you a gorgeous glow and flawless finish, although definitely use some setting spray as it can transfer if you build it up a lot.

This is the Anti-fatigue powder so it goes hand in hand with the two previous matching products, this is in the shade 01 - Vanilla I am super fussy when it comes to pressed powders. I have dry skin as you know so I do not want a matte cakey mess to set my makeup. Although this is mattifying it is so lightweight and genuinely feels like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. It doesn't give me that chalky effect like most setting powders, it's full of vitamins to help your complexion and radiance and it is a joy to use, it honestly feels like silk!

These 3 beauties have been my current go-to base routine for the past few weeks,  Do you use a cocktail of beauty products or do you stick to the same brand? I feel like the same brand of primer and foundation seem to work a lot better for some reason. 
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I have had my little best bud Louie for almost FIVE YEARS! Five?! Time has flowwwwn by!
On the 4th of July, I visited this little cute scared little pooch and he approached me and would not leave me alone. I cradled him for a while and I knew I needed to take him home. I didn't initially go to actually end up with a puppy but I had to give him a home, I decided to go home and give it a little think over, which basically meant I would go home and start researching everything about pugs then deciding to go for it and head to Pets at Home and buy every puppy product in sight! and then literally, the next morning on the 5th of July I went to pick him up and bring him home!!
Honestly one of the happiest days of my life.

He was 10 weeks old, he was tiny, he had a little alien-like face but he was such a cutie. 
It was super hot that summer in 2013 and after all the research I did, I knew it was going to be a struggle in the heat with a baby pug. I stayed in that entire summer in all the shady spots in the garden and indoors with all the doors open making sure my little babe was hydrated, cool and happy.

There's a lot of things I've learnt about dogs - pugs especially since having him in my life and it seems weird that I've had this little ball of responsibility for five years, keeping him happy and healthy. I think I have done a pretty good job at it to be honest if I do say so myself. 
Dogs are hard work don't get me wrong, getting a dog is one of the best things I have ever done and from afar it seems like the easiest job, petting them, cuddling them and going for walks easy right? but trust me it is a lot harder than it looks, training them to not pee all around your house is a mission, then teaching them to sit and trying to explain to them that human food is in fact for humans, not dogs. 
Once you do get through that training stage they really do pick things up quickly one of my favourite things is when Louie will High Five if he wants a treat it's the cutest thing.

I have a couple of favourite brands, for any essential he needed as a puppy, I loved the 'Just for Puppy' Range at Pets at Home it was all neutral colours and had everything he needed to start him off.

Another brand I adore is an independent brand called KC Woodcraft which hand make beds, food stations - even toy storage if your little pooch is as spoilt as Louie!

If you have just got a little puppy/you've rescued an older dog or you just want to spoil your little buddy! I have put together a little 'essentials' post for your little fur baby!  

A good quality bed.

 In the first 1-2 years of having Louie I went through a ton of beds, he either wasn't interested, it lost its shape or it got super grubby. This can end up pretty expensive and I chose to buy this gorgeous bed by KCWoodcraft. I found them a few years ago now and I initially wanted it because it didn't look like a typical dog bed, I could choose any colour they had to offer and it matched my interior which I loved! It didn't look grubby it looks a lot more expensive than it is and it is SO easy to clean and if you ever need to you can just give it a lick of paint, I have had this for a couple of years now and I haven't had to paint it just yet! It's a gorgeous wooden handmade bed, with his name engraved on a wooden bone. It looks super sleek and beautifully made and It looks so pretty home furniture, it goes really well in our lounge.
Every time I have visitors I always get compliments on this bed and asked where it is from so I thought I might as well share it on my blog because I have so many people ask about it.
He loves sitting in it in the garden with his cooling mat under his blanket!

Food Bowls 

Okay, so I haven't ever seen a dog bowl like this before and it's something I never knew I needed. The way it is made helps your dogs spine and neck which means not only does it look amazing in your house it's also beneficial for your fur baby. Again, it is beautifully made and I chose the same colours as the bed so it all matched with my brown/neutral living room. I usually just give it a wipe down after he eats to keep it clean which is super easy.

Puppy Storage

This is the most recent purchase from KC Woodcraft. Louie is quite a spoilt pup and I was looking for cute storage boxes to hold his little coats, toys, lead etc. but I couldn't find any big enough and that's when KC Woodcraft released their storage boxes which I was over the moon about. I obviously got it to match his cute little bed and bowl and I initially bought it just for cute storage that wouldn't look too dog-like. I just wanted storage that looked good and did its job but actually, Louie loves it. He was a little confused for a couple of days due to his toys being in this big box but now he happily trots over and he will pick the toys out of his box until he finds the one he wants to chew on and then happily plods off to the garden, it is the CUTEST thing! 
So I quite like the fact it looks good and is well made which means I will happily have it matching with the decor of my lounge and looking like home furnishing so he can always have his toys whenever he wants thanks to this cute little addition.

Water Bottle

I bought this when I went to Lake District last year which you can read the post 'here'.
We took Louie along for a dog-friendly holiday and it was amazing. I bought this because I thought he would be walking longer than his usual walks at home and he did! The air was so fresh he didn't even get tired! 
This has come in handy on that trip and ever since - especially in this hot weather. I take it even on short walks with Louie so he can have a drink and stay hydrated on the way. It stays super cold because of the metal material of the bottle and you can get it in all sorts of sizes, you just simply pour it in the lid and the lid acts as a bowl for your dog to drink from.

Cooling Accessories 

I don't know if all dogs are like this but Louie is the ultimate sun worshipper! This isn't too good for him though because the Patio gets hot which means he overheats so this cooling mat from The Range has been amazing. This mat has a cooling gel inside, so when body heat touches it the gel goes cold and cools your dog down. I lay it in the garden on the grass in the mornings and then he sits on it on top of a towel or blanket in the shade (or in his bed) its perfect for when we head to a beer garden to put under the table so he can chill underneath us and it folds up really small so is easy to travel with. I will say though that it is much better for short trips to restaurants etc when he sits outside but at home, he doesn't use it much. 

The other thing that I bought which he wears a lot at the moment is this bandana. I purchased this from pets at home and he keeps it on so he doesn't pant as much and he doesn't overheat, it is super soft and comfortable and you just run it under cold water and rinse out all the excess water, pop it around his neck and your pup will stay cool for ages!
It's super easy and because of the super soft material, it stays cold for ages! It isn't tight at all but you can adjust it with the velcro strap. He loves it and if it was between this and any of the other cooling accessories like the pools, mats etc I would definitely opt for the bandana because they can wear it inside, it packs so small and is super easy to travel with and the dog will love it!
I have seen online they have cooling vests which are the same as the bandana but all over their back and chest which I am waiting for it to be delivered but You can check that out here and keep an eye out in my insta for when that arives!

These are the current essentials we have been loving the last couple of months! Do you own any pets? What do you have?
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First of all, I would like to introduce you to the new love in my life the gorgeous cross body 'Love Life' handbag by Aldo, yes another Aldo handbag which I purchased again, from ASOS. 
ASOS is a blessing and a curse, they had a sale on which had up to 50% off so the bag was originally priced at £60 but it was knocked down to £35 which I thought was pretty damn good and what sold me, even more, was the fact I also had a £15 voucher on top of the discount happy days! 

The bag is so stunning it reminds me a little bit of a Gucci dupe but for a fraction of the price! It's definitely a little out there but I think it is quite a cool bold handbag to go with a plain white outfit would look so pretty!
I love the buckle on the front and the embroidery which says 'Love Life' is so well made it looks gorgeous.
I have had a little obsession with handbags since I was an early teen and I am pretty damn organised when it comes to packing my handbag essentials, so I thought that considering every blogger needs a handful of items to get them through the day I thought I would merge my love for bags and organisation skills and put together a number of things that I carry with me on a typical blogging day, things that I would go crazy if they were left behind.

This is the kind of stuff I take with me on a typical work day but if I'm on the go. As a blogger, you probably know the work never stops so I have to have these things on me at all times.

Blog Camera - Sony A5000
Okay, let's start with the most important - my camera I have the Sony a5000 and I love it. I rarely leave home without it. If I can snap a beautiful scenic shot or a cool outfit photo, I will. I have had a few occasions where I get the perfect opportunity to take some cute pictures but have only had my phone on me, which is no good what so ever if I want to feature it here on my blog, its okay for updating you guys on social media though.

iPhone 6
My iPhone. Okay, not amazing for pictures but not awful. I am just like everyone else I love being on my phone (not too much) but if I want to snap pics and share parts of my day with my followers I can quite easily do that and stay connected and keep you guys updated easily. By the way - the phone case is by Skinnydip!

Portable Charger
Another little gadget I need everywhere I go is this super cute portable charger from skinnydip. This comes in handy SO often. I can charge my phone or camera which means I'm never in that situation where I can't take pics or make calls (god forbid eh?) 
In all seriousness though, It is pretty important for a work/blog day because sometimes, annoyingly I do leave my camera on after using and it dies when I really need it so yeah, this I could not live without and also on a normal day its just safer to have full battery on your phone if you need to ring anybody for emergencies etc.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer, you know cos it's definitely an essential. I carry this stuff with me everywhere 24/7 and this Cath Kidston one is my faaaaave! It has a spray applicator which I really like and it also smells amazing. 

Beauty products. They are essential, I used to carry an entire makeup bag full of products, probably because they were not long wearing, however, I use the TooFaced Born This Way' foundation and it seriously does not budge so thankfully I don't have to reapply my foundation and then my entire face on top again. Instead I take this sleek bronze and highlight palette which has amazing pigment, a setting powder which I normally got for the Hourglass or Bourjois setting powder and the lipstick/liner choice of the day and that's the only thing I really top up if I want or take a quick snap so I don't look as disheveled.

Sunglasses, for when you're not close to a coffee shop to hide your tired eyes. Here in the UK we have been having a good amount of sunshine and even when it's cloudy the evenings have been brightening up for some reason, so again always handy and let's not forget this is the blogger edition so really the main reason is so we look a lil sassy in our shots let's face it!

The final essential, for me, is my iPad. This is essentially my laptop, I will carry around my laptop if I have a bigger bag or use a coffee shop but my iPad is a lot easier to carry, I use it to edit my photo's on Lightroom and I also send my photo's I've taken on my Sony A5000 straight over using Wi-Fi and I plan blog content and ideas on there too which just makes things a bit easier and I prefer working on a big screen rather than my phone.

The 7 essentials I take around everywhere on a typical 'blogging' day. What do you think of the bag? I am so in love, I definitely have a little obsession with handbags right now.
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I'll be the first to put my hands up and say I used to be an absolute nightmare when getting up in the mornings.
 I was practically unapproachable until at least noon, now I am the total opposite.
 I always feel so refreshed when I wake up really early, I end up being so much more productive, I totally embrace early mornings even on a weekend where a lay-in is 'essential' I actually really enjoy waking up early and spending an hour or two in bed relaxing, ready to start the day and I think that is down to my little self-care morning routine.

This time of year is perfect to start your early morning routine, the clocks have moved forward which means we have more daylight than we do in the winter (in the UK anyway) and we should embrace longer days, I love sleep but I love being awake and being able to be alert and think and get jobs done and just being present. 

I thought I'd share with you my morning routine and little tips on how to feel more awake and refreshed in the mornings, hopefully it works for you too! 

Get up - Straight away! 

Sounds silly, doesn't it? I know your thinking getting up is clearly the first step but I mean get up and sit up as soon as you open your eyes. 
I usually wake up to the sunshine because I leave my curtains open at night so my bedroom gradually becomes lighter naturally waking me up and I find that so much nicer than waking to an alarm
Although, if you do need an alarm to wake you up, I found a great one on my phone of birds chirping and that's quite a natural sound to wake up to or you can invest in the natural alarms which gradually lights up with the illusion your getting woken up by sunlight.

The first thing I do is sit straight up and because my dog sleeps in our bedroom I make a fuss of him straight away and he won't leave me alone as soon as I wake him which means I won't be falling asleep. If I am struggling to open my eyes I spritz some facial mist over my face and because it feels refreshing it definitely wakes me up I am actually so used to doing this now I sometimes have my eyes shut half asleep and I will reach over and do it to wake myself up - but it works! I usually use rose water or tea tree from Lush and I got 

I then get straight up and make my bed, if it's a weekend I will lay in bed for an hour or two watching Youtube or read a book but if it's a weekday I get straight up make my bed.

Avoid My Phone

I try to stay away from my phone in the first hour or two. This is quite important for me because I spend a lot of my time on my phone/laptop. It's so easy to wake up in the morning and straight away check my phone and let whatever I read effect my mood. I usually wake up around 6 and I use that time to listen to music instead which always puts me in a good mood! I let my little pug out in the garden and make him his breakfast and just by listening to music I feel super happy, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is a personal fave atm. 

Create a calm atmosphere

You could light a candle or burn some incense, essential oil diffusers are amazing though as well and you can use it to relax you and help your sinuses or anything.
This scent you choose will help relax you and make you calm and if you keep doing this in your routine, you look forward to it and the smell instantly calms you and makes you think of this moment. You could do something you love while having a calming atmosphere. 
This could be anything, it's custom to you. If you're artistic then paint a picture, play an instrument, read a book or listen to a podcast. Something you will enjoy and feel relaxed doing so, for me, it is writing I love writing blog posts or taking photographs ready for blog posts, so I do that. I also, weirdly like tidying the house in the mornings it makes me feel so fresh and clean with no clutter, it is so much easier to work when you're in a tidy environment.


This is always good to do in the morning, I always find that it fully wakes my body up. 
For me I usually do 2 things, one thing is to walk my pug Louie, I love doing this in the morning because it's peaceful and it's pretty quiet and it gives me a little time in the morning to think about the day ahead and plus it makes Louie happy too.
The second is either a HIIT session, usually, one on youtube after I've been on a dog walk, or I will try some Yoga it depends what I'm feeling that day. Again, I try and do this in the garden, I love being outside when it's sunny and mornings feel really fresh.

Eat Well

Breakfast is sooo important and it's nice to make a little bit of unnecessary effort for ourselves. Find a cute Pinterest worthy smoothie bowl you can make or a quick and easy eggs benedict. I usually find that a nice healthy breakfast definitely makes me feel better about myself, even if it's a super quick fruit, yoghurt & granola combo which takes no time to make but is amazing in a sunny garden! (I know I'm obsessed with sitting outside)
I also love my cups of tea in the mornings to take and enjoy in the garden. I have recently got into Twinings Immune boosting tea it's nice and citrusy, perfect for a morning drink, I also love a Hazelnut coffee with coconut milk it's a nice morning pick me up and it's been pretty hot this week so I've been having it over ice - its looooovely! 
I like buying really cute mugs (usually Disney or pug related) and for some reason, it seems to make my morning drink more enjoyable. 

Have a Pamper and Get Glam!

These are the things I really appreciate in the mornings. I used to be the girl that would wake up half an hour before I needed to leave my house, so as you can imagine I was a rushed hot mess!
I love mornings now and I wake up super early (even without an alarm which I thought would never happen) and I get so happy the fact I actually have time to fit in a proper pamper session before I have to leave the house, I do my usual skincare routine and I might pop on a face mask and leave my hair to dry in the current sun we keep having, so my face feels and looks its best and I style my hair and put some makeup on (in the garden obv - thank you natural light!) so I feel and look good.
Now you are ready to conquer your day!

Are you a morning person? Do you have a morning routine? I never thought I'd love mornings but I do and having a little morning routine definitely helps my mindset and it's the best way to start your day.
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