Monday, 7 September 2015

Beauty | Spectrums 'Glam Clam'

Calling all mermaid make up lovers thats everyone right?!
I finally got my hands on Spectrums 'Glam Clam' Makeup Brush Case/Clutch from the Atlantis collection it seems forever sold out for good reason I only just put this up on my wishlist post see here
First off, how bloody gorgeous is it! its a stunning lilac faux leather material with rose gold detail which go together perfectly! I've never loved the look of any casing like this its absoloutly beautiful and looks stunning on any dressing table!
Not only is it amazing because of its beauty its really solid which is something I always look for in any bag or case wether it be a sunglasses case or a handbag its not going to look after your belongings if its flimsy! This however is perfect so structured and solid.
The contents inside does not fail to disapoint either 10 brushes for face, eyes and lips once you get through the prediciment of loving the brushes so much you dont want to get makeup all over them, you realise they are the softest brushes ever that do exactly what there suppose to whilst feeling like your being pampered!
Its definitely a brilliant buy or even a gift, any make up lover will adore this, its even great for teens if they are just get into makeup this is virtually every tool your going to need!

What do you think of The Glam Clam?
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Lots of Love

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  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Hello! I was wondering if you could fit anything else in the bag? For example, if you were to use it as a travel make up bag, could you fit make up in when it is also full of brushes? Or would there be no room? Please could you email a fellow Alicia at

    Thank you =)


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