Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Beauty | The Luxe Life

This is a book I constantly grab for inspiration whether it's for my blog, beauty tips, fashion tips or even what to pack for holiday.
When I bought Fleurs first book 'The Glam Guide' I loved it straight away, the tips and pointers are easy to follow, the content is really relatable and the actual book itself is sooo lovely! I love the pastel watercolour background the gold font and the illustrations inside of the make up products just look so pretty! Like a fashion illustration which I love the idea of that instead of photography I honestly didn't think you could get a prettier book. 
When I heard Fleur brought out another book 'The Luxe Life' I needed it! 'Everyday luxuries for lovers of beauty, fashion and food' It's basically the big sister of the glam guide and all the things that I love luxury beauty, fashion and food! 

I honestly think this book itself is sooooooo beautiful! The Metallic rose gold edging looks so pretty! She's kept the illustrations inside the book which I said before I love, it has a more elegant feel to this book and I love that it covers all of my favourite things beauty, fashion, food and travel. 
This has gone straight on to my dressing table and not only does it look pretty but it's perfect for any inspiration I need while blogging! 

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Lots of Love 


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Beauty | Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Ahhhh! how amazing is too faced packaging?! Like seriously how pretty is it!
Since recently purchasing the NYX lip creams I've got a new love for Liquid Lipsticks which I never really bought into before and after scanning the internet and the world of YouTube for swatches of all the colours they have, My god they have so many.
When I haven't used a brand before or a certain product I tend to just by one or two from the range before i dive in head first buying the entire range. 
Thats what I did with the melted lipsticks, Typically in my make up drawer the majority of colours are different types of Nude and Reds, I have a few other colours like coral, berry colours etc. So I wanted to get a colour I haven't got, The last thing I wanna do is spend £20 on a lipstick in a colour I already own because then I'm less likely to use it. pointless.

Anywayyyy I decided to go for the the shade 'Fig' and I love it! Already I love it. Its such a gorgeous muted yet bold mauve, can you imagine how cute this lip will look with a sexy grey choker and big snug grey jumper dress! but before i get all autumnal on yo ass I will definitely be wearing this on summer date nights, Its one of those colours that will liven up a neutral outfit without being a typically red lip. My bold lip is a Red, My everyday is a Nude. Very basic and an extremely bad habit. I mean, I occasionally rock a coral lip for the daytime when its summer and autumn is so much more forgiving for wearing a bolder lip day to day. Can you feel my excitement for autumn already?!

The product itself is amazing, I haven't got a lipliner to match this colour yet but I saw that Too Faced   have a 'Borderline Lip Pencil' Which is a clear lipliner that creates an invisible lipline to stop the lipstick bleeding or feathering and keeps it moisturised. I can't wait to try that out!

What do you think of this colour or product? I definitely think its worth the money I love it.

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