Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Travel | Amsterdam Part 1

Travel diaries 
 Recently on our trip to Amsterdam we stayed at the Westcord city centre hotel. The location obviously being right in the city centre. It was literally a 2 second walk across the road to the massive shopping district.

I didn't realise how amazing the shops were in amaterdam I'm not joking my boyfriend and I have already discussed going back just to shop. I prefer shopping in Amsterdam to shopping in London.

We had an early flight so arrived in the morning and couldn't check in to our room til the afternoon. So the hotel stored our luggage for us and we went for a walk to find our feet a little bit. It was still morning obviously so we decided to go for breakfast and found this adorable cafe and ordered eggs Benedict. I opted for no hollandaise sauce It's a bit too rich for me usually but after trying my boyfriends the hollandaise sauce was amazing so we swapped and we had one without sauce and one with. My boyfriend being in Amsterdam obviously had a Heineken beer which was actually quite nice. I had a vodka lemonade.

Urban outfitters 

Prince John street art

Vanilla, caramel and pistachio ice cream

After that we just took a little stroll the weather was a little overcast but after a few hours we grabbed some ice cream and had a look around in some shops and then got slightly lost because the shopping district is so big! We got a lift back from those bike and cart things?! If you know what I mean haha I think they're called a pedibus. 

We got back checked in our hotel had a nap we was exhausted then headed out for dinner and had the tastiest burgers. 

We ended the day on a nice evening stroll around the canals it was beautiful and then got to the hotel shattered and watched a film.

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