Thursday, 23 June 2016

Travel | Amsterdam Part 2

Part 2 now this day was my absoloute favourite! Keukenhof is the biggest flower garden in the world. Choosing what pictures to post was so hard I had hundreds!

We got up early didn't even know what to do. So we headed out for breakfast and discussed our plans for the day, looking at what Amsterdam had to offer, we found Keukenhof which is North of Holland and has the biggest flower garden in the world with over 7 million flowers! It is impossible to see it all by foot so they have bikes and boats you can hire out. 
You can only go between the months of March - May and it ended 3 days after we left so we just caught it in time to go visit Keukenhof Flower Garden. 

Even my boyfriend said how beautiful it was, I thought it was going to be rows and rows of tulips but there were so many different flowers along trickling lakes and curved round beautiful edging it was honestly amazing and I feel so grateful that we travelled to North Holland and were able to see the beautiful scenery Keukenhof had to offer. 

This was so cute basically... this is 'The Romantic Garden' this plaque basically explains what it is, it's the most romantic spot, surrounded by gorgeous flowers and a beautiful arbour you can take a seat and there's a box of blank notes where you write a message and stick it he the heart or around he gorgeous cage. 

It had really sweet sayings I loved this one because it's a phrase I use. 'I Love You to the Moon & Back' 

A cute pink scooter outside the romantic garden. 

This reminded me of somewhere like Alice in wonderland!

Waiting for our transport back to Amsterdam we grabbed some frozen yoghurt and watched the fountains in the beautiful sunshine. 

Stay tuned for my final Amsterdam diary! 

Lots of love, Alicia xo



  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time, the pictures are so beautiful, I kind of wish I was going in Spring to see all of this, my nickname in my family is Tulip too funnily enough haha! Loved these posts :)
    Alice Xx

    1. it was so so beautiful! I just tweeted you the cafe that do amazing breakfast too! Hope you have fun! (part 1 & 2 are in more central dam btw) - Alicia Xo


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