Thursday, 21 July 2016

Travel | Overnight Stay In Whipsnade Zoo!

For my birthday, my boyfriend completely surprised me to a beautiful overnight stay in a log cabin in the zoo!! 

It was absolutely stunning, not like any zoo I've every been to, It was so open and had acres and acres of beautiful land it was so big even though it was packed it seemed empty and intimate. 
As its in the middle of nowhere when your walking around you have gorgeous scenery all around you and the cutest little cafe and picnic area surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

So we went around the zoo for a couple of hours, had a quick hot dog and some wind and beer with the most amazing view then we headed to the 'Lookout Lodge' reception where we was greeted with champagne and given our lodge keys, there are 9 lodges so there were 9 pairs staying in different lodges, they are all named after animals and we were staying in the 'Bear Lodge'. 

After settling in and getting ready we headed out to have a little 'Sunset Tour' which was amazing! A lot of the animals sleep 20 odd hours so it was a great chance to see the animals we missed earlier on. we got a little safari van around the 'out of bounds' part of the zoo  looking at the animals in the sunset. We saw so much more on this bit and the views were incredible we stopped off a couple of places to get closer to the animals and then after the sunset tour was done we headed off for dinner.
After a 2 course meal we then headed out again for a torchlight tour, Which was about a 1 mile tour on foot this time with torches obviously as it was getting dark to see the rest of the animals. This was my favourite bit, the zoo was basically rented out for us and 8 other couples it was so quiet with just the noises of the animals and it felt really special to see the doing there own little thing at night. I loved it.

This place was amazing and I would recommend it to any family, couple or group! not even the overnight stay if its out of your price range but just to go to the zoo as a day trip, it has so much to offer for young or old animal lovers

What do you think? Would you ever try to experience this? 
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Lots of Love, Alicia xoxo

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Beauty | Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

This thing is an absoloute life saver! I suck when it comes to eyebrows. Yet I wanna be able to slay a banging set of brows! 
This is like having a full HD brow kit in one pencil, now okay it doesn't wax or take away hair it's only a pencil remember but it does shape and define them it has like the waxy matte finish of a HD brow it's the perfect shape aswell, and has a little brush on the end eyebrows actually look like twins now! I would recommend this to absoloute anyone, even especially beginners! I wish I had this years ago it literally glides in the right place I cannot rave about this enough! 
I'm a full convert I am no longer having HD brows, I will either tweeze or get them waxed but I am happy enough to shape them myself I've really enjoyed this bit of my make up routine now when it used to be my least favourite. 
I don't know if its just me but when i get a new beauty product or new shoes or anything like that I just want to use it all the time! and with this pencil its my favourite bit of my beauty routine now and lips of course!
Have you tried this product yet? or any of the other Benefit brow products.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Beauty | NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I love NYX and I have done for years. It hasn't always been so easy to get hold of (they have a NYX stand in boots stores now yay!). I've only really tried there lip products tbh because with face stuff I get a bit stuck in my ways haha the first lip product I got from NYX was a lipstick in the shade strawberry milkshake or something and it was that exact baby pink and I lived in it! Me and my best friend adored it...pale pink isn't a go to lip colour for me thank god but NYX lipsticks still are and they just get better they have such a variation of colour, finishes and types of lip products it can keep any one happy! 

I only got a couple of products to try as I'm trying to limit my spending on make up to buy more homeware but I picked up in the shades 'Cairo' and 'Buenos Aires'
I love the fact that each product is named after a city and the wanderlust inside of me wants to 'collect' all the different lip creams for all the different cities haha! 

Anyway, to the actual product itself the soft matte creams are my absoloute faveeee.
They have great lasting power and they're soooooo light on the lips which I love, I hate lips that feel heavy which a lot of mattes feel tight on my lips, this doesn't at all and it's the only matte lip product that I don't have to put lipstick sealant over the top! 
I also picked up a couple of liners I wanted to try, the first one is the Jumbo Lip Liner in shade 'Irish Coffee' and the other one in shade 'Pink Cantalouope' there's not much to say about lipliners they're on par with most high end brands I feel.
And lastly I bought the NYX finishing powder in translucent.
I was going to get a colour powder but I always wear fake tan and I love the finish of my foundation at the moment so it won't effect the finish it will just set it nicely as its translucent. 
Have you got an NYX counter in the boots near you? 

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Food | Chiquitos

Another food post! 
I love my food! My favourite thing to do is go to restaurants and eat out! I actually consider it a hobby now haha.
I recently went to chiquitos which I've been to before and absolutely loved it. 
They bring round mini bowls of salted popcorn while you decide what you eat which I love they are so light and the perfect nibble we ordered some drinks I always go for the raspberry rum collins its old J spiced rum, raspberry puree, fresh lime juice and a dash of soda. Raspberry and Rum are my fave!
The first time I went I had prawn tacos they were to die for! But this time I opted for something a little more...traditional I spose.
For starters I had peri peri prawns, oh my god they were so hot I'm a lemon and herb kinda gal at Nandos! But they were soooo tasty especially with the nachos Their nachos are the best!
For main I had a Chilli Con Carne Burrito, the burrito was beautifully toasted and the inside was rammed full of goodness it was such a nice balance and full of flavour! I love cooking chilli con carne at home but this was insane and again the nachos I absoloutly love! 

I really wanted a cheesecake after but honestly I was so full up! It was just nice to have a really nice big lunch with some equally tasty drinks. This is one of my favourite restaurants I love Tex Mex.

What do you think, have you been?

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Food | Bubba Gump Shrimp

Bubba Gump Shrimp in Londons Piccadilly Circus. It looks like a gift shop and then you go upstairs to the coolest restaurant! This place is insane wether your a Forrest Gump fan or not you need to eat here! 

I'm a huge fan of most seafood and shellfish and obviously you can't go wrong with burgers or steak! This place has it all and it's not just the food either the interior of this restaurant is the coolest thing I've ever seen, Forrest Gump quotes and pictures even the cocktail menu is made from the iconic ping pong paddle! It's all so well thought out and the signs on your table that say 'run Forrest run' you turn it to say 'stop Forrest stop' if you want the waiter/waitress to serve you which I love. You get the complete experience to yourself without people coming over asking how everything is when you have a mouthful of food! 

The cocktails were soooo good! We had the pomegranate punch and the Louisiana lemonade I think it was called they were both rum based, we loved them! When you buy a cocktail they give you the glass to take home a clean one obv! 

We got a tiny bit greedy we love our food! And ordered 3 mains between us, we had a burger each one was a bacon Cajun chicken burger and I had a cheeseburger which both came with the tastiest fries and then with that we had 'Forrest's seafood feast' which we shared between us it consisted of fish and chips, seafood hush pups, southern fried shrimp with a side of coleslaw and 3 dips tartar, cocktail and remoulade. 

If your in London and you love good quality seafood with a nice chilled friendly atmosphere I would recommend this place! 

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Lots of love, Alicia xo
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