Sunday, 10 July 2016

Food | Chiquitos

Another food post! 
I love my food! My favourite thing to do is go to restaurants and eat out! I actually consider it a hobby now haha.
I recently went to chiquitos which I've been to before and absolutely loved it. 
They bring round mini bowls of salted popcorn while you decide what you eat which I love they are so light and the perfect nibble we ordered some drinks I always go for the raspberry rum collins its old J spiced rum, raspberry puree, fresh lime juice and a dash of soda. Raspberry and Rum are my fave!
The first time I went I had prawn tacos they were to die for! But this time I opted for something a little more...traditional I spose.
For starters I had peri peri prawns, oh my god they were so hot I'm a lemon and herb kinda gal at Nandos! But they were soooo tasty especially with the nachos Their nachos are the best!
For main I had a Chilli Con Carne Burrito, the burrito was beautifully toasted and the inside was rammed full of goodness it was such a nice balance and full of flavour! I love cooking chilli con carne at home but this was insane and again the nachos I absoloutly love! 

I really wanted a cheesecake after but honestly I was so full up! It was just nice to have a really nice big lunch with some equally tasty drinks. This is one of my favourite restaurants I love Tex Mex.

What do you think, have you been?

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