Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Beauty | NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I love NYX and I have done for years. It hasn't always been so easy to get hold of (they have a NYX stand in boots stores now yay!). I've only really tried there lip products tbh because with face stuff I get a bit stuck in my ways haha the first lip product I got from NYX was a lipstick in the shade strawberry milkshake or something and it was that exact baby pink and I lived in it! Me and my best friend adored it...pale pink isn't a go to lip colour for me thank god but NYX lipsticks still are and they just get better they have such a variation of colour, finishes and types of lip products it can keep any one happy! 

I only got a couple of products to try as I'm trying to limit my spending on make up to buy more homeware but I picked up in the shades 'Cairo' and 'Buenos Aires'
I love the fact that each product is named after a city and the wanderlust inside of me wants to 'collect' all the different lip creams for all the different cities haha! 

Anyway, to the actual product itself the soft matte creams are my absoloute faveeee.
They have great lasting power and they're soooooo light on the lips which I love, I hate lips that feel heavy which a lot of mattes feel tight on my lips, this doesn't at all and it's the only matte lip product that I don't have to put lipstick sealant over the top! 
I also picked up a couple of liners I wanted to try, the first one is the Jumbo Lip Liner in shade 'Irish Coffee' and the other one in shade 'Pink Cantalouope' there's not much to say about lipliners they're on par with most high end brands I feel.
And lastly I bought the NYX finishing powder in translucent.
I was going to get a colour powder but I always wear fake tan and I love the finish of my foundation at the moment so it won't effect the finish it will just set it nicely as its translucent. 
Have you got an NYX counter in the boots near you? 

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  1. I'm so so happy they've finally introduced a NYX in Boots. I LOVE the soft matte lip creams, my favourite has got to be Cannes. So great finally being able to get my hands on products I've heard everyone rave about for so long!x


    1. I really want the shade cannes too! xoxo


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