Sunday, 28 August 2016

Beauty | My Makeup Storage

If you haven't seen my little more in depth post about my dressing table you can see that here.

This post is about what inside my fairly new dressing table.
 Basically a 'Whats in my makeup bag' post but considering all of my makeup is stored in the drawer of my dressing table it can't really be called that.
I try to be super organised with my makeup. I used to hate having a chunky makeup bag where everything would just get lost so when I got this dressing table I wanted it as organised as possible so everything was so much easier to find.

I got these drawer separators from eBay you can get them in Ikea aswell. 
These basically stop the drawer from being completely chaotic making compartments so you don't just have your entire makeup in one drawer making it harder to find what you want. 

The actual makeup now, I have all my makeup roughly in the order that I use it ( or just where i can fit it)
From Left to right: Makeup wipes/Cotton pads, Cleansers toners & moisturisers, Highlighters & Bronzers, Base makeup 
(Foundations concealers & BB creams), Nail varnishes, Eye Makeup (brows eyeliners, shadows etc), Lip liners, Lipsticks, Palletes (and zoellas body fondant) and then at the end is storage, spares jewellery and sunglasses.
I roughly have it in the order that I use things, I definitely know where everything is having it like this.
I love having my own space to do my makeup I've wanted something like this for so long now. 

How do you store your makeup?
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Lots of Love, Alicia xoxo


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Beauty | Lush Face Masks

I've always loved lush products, mainly the bath bombs and lip scrubs are things I get on a regular basis. 

Another thing I really love are face masks. I've had one before from lush the 'cosmetic warrior' face mask and although it does its job I can't stand the smell of it, it contains antibacterial teatree and fresh garlic to work together and cleanse your skin but it smells like anti bac hand cleanser with garlic. Grim. 
I like a face mask to chill me out and smell refreshing so that's why I wanted to try some other face masks from lush, I know they work but this time they smell better too. 

The two I bought were 'cupcake' and 'don't look at me'

Cupcake genuinely looks like a chocolate cake mix I make with my niece and nephew! It has a number of ingredients inside. It contains cocoa powder to deep cleanse and draw out all the dirt and impurities, mint to stimulate and tone the skin and linseed and cocoa butter to moisturise. With all combined it works amazingly. My skin has been so rubbish lately so I tried this one first as its suppose to draw all the crap out o flour face basically and although the texture is thick and genuinely felt like I was smearing cake mix on my face I loved it! It left my skin looking so much cleaner fresher and super super soft! 

Don't Look At Me 
Don't looks at me is the second face mask I bought... The colour is awesome! I love it! It's the brightest blue you can imagine this has quite a lot of ingredients in this mask. Lemon juice to tone your complexion, Tunisian neroli to brighten, ground rice to exfoliate, and a few more ingredients...this face mask isn't as thick, definitely more creamy and much more exfoliating the gritty bits of rice feel like micro beads in an exfoliating face wash which I love, it definitely leaves your skin feeling cleaner fresher and definitely brighter! 

I rate lush as a brand soooo highly. Have you tried these products? Remember for posts twice a week you can follow me on bloglovin

Alicia x

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