Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fashion | Autumn Style

Mustard is definitely making a breakthrough this autumn. 
It is surprisingly a fairly easy colour to pull off but looks as if its not very wearable. 
The colour itself makes you feel a little bit like Colonel Mustard I agree but once its on it is actually a really flattering colour for a variety of skin tones aswell.

Mustard Crop Top: H&M
Black Suede Button Up Skirt: H&M
Ankle Boots: Misguided
Croc Chain Handbag: Zara
Coat: River Island 

Although it seems a little scary I can guarantee it will suit you for others it might not even be a big deal. I've seen a lot of people wearing mustard but for some people like me its just not a colour I would have in my wardrobe.

Let me know what you think of this outfit I think its perfect for autumn!
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Food | Bourgee Steak & Lobster

I love my food so much! Seriously I should be about 40st by now! 
So what better way to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with my beau than going out for food to our favourite restaurant.

Bourgee is located in Southend, Essex. To be honest it feels like your in a restaurant in Mayfair, London. It's interior is beautiful and has the perfect lighting to set a nice atmosphere. The customer service is always amazing. They meet your every request and they never leave you waiting long for your food.

This place specialises in Steak & Lobster it has tons of other food on offer and I always want to try something new off the menu but they're steak is too good to turn down! Its not even just how they cook it or the seasoning or any of that (although that is spot on!) its the actual meat itself is so beautiful and tender! your knife literally goes through it like butter and it melts in your mouth! They bring round a palette of their raw fresh produce and explain where its from and how its sourced and you can see for yourself how fresh it is - If you want to find out more you can simply ask them anything!
I've been to a lot of well known steakhouses all over London and this steak still blows them all out of the water in my opinion.

We arrived early so we could grab some drinks at the bar. While we waited for our table we grabbed some drinks, I had my favourite cocktail 'Raspberry Collins'. 

We sat down at our table and they brought over a bottle of prosecco while we decided what to order and this is what we ordered:


For starters: 
Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Mojito Mint Mayonnaise.
The flavours were incredible, I've never had crab in a restaurant but obviously this restaurant I knew wouldn't let me down. The mojito mint mayo was amazing such a balance of flavours you could definitely taste the mint but it wasn't over powering at all it was so stunning!

My boyfriends starter: Crunchy Shredded Duck, Muddled Cucumber with Hoisin Toothpaste - He loved it! 


Steak & Chips for both of us  - cooked rare as always look how pink it is! (Vegetarians please look away) I had chunky chips as a side and we had 'bourgee' grilled lobster to share 


Mini Doughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Dulce de leche (Caramel Sauce)
I'm not a dessert person at all we bought two desserts but shared both. This was by far my favourite I thought I didn't like cinnamon but this was beautiful! The chocolate and the Duce de leech was the perfect combination with the subtle cinnamon doughnuts. They were cooked perfectly and light and fluffy. Easily my favourite dessert I've had!

Warm Pecan Pie With Maple & Walnut Ice cream and Praline.
This is the best combination of flavours in my opinion. The warm pecan pie with the cold walnut ice cream was soooo good! This was my boyfriends favourite. The maple and walnut ice cream was incredible I've never had walnut ice cream before so again something I hadn't tried but loved they get there flavours bang on!

Wheres your favourite place to eat?

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Raising Awareness | Alzheimers & Dementia

This is a slightly different post today, Its one that I feel really passionate about.
When I first heard that NRS Healthcare were working on a social campaign about raising awareness to dementia and Alzheimer's disease I wanted to get involved straight away.

My nan suffered with dementia, Its a little bit of a blur if I'm honest even though it was only a couple of years ago but at the time it went so quickly. My nan had a huge personality she was witty and incredibly funny and was extremely independent. She was the glue that kept my entire family together. She was always there for us when we needed her and she was everybodys agony aunt.
When the disease first hit her my auntie cared for her, well she cared for her for years but when we found out she had dementia and after my auntie did all she could she had to go into a home so she could get constant care. The first one wasn't all that great so we changed homes for her and she loved it. She loved the people and they loved her and on good days we would visit her and she would be her old self and make jokes and tell us what she was up to and on bad days we would visit and she wouldn't know who we were, which hurt. A lot. It was extremely hard watching the rock of the family deteriorate and not know who we were anymore or asking for her deceased parents which was heartbreaking, we were grieving for our nan who was still here we could see her and cuddle her but she wasn't truly there anymore. Its the hardest thing in the world to be completely helpless to the one person that would help anybody. All this happened really quick, she didn't suffer for years which some people do It began getting to her in August 2014 and in march 2015 it had got the better of her and we lost her.

I didn't know anybody at the time that had been through this but its a lot more common than what I initially thought, even a lot of celebrities, Gene wilder was battling with it and that shocked me, its not based on lifestyle or anything it can sadly happen to anyone. A lot of people deal with this on there own and a lot of people go undiagnosed and people assume its just old age. Its not and its serious. Dementia & Alzheimer's doesn't just affect the person it attacks it affects everybody around them, the care that goes into looking after somebody with this disease in my opinion has to be one of the hardest. I wish I knew more on the illness at the time but that's the main reason I wanted to get involved in this campaign with NRS Health care to raise as much awareness as possible.

NRS Health care are a provider of disability and living aids, they have been releasing facts over the course of the month about the conditions ranging from how many people they affect and how carers can get support and what research is being done for the future.

You can find out a lot more on there Facebook and Twitter pages and to share and spread awareness. 

Have you been affected by the illness? Let me know in the comments 



Monday, 19 September 2016

Fashion | Statement Jewellery

I love planning outfits to match my accessories & these rings I specifically save for autumn time. I've never seen a post with seasonal jewellery but with these type of rings it wouldn't look right if I wore them with summer clothes and light colours. 

The main thing that I wear are chokers and rings. I think they're pieces that everyone gets to see the most, I never notice earrings and things on other people, I think because of that when I'm buying jewellery they don't seem to catch my eye so much. 

Chokers are so cool. I love the fact they've bought them back from the 90s in a better more grown up form that actually emphasises an outfit. I love the fact a simple choker can make a dress look more casual or a suit look edgier. I want so many more chokers I definitely want more silver ones which I do plan on getting. They just make a basic outfit look better. 

This is such a cool choker from regal rose, I love this brand. I love the way its like a proper chain necklace instead of the usual type chokers. The detailing in the front is really cute and the main reason why I liked it. This looks so nice with a dress on a night out too. I have the usual suede or satin chokers in different colours but this is something a little different. 

Rings are by far my favourite accessory. Especially darker rings, like steel or the dark silvers. I love dark stones the colours mimic Autumn perfectly and they add to an outfit just like the chokers and your always using your hands so they are kind of the first thing everyone sees. 

This is my first one, it's my favourite because it has sentimental value I love big rings and this is big and chunky without looking ridiculous. My boyfriend bought it for me for a Christmas present, it's engraved and it has my birthstone (ruby) and his birthstone (garnet) either side of the sentence and I just think it looks so nice on and I literally wear it everyday., I wouldn't have chose it myself which is weird because i absolutely love it.

This ring is  from Regal Rose and its one of my favourites I don't really wear it in summer because it is quite dark but it is different to any ring I've seen even though I'm no snake lover I loved this straight away. its a real statement piece.

Another Regal Rose ring! Everything about this ring I just love. Its so chunky its pretty versatile and matches everything. I wear it on my finger but it looks so cool as a chunky thumb ring too and the intricate detail is so so beautiful.

As you can tell plain rings ain't really my thing! I clearly have a thing for big rings this covers half my finger. This was another gift from my boyfriend and I love this ring. Its from Thomas Sabo and like my other rings it has gorgeous detailing, This ring I wear more when I go out because it is more expensive than the others and its silver and looks a bit more dressy.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Beauty | Four lipsticks you'll love this Autumn

Yayyy it's September! That means autumns comingggg! Autumn is my favourite season and Lipstick is my favourite make up product so I thought I would combine the two for this post. 
I could happily wear basic makeup like foundation and mascara but along as I have lipstick I feel like it finishes a look.

I don't really switch all of my makeup too much each season, Usually its just lip colours that change around in my makeup bag, summer colours like corals pinks and peaches turn into berry reds and deep purples.  So as my favourite season is autumn and my favourite makeup product is lipstick it kinda makes sense to give you my 4 most used, favourite lipsticks to lust over in the next couple of months.

Burberry Kisses in the shade 'bright plum'
This is the ultimate Autumn lipstick it's such a gorgeous plum colour that goes so well with any kind of wintery outfit, I love wearing this of an evening or when I'm going out and I really love Burberry packaging aswell it's so sleek. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 'Nude-ist'
I love this colour. The majority of my 'nudes' are more of the brown tones, this one is more of a muted pink lip but I really really like it, its one of thise typical lip shades where its like your natural lip colour but better...a bolder version.

Too faced Melted Lipstick in the shade 'Fig' 
To see a more in depth post about the lipsticks you can check out my post all about them [here] I do really love too faced products. This colour isn't one that I have too many of to be honest, I personally love a purple lip during the day its definitely not one you see all the time so it makes it that little bit different, It suits most skin tones and makes a really nice addition to a nice grey wintery outfit.

Too faced Melted Lipstick in the shade 'Berry'
This is the perfect shade for autumn wearable during the day or of a night. I have a lot of berry colours, this one reminds me a little bit of Soap&Glorys 'pom pom' lipstick but I much prefer this. I really wasn't a fan of liquid lipsticks but these melted lipsticks from Toofaced are so much easier to put on with the hard sponge applicator and the colour lasts ages.

Those are my personal 4 go to lipsticks that are perfect for autumn! Don't forget to stay up to date follow me on bloglovin for posts twice a week.


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