Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Food | Bourgee Steak & Lobster

I love my food so much! Seriously I should be about 40st by now! 
So what better way to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with my beau than going out for food to our favourite restaurant.

Bourgee is located in Southend, Essex. To be honest it feels like your in a restaurant in Mayfair, London. It's interior is beautiful and has the perfect lighting to set a nice atmosphere. The customer service is always amazing. They meet your every request and they never leave you waiting long for your food.

This place specialises in Steak & Lobster it has tons of other food on offer and I always want to try something new off the menu but they're steak is too good to turn down! Its not even just how they cook it or the seasoning or any of that (although that is spot on!) its the actual meat itself is so beautiful and tender! your knife literally goes through it like butter and it melts in your mouth! They bring round a palette of their raw fresh produce and explain where its from and how its sourced and you can see for yourself how fresh it is - If you want to find out more you can simply ask them anything!
I've been to a lot of well known steakhouses all over London and this steak still blows them all out of the water in my opinion.

We arrived early so we could grab some drinks at the bar. While we waited for our table we grabbed some drinks, I had my favourite cocktail 'Raspberry Collins'. 

We sat down at our table and they brought over a bottle of prosecco while we decided what to order and this is what we ordered:


For starters: 
Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Mojito Mint Mayonnaise.
The flavours were incredible, I've never had crab in a restaurant but obviously this restaurant I knew wouldn't let me down. The mojito mint mayo was amazing such a balance of flavours you could definitely taste the mint but it wasn't over powering at all it was so stunning!

My boyfriends starter: Crunchy Shredded Duck, Muddled Cucumber with Hoisin Toothpaste - He loved it! 


Steak & Chips for both of us  - cooked rare as always look how pink it is! (Vegetarians please look away) I had chunky chips as a side and we had 'bourgee' grilled lobster to share 


Mini Doughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Dulce de leche (Caramel Sauce)
I'm not a dessert person at all we bought two desserts but shared both. This was by far my favourite I thought I didn't like cinnamon but this was beautiful! The chocolate and the Duce de leech was the perfect combination with the subtle cinnamon doughnuts. They were cooked perfectly and light and fluffy. Easily my favourite dessert I've had!

Warm Pecan Pie With Maple & Walnut Ice cream and Praline.
This is the best combination of flavours in my opinion. The warm pecan pie with the cold walnut ice cream was soooo good! This was my boyfriends favourite. The maple and walnut ice cream was incredible I've never had walnut ice cream before so again something I hadn't tried but loved they get there flavours bang on!

Wheres your favourite place to eat?

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