Thursday, 20 October 2016

Beauty | Lush Cosmetics

Over the years I have grown more and more fond of Lush Cosmetics.
It wasn't initially the natural ingredients that made me try it first of all, I did think the more natural the better but I first fell in love with lush because they made bath bombs like no other. The brightest and sparkliest bath bombs that looked anything but natural but surprisingly were nothing but natural inside.
I decided to try more from Lush Cosmetics first with Lip balm and it was the thickest and weirdest lip balm I had tried but easily the most effective! Then I went onto face masks and then my skin care routine changed. 
This is my current routine..

Ultrabland Cleanser
 This isn't something I'm used to but I quickly learnt to love it. My usual way I used cleanser was by dispensing some onto a cotton pad and wipe my face. This makes it feel more like a pamper, you smother it all over your face them remove it with a damp cloth. It wipes away all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling super soft without that horrible tight feeling.

Tea Tree Toner Water
 This is the easiest toner to use. As you can tell by the name it contains tea tree which is antiseptic, anti fungal and antimicrobial so it helps to keep bacteria away to prevent spots. 
You can use it as a toner typical toner and just spritz onto a cotton pad and wipe away and get rid of the last traces of make up or cleanser or you can spritz it as a refresh during the day. 

Skin Drink Moisturiser
I used to have the million dollar face cream by lush after seeing a couple of youtubers rave about it 
It was a good cream but too thick and sticky for me so as I have hydrated skin I went for the skin drink moisturiser. It definitely does what it says on the tin! Its super creamy and super hydrating and I really love using this it says my makeup really well even when I don't use primer.

Not forgetting lip care I ALWAYS use my lush lip sugar scrub in the flavour bubblegum it tastes so good! I use this so I have no dry skin on my lips so lipstick goes on more flawlessly, I then go in and use my honey trap lip balm its super thick and luxurious and works as a great primer for my lips before putting lipstick on or sometimes I wear the lip balm instead of a lipstick.

I honestly am a true convert and I love the fact that I have a brand that I really trust with its products now. They're so open with every ingredient that it contains and every piece of information you would need you can easily find, they are the only products that have simple ingredients that we've all heard of before and the website explains everything for you.

What do you think of Lush Cosmetics?
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  1. I'm absolutely loving your Autumnal blog theme at the moment! I've never tried any face products from Lush but the bubblegum lip scrub is one of my faves! I really want to try that lip balm x

    1. awww thank you! I appreciate it! The lip balm has worked wonders for me! :)


  2. I did a mask once by them and it was really refreshing but just smelled not so great. I'd love to try the cleansers you mentioned though! Anything that feels like pampering is awesome. Love your falling leaves!!

    1. yeah I tried one called cosmetic warrior and it smelt disgusting I couldn't use it at all ahaha these ones luckily don't smell bad and thank you!

  3. I am so so glad that you've sent this to me! I'm definitely going to get the cleanser and the toner and see if it improves my skin. Love the photos too :)

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. No worries! I hope it does!! xoxo


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