Thursday, 5 January 2017

Beauty | Perfect Lip Combo

I thought I would start the new year on the perfect lip combination! 
I am a self confessed beauty addict! My main beauty love is definitely lipstick, yes I have about 50 that some people seem to think are the same colour but believe me I can tell the difference! 
I love dark reds and berry colours the best for night time and for daytime I love a simple nude or pinky nude, which led me to this post.

It seems a bit much to have an entire post dedicated to a lip combination but I honestly think it deserves it. I know I'm not the only one that loves a nude lip or a 'your lips but better' type lip and I believe I have finally found that perfect combo.

It's MAC Cosmetics Lipliner in 'Soar'. This lipliner got soooooo popular in the last year or so and it is such a gorgeous colour for a liner but it was constantly being paired with dark lipsticks like twig which is slightly dark, However I found MACs lipstick in 'Faux' and its a gorgeous muted mauve - pink and its slightly lighter than the lipliner and slightly pinky which makes it look perfect together I sometimes dab a light layer of 'pure zen' in the middle just to add some highlight and I am so happy with this lip combo for a day to day look, wether you have barely there eyes or smokey eyes it suits both and looks great on such a range of skin tones I love it!

What lip combo do you love? Will you be trying this one out?
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