Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Beauty | The Body Shop Skincare

I noticed I was rapidly running out of skincare lately so while I was shopping with my boyfriend I popped into body shop and thought I'd show you my recent buys.

The main thing I wanted to try from the body shop was this face mask I'd seen it online and it sounded amazing!. I love using facemasks and this one promises a lot! It smells like lemonade like, fizzy lemonade. I love the smell of it so much! Its a charcoal based mask so its really good for detoxifying your skin. You can really feel it work which is what I like so if you want a face mask that really feels like its working this one is definitely for you!
I have raved about the Lush tea tree toner and this is basically the same thing, It gets rid of all the rubbish and really feels like it cleans my skin.

Another little thing I picked up is the 'Eyes Cube' which is actually a repurchase I used this all of last summer and I loved it, It brightens the eyes, feels super cold and smooth and just glides on.
This cream is amazing, I loved their bouncing drop of youth sleep mask and this is a thinner version of that Its amazing!

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Lifestyle | Why Pugs Make The Best Pet

I've said before I consider this a little blog of everything. All the things I'm passionate about is right here on this blog, I thought I would finally dedicate a post to my little dog and his adorable little breed.

He is of course a little pug. The 'clowns of the canine world' the little dogs with smushed faces are in my opinion the best breed of dog.
I got him on the 5th july in 2013 and I can't believe how quick the time has gone! He's turning 4 this April! This little pug has taught me a lot! Getting Louie was easily one of the best days of my life but having a dog came with a lot of responsibility!

Louies first ever picture - 12 weeks old!

These first 3 pictures as you can see aren't the best quality, taken with my blackberry in the first month or so of having him!
I spent the hottest summer (or what seemed like the hottest summer) cancelling plans just so I could stay in with this little puppy making sure he wasn't over heating and trying to train him,  It wasn't easy waking up at 6am every morning taking him out for 45 minutes for him to then come inside to wee...It was frustrating but the bond I have with this little man is worth all of the crap days I had to deal with in the first 6 months.

He was actually really easy to train and they say it takes about a year but he took around 6 months and he has never chewed anything of mine I don't think which a lot of people warned me about.

  The thing I really love about Pugs are the fact they are the most loving dogs! They are SO affectionate, if you own a pug you will know you can't go anywhere without them following you. Their whole world revolves around you, If louie isn't on my lap or around my feet it definitely means he's up to something!

They have such cute expressions! They may look grumpy but they have such expressive faces, I can tell exactly when he's happy, excited or even guilty!
I love his cute little face when he tilts his head and raises his eyebrows all confused like 'wha?' hahaha
Pugs LOVE to nap! He even falls asleep sitting up!

If theirs food he won't be too far away - Pugs LOVE food! 
Pugs LOVE to cuddle. Seriously Louie lays on my head, he will get in any gap even the tiniest of gaps to try and sit next to me or on me he even cuddles up under the covers if he can sneak in!

They are SO friendly with everybody! Kids, babies, other animals they're such people pleasers!
but even though pugs are super friendly they will always remain loyal to their owners they will always choose you over anyone they're the best! 

Pugs also have such a cute sense of humour they sneeze all the time and apparently thats their way of interacting with you - how cute! 

I could honestly list thousands of reasons why he's amazing and why pugs make the perfect pet!
 I think most pug owners will agree with this list, These are their best traits in my opinion!

I hope you liked learning a little bit about my Louie! Do you have a dog? whats your favourite breed?
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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Beauty | Dressing Table Decor

I did a post a while ago on how I store my make up. My make up is actually stored inside my dressing table in neat sections you can find a more in depth post [here]
However, I thought I'd show you whats on my dressing table as decoration, not only as decoration but the majority of my photos you see on my blog I use the dressing table as a background. its girly, cute and its super white so reflects the light brilliantly.

So first off if you don't already know, this is the MALM dressing table which you can get from [ikea] (its a lower price at the moment too!) I do tend to change it up quite a bit, sometimes I have flowers other times a snow globe etc depending what time of year it is. 

At the moment I have some really cute faux peonies in this gorgeous cupcake type pot. My boyfriend bought me some flowers for my birthday which came in this cute pot, once they died I just didn't want to throw away the pot so I got these cute little faux flowers from the range so I could keep it looking pretty.
Just above my pot of flowers is my favourite bit of my dressing table decor has to be this amazing bell, I didn't realise how big this is in person I only saw pictures of it and assumed it was a small tiny door bell but it is huge and so gorgeous and incredible quality! I love the detail and you can wire it up to a bell aswell and as you can see it has the words 'ring for prosecco' on it. I'm in love with it! 
I have a couple of little bits underneath. My Versace bright crystals perfume is kept here because it fits well with the pretty silver, pink & white theme I have going.
A pink candle in the scent 'Fairy Dust' Its such a gorgeous light powdery scent - super girly! Its from Lily-Flame and they're one of my favourite candle brands they're so affordable and I actually prefer them to Yankee Candles now. 
I don't know if you can see a glass ornament next to it but in this glass cube type thing is a picture of 'the lavender fairy' as a kid I was obsessed with fairies and this was my favourite fairy in the book. 
The last little thing I have on this side of my dressing table are these cute embossed butterfly lace detailed candles I think i got from home base for around £3 pound I have one each side of my dressing table.

In the middle is a simple sleek mirror which is from Ikea 

Now onto the right side of my dressing table, I have a pot from Ikea to keep all of my make up brushes together, to the left of that is the other home base candle the lace and butterfly embossed design.
My sunglasses storage is also on my dressing table I got this from Amazon I think it adds a little something its clear so easily fits the theme and I strategically put my pink sunglasses at the top so it all matches nicely.
Next to that for some reason is this cute 'my 
little pony' funko pop if you don't already know I collect funko pops I have a huge selection from, marvel, willy wonka, harry potter, horror, wwe and so many more I have a serious collection going on but this one is separate from the others on my dressing table cos its so cute and it matches well with my decor I think and I have my Fleur De Force books underneath as you can see :)

What do you think? What do you store on your dressing table? Also let me know if you'd like to see my funko pop collection.

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - February

If you haven't seen January's unboxing just click [here]

This months box looks amazing, London Fashion Week is this month and it has that feel to it with the 'Runway Ready' title which I love! This is February's beauty box.


What's in the the box:

'The Ordinary.' Moisturiser by The Abnormal Beauty Company. 
I've never heard of this moisturiser or this brand before but I can tell I'm going to like this already it's so thick and luxurious and perfect for my dry skin! 

'Catwalk Queen' multivitamins by MyVitamins 
I can't say too much yet about this yet inside is about two weeks worth of capsules its made to help your skin hair and nails be in tip top condition but I haven't used it long enough yet so I can't say an opinion just yet but I'l keep you posted. 

'Icy Magic' by Polåar 
This is an instant eye energiser and I love it, it helps brighten up dark circles with the highlighting pigments and is super cooling, perfect for under your eyes. I love this stuff! 

Fango Brilliante brightening mud mask
I'm super excited to try this I love face masks and use them all the time and I love trying out new ones, This one can be used on the body too I got most excited about this product I think

Model co Eye lites 
This has actually really surprised me it's lasting power isn't what I thought would be it lasts so so well, it goes on super creamy then dries on without going cakey or dry, a bit like a liquid lipstick but in eyeshadow form oh and the colour is stunning!

Stress check by This Works
This is from the same brand that does the pillow spray that I have its not too bad it smells like Vick's but it didn't really do a lot to be honest.

I was actually really impressed with this box! What do you think of beauty box unboxing?
I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel so if you'd prefer to see unboxing in a video form let me know! 

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lifestyle | Why Its Important to Think Small to Achieve Big

This post is a little different today but after talking to a friend who lacks all motivation due to constantly feeling like they've failed and thinking 'maybe its not for people like them'. 
I thought I'd share why the secret to success in my opinion is to actually to think small.
I really think its important to keep goals anyway and I don't mean massive life changing goals - although they're good but the little ones are important too. I think its good to have something to strive for, it stops you from getting to comfortable and motivates you to push yourself more so you don't end up staying in the same spot for too long.

If you feel like you like your 'failing' and your not achieving your goals and you feel like your goals are too big or you don't want it bad enough its very doubtful any of these are the reason and its probably that your not thinking small enough. 
The secret to achieving big goals is to think small.
One thing we're all guilty of is making a goal huge, it doesn't need to be. We set a huge goal we tell ourselves to be more motivated and really want it this time and plan in more detail ... does it work? maybe for the first few steps then we come to a halt. Life gets in the way and as a result get us thinking its not the right time or I'll try next week, this can be pretty disappointing because next week never happens and we end up setting the same goals every week or year and then get extremely demotivated.
If your goal is to 'Lose 10lbs' try eating one healthy meal a day and build gradually.

So, instead think SMALL. Super small now I am a huge supporter in big goals and big dreams but I also understand the importance of momentum and nothing builds momentum like a couple of wins under your belt. You make small goals that lead you to the big goal then you'll keep having that essence of winning and smashing a goal which will lead to more motivation for the next one. 
Each small goal that you smash you'll be learning a new skill along with it or learning to believe in yourself a little bit more instead of setting a huge goal and feeling let down that its taking forever to get to and like you've gained nothing.

I really hope this helps you, Its just my opinion and if I can help one person feel motivated or help them to achieve their goal then its not been a waste of time
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