Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Beauty | The Body Shop Skincare

I noticed I was rapidly running out of skincare lately so while I was shopping with my boyfriend I popped into body shop and thought I'd show you my recent buys.

The main thing I wanted to try from the body shop was this face mask I'd seen it online and it sounded amazing!. I love using facemasks and this one promises a lot! It smells like lemonade like, fizzy lemonade. I love the smell of it so much! Its a charcoal based mask so its really good for detoxifying your skin. You can really feel it work which is what I like so if you want a face mask that really feels like its working this one is definitely for you!
I have raved about the Lush tea tree toner and this is basically the same thing, It gets rid of all the rubbish and really feels like it cleans my skin.

Another little thing I picked up is the 'Eyes Cube' which is actually a repurchase I used this all of last summer and I loved it, It brightens the eyes, feels super cold and smooth and just glides on.
This cream is amazing, I loved their bouncing drop of youth sleep mask and this is a thinner version of that Its amazing!

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  1. I keep meaning to try some of the body shops skincare.. The eyes cube sounds lovely!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. its so good honestly I love it! Xo


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