Sunday, 5 February 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - February

If you haven't seen January's unboxing just click [here]

This months box looks amazing, London Fashion Week is this month and it has that feel to it with the 'Runway Ready' title which I love! This is February's beauty box.


What's in the the box:

'The Ordinary.' Moisturiser by The Abnormal Beauty Company. 
I've never heard of this moisturiser or this brand before but I can tell I'm going to like this already it's so thick and luxurious and perfect for my dry skin! 

'Catwalk Queen' multivitamins by MyVitamins 
I can't say too much yet about this yet inside is about two weeks worth of capsules its made to help your skin hair and nails be in tip top condition but I haven't used it long enough yet so I can't say an opinion just yet but I'l keep you posted. 

'Icy Magic' by Polåar 
This is an instant eye energiser and I love it, it helps brighten up dark circles with the highlighting pigments and is super cooling, perfect for under your eyes. I love this stuff! 

Fango Brilliante brightening mud mask
I'm super excited to try this I love face masks and use them all the time and I love trying out new ones, This one can be used on the body too I got most excited about this product I think

Model co Eye lites 
This has actually really surprised me it's lasting power isn't what I thought would be it lasts so so well, it goes on super creamy then dries on without going cakey or dry, a bit like a liquid lipstick but in eyeshadow form oh and the colour is stunning!

Stress check by This Works
This is from the same brand that does the pillow spray that I have its not too bad it smells like Vick's but it didn't really do a lot to be honest.

I was actually really impressed with this box! What do you think of beauty box unboxing?
I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel so if you'd prefer to see unboxing in a video form let me know! 

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