Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lifestyle | Why Its Important to Think Small to Achieve Big

This post is a little different today but after talking to a friend who lacks all motivation due to constantly feeling like they've failed and thinking 'maybe its not for people like them'. 
I thought I'd share why the secret to success in my opinion is to actually to think small.
I really think its important to keep goals anyway and I don't mean massive life changing goals - although they're good but the little ones are important too. I think its good to have something to strive for, it stops you from getting to comfortable and motivates you to push yourself more so you don't end up staying in the same spot for too long.

If you feel like you like your 'failing' and your not achieving your goals and you feel like your goals are too big or you don't want it bad enough its very doubtful any of these are the reason and its probably that your not thinking small enough. 
The secret to achieving big goals is to think small.
One thing we're all guilty of is making a goal huge, it doesn't need to be. We set a huge goal we tell ourselves to be more motivated and really want it this time and plan in more detail ... does it work? maybe for the first few steps then we come to a halt. Life gets in the way and as a result get us thinking its not the right time or I'll try next week, this can be pretty disappointing because next week never happens and we end up setting the same goals every week or year and then get extremely demotivated.
If your goal is to 'Lose 10lbs' try eating one healthy meal a day and build gradually.

So, instead think SMALL. Super small now I am a huge supporter in big goals and big dreams but I also understand the importance of momentum and nothing builds momentum like a couple of wins under your belt. You make small goals that lead you to the big goal then you'll keep having that essence of winning and smashing a goal which will lead to more motivation for the next one. 
Each small goal that you smash you'll be learning a new skill along with it or learning to believe in yourself a little bit more instead of setting a huge goal and feeling let down that its taking forever to get to and like you've gained nothing.

I really hope this helps you, Its just my opinion and if I can help one person feel motivated or help them to achieve their goal then its not been a waste of time
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  1. This is a nice motivated post! Thank you for sharing it :)

    Isobel x

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    1. thank you! hope it helped!
      alicia xo

  2. I absolutly love the truth in this post. It is defiantly making me think differently about the goals I set! X
    Lola Mia //

    1. aww good, I'm glad :) - Alicia Xo

  3. Really useful advice. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Instagram/ Twitter - @jb_new

    1. thanks for reading :) hope it helps you in some way - Alicia Xo


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