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Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - March

LookFantastic Beauty Box - MARCH 

If you haven't seen my other posts, I'm signed up to a beauty subscription box by LookFantastic.
I bought the 12 month subscription as it works out cheaper and I have honestly been so happy with it so far and I'm so glad I didn't go for the 1 month version because this months box is definitely my favourite!
This months box is the 'Elle Edition' First of all this looks so sleek and smart! I've always been a fan of Elle magazine, it was the only magazine I used to buy when I was younger, you also get one with each box that gets sent to you and heres what came in the box this month.

St Tropez Instant Tan Gloss
This at first I wasn't sure about, I LOVE Fake Tan but I've never used or even wanted to use 'Wash Off' tan and it said gloss which scared me a bit. However this stuff is amazing for photos! Outfit blog photos I mean, It gives the most gorgeous glowy sheen to your legs and I am going to get so much use out of this in the summer! perfect summer product!

Starskin Smoothing Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask
What a long title! I love any type of soothing treatment for under my eyes I haven't used these yet but I am sooooo excited to I'm saving them for a pamper night! They sound and feel amazing though!

Heatcure Redken Intensive Conditioning Treatment 
This is insane! I've used self heating face masks before, but I've never even heard of self heating hair conditioner! It came with a super easy step by step guide on how to use it too!

Pür Concealer
This is a solid creamy concealer, it dries super quickly and blends really nicely, I always make sure I'm super moisturised whenever I use these types of concealers as their quite thick, I used to use the benefit boing! concealer but I prefer this one I think! 

Caudalíe 3in1 Moisturizer 
This is gorrrrrrgeous! The consistency is beautiful! One thing I've definitely loved in these boxes is the moisturisers there has been a number of moisturisers from LookFantastic and I have dry skin so I genuinely have loved every single one so far! 

Skin Chemists London 24hr Aqua Repair Facial Serum
This stuff! This is by far my favourite product of the box I think. I use this after the previous product I just mentioned before I go to sleep and it honestly makes my skin feel soooooo soft I love it, This is definitely one of those products I don't ever want to run out of!

I'm so happy with my boxes so far! 100% worth every penny! You can see the previous months [here] Do you have any monthly subscriptions? What ones would you recommend? 
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