Sunday, 26 March 2017

Beauty | Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

It seems a bit ridiculous that I'm writing a blog post entirely about a lip balm BUT recently I was complaining my lips were dry, they were so dry infact they were actually splitting. I do have dry skin  anyway but my lips survived okay through winter and suddenly they were getting really dry. 
I was using lip balm before bed and during the day but for some reason they were dry no matter what and thats not good for someone who loves matte lipsticks like me. So, I jokingly googled best lip balm in the world and this came up straight away and apparently this lip balm gets sold every 28 seconds all over the world! Thats insane! It claimed to do so many things and was tested on the worst coldest conditions and I thought I'd try it, its not the cheapest lip balm in the world but I was sick of spending 3 pound each on different lip balms that I'd use up way too quickly with 0 results.

This has been an absolute savour and I am so glad that I found this little gem! its not a huge amount of money (£9.50) I mean, I'll happily buy a too faced lipstick for £19 but I've never bought a lip balm for more than a few quid so I was worried I'd hate it and potentially waste money but I can honestly say it is amazing I already know I'll buy this forever, it has the best smell it smells like lemon but not in the kitchen cleaner way but in the sweet scent kind, like lemon cheesecake or some sort of lemon dessert. The consistency is beautiful too, Its not oily at all like vaseline and it looks matte on the lips so no mater how much you slather on it just looks like you have super nourished lips instead of it looking like you have 100 layers of lipgloss/grease on your lips! 

Its a pretty solid lip balm but its not hard and waxy like most it has the nicest texture even on your finger it feels so smooth in the tub it feels like velvet its gorgeous! 
This is honestly the best product I've bought in forever Its definitely going into my monthly favourites I am totally obsessed with it I would actually take this over any lipstick and I'm a huge lipstick freak! I'm just gutted I didn't try this product sooner! you can get it from Look Fantastic here

Have you tried this product? I am totally in love with it! Don't forget you can stay up to date by following me on Bloglovin or just click the heart icon in the top left corner of this page all my other social media pages are there too just click on each icon! 




  1. My best friend has always struggled with super dry lips so ill definitely let her know about this product. thanks for sharing!

    Abigail Alice 💕

    1. Yeah you should do! Its honestly incredible after the first used it helped mine out :) hope she likes it :) Xo

  2. I'm curious to try this although the price tag is a bit off putting. If it will last a long time I think it would be worth it though. I have so many lip balms though haha, I need to use some of them up first!


    1. Mine were in such a state I couldn't take it anymore haha, Ive used it like 3 times a day and it lasts hours even when I'm drinking it doesn't budge, I can't see it going anytime soon thought its a pretty big pot and a little goes along way haha xo


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