Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fashion | Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Ready for Spring

Spring is pretty much here but I don't think its time just yet to get the bikinis out! We are still in that in-between stage, The suns shining so we don't really want to wear dull colours but its still kind of cold so its that layering kind of weather, to help you out I've made a little list of essentials for a transitional and still stylish wardrobe.

Okay so we've all been living in black, whites and greys which to be honest I love but when its sunny and the flowers are blooming I love to add a little bit of colour to my wardrobe, just the odd pastel colour, linking with the colour transition I also change my jewellery up.
Instead of steels and silvers I opt for a little rose gold accessory super girly and feminine.
Infact I recently bought a rose gold nose ring which I'm obsessed with and a heart shape ear bar for my faith piercing! Super cute!

Knee High Boots
These for me should be a staple item, I love pairing them with thick jumpers and jeans/tights in winter but theyre still perfect and stylish for spring too! Instead of wearing them with jumpers try pairing them with a cute floral dress/playsuit they dress up any outfit and I definitely think they should stay out for as long as possible!

We're all getting excited at the thought of not having to wear jackets anymore and lapping up the sun but its the UK so we still need some warmth! Jumpers are perfect they are so comfortable and paired with a cute mini skirt or even a maxi skirt still looks super chic and you have the perfect transition piece.

One way to slowly add some lighter colour to your wardrobe is to change up your denim, switching the dark jeans to a gorgeous stonewash denim jeans its a small change but definitely a more colourful option you can also opt for frayed styles or cropped jeans for a more spring feel.

I loved the big parka jackets in winter but its getting a bit warmer for that now and thankfully less rain! In winter when its not too cold I usually opt for a cool leather jacket so instead of this you could transition the leather jacket it to a denim jacket! I really can see myself getting a collection of denim jackets this season I love them they look super cool and you can also wear denim shirts when its even warmer and you can always go for pastel coloured denim like my pink denim shirt :)

Those are my essentials that I think make the perfect wintery spring wardrobe what do you think? What would you have in yours? Don't forget to stay up to date you can follow me on bloglovin or any other of my social media pages by clicking on the icons in the top left corner :)




  1. Fab ideas for transitioning into spring! I also loveeee the heart bar for your ear piercing - so cute! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you! I can wait to put it in now! :) Xo

  2. I'm dying to get a pair of dungarees for spring, I can wear thin jumpers underneath then switch to t-shirts for the summer!! :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. ahhhh I love that idea, I've been looking for a pair of dungarees but I don't seem to suit any haha :( Xo


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