Sunday, 30 April 2017

Beauty | Monthly Favourites - April

I can't get over how fast this year is going its so scary it doesn't feel like too long ago I was rounding up my last months favourites! How are we almost halfway through the year?!

Well Its April we've had Easter and its been a pretty good month, Here I have, as always. My beauty favourites of this month, were into spring now so I've gone for lighter colours and consistencies to match the season.

I love a glowy complexion in the spring time, This foundation has been amazing for that. Its so luminous without it looking sweaty or sparkly - I actually have two shades one for when I fake tan (if I'm not using my YSL foundation) and the lightest shade for when I have no fake tan on. The consistency is gorgeous and it gives a good amount of coverage and has a lovely glow to it which is why its my current favourite foundation.

I've mentioned this cleanser a number of times before but it honestly works amazingly even alone if you use it with nothing else for a month it completely balances your skin out. Its all natural you just rub it on your face dry and it has like a creamy/waxy consistency and then I just wash it off with a bamboo flannel and it leaves my skin so so soft.

Whenever the weather starts to transition I always get dry skin and to be honest I'm so lazy when it comes to moisturising my body it seems so long for it to dry and to do I miss it and then get itchy dry skin which isn't the nicest feeling. This has been a life savour its so weird you just spray it onto your boy or in your hands if you like! and just rub it in its so moisturising and doesn't take any time to dry so you can literally do it as your about to leave your house.

I've raved about this so much, Its such a gorgeous shade and its the perfect consistency that makes your lips look so healthy and it lasts all day, Its a definite firm favourite of mine especially in spring I mean, the name peony just screams spring and its my favourite flower so that's another reason why I love it! 

I wasn't sure if this would class as a beauty favourite but I think it does, I love this fragrance in the spring Its so light and feminine but it lasts all day, Its a gorgeous floral scent with the main notes being pomegranate, lotus flower and the gorgeous peony! everybody loves peonies! Its such a stunning scent and super feminine and flirty. Definitely had to put it in my favourites.

I recently had all my hair extensions taken out which is a big deal to me. I've had all sorts of extensions since the age of 16 starting with clip ins then to bonds etc. Since having them removed I want to really take care of my hair and get into a hair routine, same as I do with my skin routine. I'm thinking about getting it cut into a lob which really scares me! This CC cream has been amazing for my hair though, I put it in when its damp and lately I've just been leaving my hair to air dry just because I want it to have as little heat as possible at the moment and hopefully I'll find some more great hair products in the near future - I can't wait to get it cut!

Those are my current favourites this month, Have you tried any of these products? Don't forget you can follow any of my social medias by clicking on any of the icon above in the left hand corner of the page! :)


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Beauty | Night Time Skincare Routine

My current night time routine is super simple but with a few additions once a week like face masks it feel like a pamper. I do try and switch it up every now and then because I think my skin gets used to the same products so it doesn't work as effective if I just continuously use the same things.


Makeup Removal
First of all, My first step. I take my make up off at the end of the day using Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water it takes every scrap of makeup off but leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. 

Cleanser & Exfoliator 
Once all my make up is removed I then go in with Lush Cosmetics 'Ultrabland' cleanser, this is the most simple and natural cleanser I have ever used it amazing and I love the way it leaves my skin afterwards I rub it into my skin (dry) and then take it off with a damp bamboo flannel from Feel Unique its amazing it exfoliates at the same time and it leaves my skin super soft I love this stuff...If your having skin trouble you can use this cleanser and nothing else for a month and it will balance everything out.

Although my skin is overall dry I do get breakouts for whatever reason, to combat this I use Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Toning Water if my skins bad I put it on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face If my skin isn't too bad or clearing up i just spritz it over my face, its all natural and has so many antibacterial ingredients that really clean and prevents breakouts. 

Face Mask
Once or twice a week I like to use a face mask, I'm currently using the body shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, Its similar to the toner you can really feel it working which I love, it smells like lemonade a little bit, If I'm not using this face mask I'll be using Lush Cosmetics cupcake face mask that's my all time favourite face mask!

Another product from The Body Shop! I do like to stick to similar brands with skincare because I feel like they work together better, the drops of youth cream it feels super bouncy and my skin feels so nice the next morning and for lip balm I am obsessed with the Nuxe nourishing lip balm I use this every single night before bed I then put some Moroccanoil in my hair just on the ends before I go to sleep its my last step of my night time routine.

This night time routine is pretty simple and it really works for me at the moment which is why I wanted to share it :) do you have a night time routine?  
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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Travel | Essentials for Travelling + Tips on how to pack for a flight!

Everybody seems to have trips lined up right now so I thought I'd do a little 'Travel Essentials' post.
I love packing for holidays and planning my outfits it gets me so excited for the holiday! 
Here's a few tips on how to get the most out of packing and what to pack for any holiday! 

Decide what you want to pack in advance. Make a to do list of everything you need to pack and lay it all out. I like to lay it out in sections hair and beauty, clothes, underwear/bikinis etc. I try and plan all my outfits in advance so I don't over pack.

Maximise your suitcase space 
There are a few techniques for cramming as much as possible into a bag. I find that rolling my clothes works best they stay crease free and you can fit a lot more in! Small items socks and underwear I leave till last and fit them into and pockets of air or inside shoes any gap you can find basically. 

Hair and Beauty
When it comes to hair make sure you have an adaptor for whatever electricals you are taking  if you are travelling to a foreign country most likely you will need an adaptor for the plug sockets. Now with beauty I have my skincare, hair products etc. All in travel sized bottles I'm not likely to finish big bottles of shampoo on a 10 day trip but I will probably finish a travel sized bottle which means I can throw them away and that makes more room for anything i buy on my travels.

Pre-flight checklist
It seems pretty obvious but check the weather report even if you think you know double check! When I travelled to Florida both times I got there it was raining when I landed. It was only for a short while and it wasn't exactly cold but wearing sandals when wet isn't the nicest feeling, So just check the night before I stupidly checked a week before thinking it would stay the same!

  • Make sure you have key things like credit card, cash and obviously passport!
  • Drink a lot of water stay hydrated it also helps massively with jet lag
  • Make sure your laptop, iPod or phone is charged and stock up on some magazines or books and a little snack.  
  • Wear shoes that are easy to slip off. This is for a few reasons, firstly your feet can swell making it hard to get them back on when you land or making them uncomfy during flight my boyfriend wore timberlands on a flight once he said took them off and couldn't get them back on haha!  Also, some security have you remove your shoes going through the metal detectors so it's quicker to have something you can easily slip off.
In flight essentials
I get so cold on planes. I have a longline white crochet cardigan I like to take on flights or just a simple hoodie with a pair of leggings and a white tee this outfit is perfect for three reasons. It's comfy it's not too heavy. The cardigan/hoodie comes in handy for the actual flight wether it's used as a blanket or scrunched up as a pillow and I leave the plane looking cool and casual without having to carry a massive blanket or scarf off the plane! Heavy duty face cream is another must or face mask if your brave! planes can be so drying to the skin so smother it on as the plane is taking off or when your waiting to take off and it should compat the dry air for the duration of the flight. Lip balm is a must too, I always take my Carmex lip balm for every flight! I think now it will be the nuxe lip balm it is incredible! If it's a night flight don't forget fluffy warm socks too! 

The final tip I can think of is to try to make room for shopping. When your suitcase on the flight out is full to the brim you don't want to then cram things you've bought on the way home and get charged hefty baggage charges, try and pack less on the way out or buy a hold-all it's cheaper to check in another bag and you can use a hold-all in hand luggage. 

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - April

I can't believe this is my fourth box now this year and although I said it last month - This month is honestly my favourite so far! If you didn't know I get a monthly subscription box from Lookfantastic for £13 a month. The theme this week was 'Natural Beauty' which I love because as it gets sunnier I don't really want to be caked in make up because its too hot and also because I don't want to spend too much time getting ready in the mornings, So this box came at a perfect time.


Inside Aprils Box...

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle 
You know when you instantly know your going to use up a product I know for a fact I'll probably have to purchase another one real soon. Its a skin enchanting serum to repair dry legs and it also helps even the skin tone and leaves a little sun kissed glow too. This will com in handy for summer outfit photos!

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten Foundation
First of all this foundation is free of parabens and any other nasties so that always reassuring. It has ingredients which help to keep your skin healthy you can use it by itself or over foundation, I use it over foundation for a nice glowy finish and I'm loving it so far.

Alterna Caviar CC Cream
This stuff is amazing!!! I think this might be my favourite product in the box. I have such a basic hair routine its basically nothing I have extension so I can't ever have a full conditioning treatment on my hair but I'm thinking of  having them all out and going for a cut so i can really get into a hair routine like I do with my skin, I'm so excited to use this and I'll definitely be buying more of this one.

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam 
I wasn't so sure on this at first as I've never used a cleansing foam before but it is super gentle on my skin it makes it feel super clean and soft and its sulphate free!

Madeira Mini Smart Day Cream
This face cream is gorgeous! Its organic and full of antioxidants to smooth out fine lines, hydrate, plump up the skin and even skin tone. It has such a lovely texture I really want to get a couple more bits from this brand.

Vita Masques Pomegranate Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are everywhere at the moment, This has a unique triple layer technology this is amazing it firms, lifts and hydrates perfect for my dry skin and so cooling when its hot!

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel 
I always carry anti bac in my bag, This one is so cool it smells like normal anti bac but it has small blue beads inside and they burst as you rub it in your hands and then its scented its amazing! I love anything like this you can never have enough I don't think. Perfect if you have kids too, So they can stay nice clean.

That was Aprils box! I'm so happy I got the 12 month subscription Its such a nice little thing to look forward to each month. Do you have any monthly sub boxes beauty or anything else?
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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fashion | Sunglasses Collection & Storage

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory! I'm obsessed!
After the last few months I've accumulated quite a few pairs of sunglasses.
The majority of sunglasses I tend to buy are by the brand Quay Australia they're such a cool brand their sunglasses are always a bit different and look more expensive than what they are I normally get mine from ASOS or topshop.


I I keep my sunglasses in this storage case from Amazon which you can find here its not expensive and It looks really pretty and it keeps them organised so I know where they are and they don't get left lying around getting sat on or broken.
I have a round face so anything with a bit of shape is a must for me - usually cat eye styles

I also weirdly like round sunglasses too, Which I didn't think I would because I have a round face but after trying a pair I really like them. I don't have a particular colour well it depends on the season. I like blacks/silvers in winter with the winter sunshine, In summer I prefer summery golds and girly pink.

The first four pairs are all by Quay Australia.

White chunky cat eye by Quay Australia - Quay Black version here

Round tortoise shell Sunglasses - River Island

I couldn't find the exact ones as this from missguided but I found a better pair from Boohoo

Thats pretty much my sunglasses collection. My favourite is definitely the pink/gold pair, The tortoise shell pair and the marble sunglasses are just amazing! Lets face it they will make an amazing flatlay!
What do you think?  
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