Sunday, 30 April 2017

Beauty | Monthly Favourites - April

I can't get over how fast this year is going its so scary it doesn't feel like too long ago I was rounding up my last months favourites! How are we almost halfway through the year?!

Well Its April we've had Easter and its been a pretty good month, Here I have, as always. My beauty favourites of this month, were into spring now so I've gone for lighter colours and consistencies to match the season.

I love a glowy complexion in the spring time, This foundation has been amazing for that. Its so luminous without it looking sweaty or sparkly - I actually have two shades one for when I fake tan (if I'm not using my YSL foundation) and the lightest shade for when I have no fake tan on. The consistency is gorgeous and it gives a good amount of coverage and has a lovely glow to it which is why its my current favourite foundation.

I've mentioned this cleanser a number of times before but it honestly works amazingly even alone if you use it with nothing else for a month it completely balances your skin out. Its all natural you just rub it on your face dry and it has like a creamy/waxy consistency and then I just wash it off with a bamboo flannel and it leaves my skin so so soft.

Whenever the weather starts to transition I always get dry skin and to be honest I'm so lazy when it comes to moisturising my body it seems so long for it to dry and to do I miss it and then get itchy dry skin which isn't the nicest feeling. This has been a life savour its so weird you just spray it onto your boy or in your hands if you like! and just rub it in its so moisturising and doesn't take any time to dry so you can literally do it as your about to leave your house.

I've raved about this so much, Its such a gorgeous shade and its the perfect consistency that makes your lips look so healthy and it lasts all day, Its a definite firm favourite of mine especially in spring I mean, the name peony just screams spring and its my favourite flower so that's another reason why I love it! 

I wasn't sure if this would class as a beauty favourite but I think it does, I love this fragrance in the spring Its so light and feminine but it lasts all day, Its a gorgeous floral scent with the main notes being pomegranate, lotus flower and the gorgeous peony! everybody loves peonies! Its such a stunning scent and super feminine and flirty. Definitely had to put it in my favourites.

I recently had all my hair extensions taken out which is a big deal to me. I've had all sorts of extensions since the age of 16 starting with clip ins then to bonds etc. Since having them removed I want to really take care of my hair and get into a hair routine, same as I do with my skin routine. I'm thinking about getting it cut into a lob which really scares me! This CC cream has been amazing for my hair though, I put it in when its damp and lately I've just been leaving my hair to air dry just because I want it to have as little heat as possible at the moment and hopefully I'll find some more great hair products in the near future - I can't wait to get it cut!

Those are my current favourites this month, Have you tried any of these products? Don't forget you can follow any of my social medias by clicking on any of the icon above in the left hand corner of the page! :)



  1. Super interested in the foundation, it seems lovely! x

    Abi | abistreetx


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