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Food | My Top 5 Favourite Restaurants, London - Paris - Amsterdam!

If you know me, you know I love my food. I used to be quite a fussy eater but now I try almost anything and to be honest my palette has changed a lot in the last few years. Food is obviously important in the sense that it gives us energy we need it to survive but not only that it brings us together when you share food or even just a table with someone it creates that little bond whether its on a first date, or a Sunday carvery with the family, pub grub with your mates or even meetings with new clients, food is one of the best ways to get everybody to leave their phones in their pockets after you get that instgram shot of course! and just have a good laugh and a catch up.
As much as I love cooking at home and making everything look cute, I really love going to restaurants wether it be a chain like Nando's, A dessert place like Creams or a posh steak house like Angus Steak House I just love visiting restaurants. I don't have a specific type but I do love little quirky places and anywhere with real nice produce that's cooked well - oh and good service obviously!
I've been lucky enough to go to restaurants since I was a kid, I remember one particular restaurant on my 8th birthday it was an italian place along the river and I loved it the food, the feel I just enjoyed feeling like a grown up and I think thats where my love of restaurant begun its one of my first memories going to a 'proper restaurant'  So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite places I've eaten in the last few years...

My ultimate favourite restaurant in the UK definitely is Bourgee, its a steak and lobster restaurant and it is amazing! The one I go to is in Southend, Essex and I went there for an anniversary and it hadn't been open too long but now they have one in Chelmsford and Bury St Edmunds. As soon as we ate we knew instantly we'd come back and we have done every anniversary like tradition and obviously for date nights too, Not only do they do the most incredible steak - and I mean it the knife slices through like butter and it melts in your mouth and the lobster is incredibly fresh and tastes amazing, they also do afternoon tea on a cute little lawn with an amazing spread of lobster bagels, steak and caramelised onion brioche, sausage rolls, mini doughnuts with cinnamon, crisp coated fruit skewers with dip, cake then your choice of warm drink or prosecco! how amazing is that? It tastes incredible and it feels like such a cute little treat and its only £15 - perfect for day dates!

The best Eggs Benedict I've ever eaten in all my life was in this place Koepel Cafe! Honestly, Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale are my favourite thing to get/make for breakfast and I have had it in a lot of different restaurants, one thing I don't like is hollandaise sauce, its too rich and overpowering for me however, The way Koepel Cafe made it was amazing! maybe because it is the dutch sauce they clearly know what they're doing. I tried a bit of my boyfriends then we ended up switching one so we both had one with hollandaise and one without, I've tried it since being in Amsterdam thinking maybe I do like it and I can't find anywhere that I actually enjoy it soooooo If if go back to Amsterdam I'm making a beeline for this place! The Cafe itself was super cute on a really relaxed corner of the road just around the corner from the city centre.

I couldn't really list of favourite places that I've eaten in without mentioning Marina de Paris. You cannot beat a restaurant that glides down the River Seine while your tucking into great food and wine, you just can't. I've been on river cruises before and it usually has the option to eat or to just enjoy the views. This is a full on restaurant - amazing! At night you have to dress smart - no shorts etc allowed, Daytime however is more smart/casual which I'm pretty sure is everyones favourite dress code? The food here is amazing, cooked really well and served amazingly their desserts are the best thing on the menu by far and I am a savoury girl 98% of the time! So, when somewhere does a good dessert its got to be amazing if I rave about it because desserts just aren't my fave. Along with the food you obviously get the most stunning view which is why its in my favourites. I'm a sucker for food with a view especially when your sailing past, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

This restaurant isn't just in London, they're scattered all over the world. Its inspired by Forrest Gump which is an absolute classic film, It has memorabilia all over the place and has cute quotes from the film. You get a little ping pong paddle and flip it green if you need serving and red if you want a little privacy which I think is a really cool idea, there's nothing worse than a waiter/waitress coming over asking how your food is when your eating a mouthful haha! They have amazing cocktails which they give you the receipt and underneath the restaurant is a gift shop and you get the glasses your cocktails came in for free so you get to take something home with you. The food is amazing its not just a quirky restaurant with really cool vibes the food is incredible its cooked amazing and they have so much variety, We had huge burgers and had to try the hush puppies they were so tasty!

This place is sooooooo bloody amazing. It has the prettiest view of St Paul's Cathedral, The service is amazing, the staff were so attentive and polite and really welcoming, the atmosphere is really peaceful without it being quiet and awkward and the menu and food was incredible. I had steak and it was amazing that gorgeous barbecued flavour and steak that just melts in your mouth! They had incredible pork crackling straws too with an apple sauce, and the best tempura calamari!! It was gorgeous.

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