Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Travel | A Dog Friendly Staycation, Lake District

I definitely need to venture out in England more, I forget how beautiful my home country actually is! When I think of weekends away I never think to look in the UK but once I saw pictures of Lake District I was so excited to see it in person, I dreaded the 6 hour car journey but luckily it was worth it.
 It looked beautiful in pictures and it seemed like it would be the perfect place to relax and the best thing about staying in the UK is that it meant my little pug Louie could finally come on holiday with us too!

We stayed in a place called Howfoot Lodge in Grasmere. It is so so beautiful surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees with the lake directly opposite, the cottage is actually huge but still seems so cosy and homely, old but grand with higgledy piggledy hallways and dark wood interior and super high ceilings it's definitely not your modern city hotel, it has so much more character than that! It suits the scenery that surrounds it, it feels like a home away from home, a super friendly welcome and the most amazing cooked breakfast with breathtaking views surrounding it's honestly perfect and the fact my little pooch can come along with me makes me so so happy! 

We paid £85 a night for the deluxe room and that included breakfast. Breakfast was amazing! you fill out a breakfast sheet the night before and choose from the options given, I chose the scrambled egg and salmon on croissant which was incredible! I love eggs benedict or eggs royale and having it on a croissant instead of a muffin or wholemeal toast is so much lighter it was so tasty! Better than any restaurant egg breakfast I've had and that's a bold statement and was completely unexpected from a little modest cottage in the middle of the mountains and lakes.
it's super close to everything, the little village that is full of quaint little shops, parks with fast flowing streams and constant mountains in the background that looks like a backdrop from a film- it's perfect.

I will definitely go back to this place, It was such a nice getaway and we had a really nice relaxing weekend. Everything was on our doorstep, the cutest shops and a string of amazing bars and restaurants. The scenery is breathtaking so walking to each village was more enjoyable than the usual standard dog walk back in Essex.

 So many places cater to dogs, they can walk around in shops with you and sit inside and outside the restaurants with you at the table. The Potted House was my favourite restaurant we went to I think, We had a garlic bread starter then I had the tastiest carbonara king prawn risotto, it was incredible! For dessert I had sticky toffee pudding, I might do a separate post for that. We sat outside it was super quiet next to a stream with such a chill vibe with little Louie sitting by my feet, he then ended up snuggling up on my lap. 

I had such an amazing weekend, I loved having my little pug Louie with me it honestly made the getaway a million times better! He loved it aswell and walked so much further than usual (probably the fresh air!) It was such a long drive from Essex - 6 hours to be precise! but it was so worth it and I will definitely be returning.
If you have any recommendations for UK staycations let me know! I loved Lake District so much and  I really want to find more pup friendly places in the UK.
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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hair & Beauty | How to Style The 'Lob' Haircut + The Products I Use

If you didn't know, I recently cut my hair into a choppy long bob or 'lob'.
I started off with 20 inch hair extensions (I've worn bonded and clip in extensions for the past 7 years so it was a big change!) If you want to see the before and after I'll post a picture on my Instagram
After removing my hair extensions, my natural hair that I was left with was thin, average, just past the shoulder length hair. 
Since having my haircut I've vowed to really stick to a solid hair care routine, it feels so much more nourished and thicker since having it cut and I intend to keep it that way.
I'm actually enjoying doing my hair now it feels more of a pamper instead of a chore so I tend to make an effort with it instead of putting it in a messy bun, these are the products that are helping me out at the moment.

Obviously you've got to prep the hair, The first shere and I am obsessed with it! Its super volumising which is the main thing I want, I love creating huge beachy waves and this definitely helps getting the volume to start with, after shampoo I go in for a shampoo again with bumble and bumble surf shampoo and follow it with the conditioner and then once that's washed out I can start the real prep for the styling...
The first step is to wash it so its clean and ready to style I recently got this shampoo in my last look fantastic subscription box its super volumising and smells amazing! I am obsessed I definitely want to get the big bottle.

I spray a tiny bit of bumble & bumble surf spray all through my hair and crumple it up a bit and just quickly rough dry it, scrunching it up as I go to add a bit of texture and a nice wave. 

 I love the messy wavey look with this kind of hair cut and if I'm being super lazy I just curl the fronts pieces of my hair slightly away from my face and I leave the rest all textured and choppy, if I have more time or want to make the effort I wave all of it using thin hair straighteners or a 32mm curling barrel which takes hardly any time to be honest, then I spray some of the Oribe texturizing spray to give it added volume and hold, This texturizing spray is the best hair spray I have ever used in my life!! I definitely recommend this product for big textured hair without looking or feeling like you have hairspray in.

That's literally it! My super quick hair style I'm super happy with it I loved my dark ombré last year but I love this new super blonde lob, perfect for summer!
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Beauty | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

I have been eyeing this little babe up for months! Since the end of last year I was itching to try it out but its not exactly a budget friendly, its £40 and for a powder it seems a bit much so I was in constant limbo with it and also in the colder months I prefer a more matte finish so I thought I'd leave it for a bit.

Well, now I do have it and I was honestly like a little kid when it arrived, I got it online from space NK in the shade 'Diffused Light' which is a gorgeous 'champagne pearl powder that creates a soft, candlelit glow - day or night' The packaging is beautiful, Its so aesthetically pleasing, even the powder itself looks like a gorgeous silky padded cushion! It is such a subtle shimmer, I was a little worried it would look as if I've covered myself in highlighter - luckily it doesn't it's super subtle and honestly does make you look lit from within it's beautiful, it doesn't cake or look chalky its super super soft so it blends beautifully, it doesn't look like you have any powder on, it just looks like you have dewy skin while also keeping your foundation in place. 

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - June

As you probably know by now I'm subscribed to the Look Fantastic beauty box. Each month they send £50 pounds worth of beauty products for as little as £13 a month! I looove it!
This month is 'The Wanderlust Edition' and can i just say the box itself is crazy beautiful, The colours are gorgeous when I opened it up I can't even explain how pretty it is! Its still on my dressing table looking all pretty and I think I'm going to keep it on display. Every month, aswell as the beauty products you also get the current months issue of Elle magazine which is the only magazine I used to buy when I was younger and you also get a cute little beauty magazine with tips and tricks and more detail about the products, These are the products that I got inside...

One of the leading luxury haircare brands I am dying to try! Since sporting a shorter do and getting rid of my hair extensions I've been really trying to get decent air products, They had 2 or 3 shampoos you could get one was the elixir which I'm guessing is nourishing, I got the bodifying which I'm super happy about I love big but short beachy hair, I'm really excited to try this.

Sticking to the wanderlust them are these suitcase friendly radiance pads, that exfoliate, tone & brighten, they contain a blend of lactic and glycolic acids to refresh and revitalise tired complexions. I love anything like this especially for when I'm travelling, I'll be packing these in my suitcase for my little getaway trip next week.

I love anything moisturising I have super dry skin. This is a hydrating face cream which is enriched with Neroli Oil, and Bergamot Oil, to brighten the skin, reduce shine, and even your complexion, so your left with a natural beautiful glow.

This is a hydrating super high shine lip gloss I have to say I can imagine it being super hydrating I just personally don't like using lip gloss I find it super tacky and sticky so yeah its just down to personal preference but I'm always 100% honest with my readers I just don't think I'll be using this one.

Ooooh I thought this was an eyeshadow! Its a loose highlighter which I am so excited to try I'm obsessed with highlight at the moment. It looks gorgeous and I've used liquid highlighter before and powder but never a loose powder so hopefully this one looks amazing!

I do love a good face mist this contains, lemon, rosewood and sandalwood to refresh and revive skin, you can use it over makeup to help fix it or you can just use it to cool down on these hot days lately! I've already used it and its such a nice mist its super lightweight and refreshing.

I honestly love this box and as I said I think I'm going to keep this months out on display its sooooo pretty! Let me know if you get any sub boxes I'd love to get more! Don't forget you can follow me on bloglovin or any of my social media pages by clicking the icons in the top left corner of the screen :)


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