Sunday, 4 June 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - June

As you probably know by now I'm subscribed to the Look Fantastic beauty box. Each month they send £50 pounds worth of beauty products for as little as £13 a month! I looove it!
This month is 'The Wanderlust Edition' and can i just say the box itself is crazy beautiful, The colours are gorgeous when I opened it up I can't even explain how pretty it is! Its still on my dressing table looking all pretty and I think I'm going to keep it on display. Every month, aswell as the beauty products you also get the current months issue of Elle magazine which is the only magazine I used to buy when I was younger and you also get a cute little beauty magazine with tips and tricks and more detail about the products, These are the products that I got inside...

One of the leading luxury haircare brands I am dying to try! Since sporting a shorter do and getting rid of my hair extensions I've been really trying to get decent air products, They had 2 or 3 shampoos you could get one was the elixir which I'm guessing is nourishing, I got the bodifying which I'm super happy about I love big but short beachy hair, I'm really excited to try this.

Sticking to the wanderlust them are these suitcase friendly radiance pads, that exfoliate, tone & brighten, they contain a blend of lactic and glycolic acids to refresh and revitalise tired complexions. I love anything like this especially for when I'm travelling, I'll be packing these in my suitcase for my little getaway trip next week.

I love anything moisturising I have super dry skin. This is a hydrating face cream which is enriched with Neroli Oil, and Bergamot Oil, to brighten the skin, reduce shine, and even your complexion, so your left with a natural beautiful glow.

This is a hydrating super high shine lip gloss I have to say I can imagine it being super hydrating I just personally don't like using lip gloss I find it super tacky and sticky so yeah its just down to personal preference but I'm always 100% honest with my readers I just don't think I'll be using this one.

Ooooh I thought this was an eyeshadow! Its a loose highlighter which I am so excited to try I'm obsessed with highlight at the moment. It looks gorgeous and I've used liquid highlighter before and powder but never a loose powder so hopefully this one looks amazing!

I do love a good face mist this contains, lemon, rosewood and sandalwood to refresh and revive skin, you can use it over makeup to help fix it or you can just use it to cool down on these hot days lately! I've already used it and its such a nice mist its super lightweight and refreshing.

I honestly love this box and as I said I think I'm going to keep this months out on display its sooooo pretty! Let me know if you get any sub boxes I'd love to get more! Don't forget you can follow me on bloglovin or any of my social media pages by clicking the icons in the top left corner of the screen :)




  1. I have been really struggling to pick a subscription box lately and this has just made my decision up for me!!! Faaaankksss!!!!! 😻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    1. haha yay! I do love it and the boxes themselves are soooo beautiful! Xo


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