Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hair & Beauty | How to Style The 'Lob' Haircut + The Products I Use

If you didn't know, I recently cut my hair into a choppy long bob or 'lob'.
I started off with 20 inch hair extensions (I've worn bonded and clip in extensions for the past 7 years so it was a big change!) If you want to see the before and after I'll post a picture on my Instagram
After removing my hair extensions, my natural hair that I was left with was thin, average, just past the shoulder length hair. 
Since having my haircut I've vowed to really stick to a solid hair care routine, it feels so much more nourished and thicker since having it cut and I intend to keep it that way.
I'm actually enjoying doing my hair now it feels more of a pamper instead of a chore so I tend to make an effort with it instead of putting it in a messy bun, these are the products that are helping me out at the moment.

Obviously you've got to prep the hair, The first shere and I am obsessed with it! Its super volumising which is the main thing I want, I love creating huge beachy waves and this definitely helps getting the volume to start with, after shampoo I go in for a shampoo again with bumble and bumble surf shampoo and follow it with the conditioner and then once that's washed out I can start the real prep for the styling...
The first step is to wash it so its clean and ready to style I recently got this shampoo in my last look fantastic subscription box its super volumising and smells amazing! I am obsessed I definitely want to get the big bottle.

I spray a tiny bit of bumble & bumble surf spray all through my hair and crumple it up a bit and just quickly rough dry it, scrunching it up as I go to add a bit of texture and a nice wave. 

 I love the messy wavey look with this kind of hair cut and if I'm being super lazy I just curl the fronts pieces of my hair slightly away from my face and I leave the rest all textured and choppy, if I have more time or want to make the effort I wave all of it using thin hair straighteners or a 32mm curling barrel which takes hardly any time to be honest, then I spray some of the Oribe texturizing spray to give it added volume and hold, This texturizing spray is the best hair spray I have ever used in my life!! I definitely recommend this product for big textured hair without looking or feeling like you have hairspray in.

That's literally it! My super quick hair style I'm super happy with it I loved my dark ombré last year but I love this new super blonde lob, perfect for summer!
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