Sunday, 30 July 2017

Lifestyle | Monthly Favourites - Birthday Edition!

I have stuck with doing monthly favourites since January and to be honest I thought I would have missed a few by now.
Seven months down the line I'm still doing it. However, this month I'm pretty much using the same summer makeup (click here to see that!) but I've got lots of new other stuff this month especially from my birthday so I thought I'd end July with my favourites from my birthday and from now on I'm going to do a lifestyle monthly favourites so I'll have a mixture of beauty, fashion, lifestyle (obv) and I might throw in some food or TV programmes I'm currently into that month maybe even some homeware! beauty can get a little too repetitive each month and when I'm happy with a beauty routine,  like I am currently I don't tend to try new things as much.

I'll get on with this months birthday favourites now. 
Oh! and by the way there's a lot of gold! oops!

If you haven't seen my gold jewellery post (click here) I've also updated it and added my gold daith and rook piercings on there now. Ive definitely developed a bit of an obsession with the colour. I've said before I think it looks a lot prettier against blonde hair and I am obsessed with my new gold body piercings they look so much better instead of silver, a lot more unique and seem more like jewellery, if that makes sense?
This was a gift from my 9 year old niece and I absolutely love it, I'd actually been looking for something like a bracelet or necklace with my name on so I thought this was so sweet.

How bloody cute is this glass?! I've used it constantly ever since I got it. Its a stemless wine glass which I love because I'm quite weird I drink anything in a wine glass because they're bigger I love having loads and loads of ice and a huge glass but because this ones stemless it seems more quirky so I can still have my wine in it and I can have soft drinks in it without it looking weird. This is all hand painted too which I think is insane it is so so beautiful and mines personalised with my name which is super cute also, It looks with cocktails in for BBQ's too haha. You can find this on etsy just click here for the shop they do really pretty wizard of oz glasses and all types of others.

This was obviously my main favourite. My boyfriend did a little scavenger hunt around the house and this was the last thing to find. I was so shocked and surprised that he got it and he got it in gold aswell haha. Its so useful for blogging and organising everything, I'm using it right now. its a lot better than using my phone when I'm not near my MacBook.

I promise this is the last gold thing. I've wanted headphones for ages now and I love that these match my iPad they're wireless too which I find so much easier I hate being attached to earphones or headphones with a wire it does my head in haha!

This was an early birthday present and it's definitely in my favourites, I've used it every single day, I wanted to it for so long and it's is, in my opinion so worth the money. It's pretty big and has 30 gorgeous shades and the packaging is beautiful. I did a more in depth post which you can see here
They were this months birthday favourites, I can't wait for one more month of summer and as soon as September rolls around I'm going to be getting so excited for autumn! Don't forget you can follow me on any of my social media pages by clicking the icons on the left of the page

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Food | Birthday Brunch at Revolution!

It was my 24th birthday on the 20th July. First of all I can't believe how quick this year has gone, let alone the last 24. The last two birthdays I've been away from home which I've really enjoyed they were incredible experiences (I also blogged about them you can find paris here and our overnight stay in a zoo here) This year, I wanted to be at home with our dog and have a super chilled day. It was really nice, my boyfriend organised a cute little treasure hunt for me to find my pressies which was so cute and the end main present was a gold iPad which I was soooo happy with it will definitely help when it comes to blogging! 
We decided to do my birthday brunch the day after my birthday. Originally, it was supposed to be on the day but we were so chilled and content we ended up staying in.
We decided to check out a new restaurant called Revolution. There are quite a few of these chains dotted around the UK but its relatively new to our form so we checked the one local to us on their website and the terraced looked SO pretty and the food sounded amazing so our decision was ,ade pretty quick.
The interior is definitely unique and it has a super rustic outdoorsy feel which I love. It has cute hanging lights which I imagine look super cute and cosy at night time! it has the prettiest terrace with a huge feature wall full of foliage and an open ceiling to complete the outside feel.
One thing I love about this place, they have free ice cold water for you to have on your table if you choose, I love that option. I had Appletiser with my food but while we were choosing what to order off the menu we had a cocktail each. My boyfriend went for the 'Salted Caramel Mudshake' It was incredible and I'm gutted I didn't grab one on the way out! Its like a salted caramel milkshake with a splash of vodka which sounds weird but its amazing, like an extra special frappe! I went for the 'Blue Movie' cocktail, which consisted of Absolut Berri Açaì vodka, Blue Curaçao, lemon, apple juice topped off with lemonade it was so such a refreshing cocktail, perfect for summer! They have a couple of quirky cocktails I'd like to try when I go back (one even comes with a rubber duck sitting on top!) 

The food. Oh my the food, We opted for breaded king prawns and some calamari with aioli as sides instead of starters which tastes AMAZING super fresh super tender not chewy in the slightest which I sometimes find with calamari, They were both gorgeous.
Mains, My boyfriend got the 'Classic Steak Sandwich' which included huge slices of rump steak - cooked amazingly, mustard, red onion chutney and crispy onions all inside a pretzel roll - with fries! I tried a bit and honestly it was insane the steak and the flavours were incredible and I love the pretzel roll!
I went for the 'Brooklyn Chicken' which is buttermilk fried chicken, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, fried pickles and barbecue sauce. I switched the barbecue sauce for mayo and I didn't have any pickles - yes I'm fussy! but they were more than happy to customise my order as its all made fresh :) win!
The burger as you can see is pretty huge but it was so tasty! I tried so hard to demolish it all but with the sides we had aswell I would've burst! The bacon was actually amazing and they flavour their food so so well, The chicken was cooked amazingly too. I had mine with fries also and they are my favourite type of fries (like TGI's fries but better!) I have already decided what I want to try next on their menu, they have a burger called 'Smoking' Bacon' which consists of a juicy beef burger, smoked cheddar, chorizo ketchup, streaky bacon (obv!), smokinnaise, crispy onions and ... was for it ... wotsits! yes wotsits as in my favourite crisps ever. If you haven't even had a worst sandwich I tell you now go make one, its the best crisp sandwich you'll ever make I promise you.
This is definitely going to be a new casual 'date night' spot for us. Somewhere local, with a good atmosphere and have amazing food. Its not all burgers and mighty sandwiches though, they have everything you could want from chicken curries, fish and chips to pizza and superfood salads! You can even find sharing platters of seafood, nachos or anything else you choose. I'd definitely recommend this place I'm 100% going back, I loved the food and it is such a cool unique place to visit and to chill out over some drinks and food.
Let me know if you have any Revolution restaurants near you, If you've been let me know any drinks or food you'd recommend! Don't forget you can follow any of my social media pages by clicking the social media icons on the left :)

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fashion | Summer Jewellery - Going for Gold

Lately, I have been obsessing over the colour gold, I think its been mainly since summer. I think with a tan and my newish blonde hair (see here) they seem to really compliment each other. Also, I love gold against soft pastel outfits it looks incred!
I wanted some inexpensive bits to wear for my birthday and I found these gorgeous pieces on ASOS.
 I am so pleased with them and they all look really cute layered up together too.

This is the cutest ring ever! Its the perfect size for me, I like rings that are quite big and take up more room on my finger and this is a decent size without it being too bulky, its still really dainty. It is constantly glued to my finger now. I purchased it from Miss Selfridge which I forgot how nice their little jewellery pieces were! You can find the ring here and its only £5! They have so many gorgeous pieces on the website especially their jewellery!

This Filigree Ring is so so pretty, its such delicate detail. Its originally labelled a thumb ring but I wear it on the middle finger and I honestly love how it looks.
The next thing I got was just a basic (but really cute) gold plated bangle. I have a silver one and think they look really pretty layered with another bracelet, So that was the idea with this bangle. I love the size of it and the colour of the gold is gorgeous.
The last piece on ASOS (on the bottom right) is this cute leaf chain bracelet with pink beads in between each leaf. Its so pretty and feminine and I love this layered up with the bangle that I just mentioned.
This is choker is from Etsy which has quickly become my go to website for literally anything. It has such amazing unique things alot that can be custom made and your supporting a small business too so it feels a lot better. This is the prettiest choker I have ever bought. I love the design of this chain I love the simplicity of it, it looks so delicate and goes together beautifully with an off the shoulder dress and it really makes a cool outfit look edgier its such a versatile piece! 

These two piercings I've had for a year now but I like things to be matching so decided to get some gold body jewellery I love the heart i have for the daith I think it's super pretty, and my rook looks so much nicer with a gold hoop, I see everybody with silver body jewellery and I think this makes such a nice change and against gold I hair I think it looks so pretty. I also have a tiny gold nose ring now too.
What do you think? so you prefer silver, rose gold or gold? I know rose gold is pretty big at the moment. Let me know in the comments and don't forget you can follow me on any social medias by clicking on the social media icons on the left hand side of the page :)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Beauty | Too Faced Natural Love Palette

This eye palette looks like it has just fallen out of a fairy tale book! I can't believe I have finally got my hands on it! I've wanted this for a while now because I am getting so into my eyeshadow, I much prefer the softness it gives compared to a thick eyeliner. Rewind that to a year ago though and I would never have chosen an eyeliner over eyeshadow but...things have changed.
I haven't really bought many eyeshadow products the main reasons being 1. they aren't cheap and 2. they don't seem worthy of the price if I only like half the colours. I am so fussy when it comes to makeup and shades that suit me and I haven't ever found an eyeshadow palette in which I love every single colour but now...I have. YAY!
The kind of eye make up that works for me is definitely neutral. I don't think bright eye colours suit me well, the natural love palette does infact have all sorts of colours but not any that are too bold to wear.
Honestly, this palette is soooo bloody pretty it makes the perfect present - this was actually an early birthday present from my other half! (thanks babe!) you could also buy it for any makeup lover in your family. Nans, Aunties, Mums, Sisters, Cousins and friends any age for any occasion they will love it and it will suit each individual.
I've studied it for hours and honestly hand on heart there isn't one colour I wouldn't use.
Before I actually got my hands on it I thought it was a complete summery and natural only eyeshadows like pinks, nudes etc. but there are some amazing deep darker colours that I cannot wait to use for autumn! Yes I'm already planning autumnal makeup looks!

Its definitely worth the price in my opinion, you have such a range of colour choice all year round, that are not only beautiful but so incredibly flattering I am beyond happy with this eyeshadow palette and let me know if you'd like to see some makeup looks with it.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Beauty | The Perfect Base For a Radiant Sunkissed Complexion

My ultimate 'make up goal' is to look as if I have super radiant skin. I have super dry skin so when the summer rolls around I want to look so radiant and glowy with gorgeous sun kissed radiant skin. These are my go to products for summer for that perfect sun kissed glow.

I swear by this tan, This is amazing it has a gorgeous pinky undertone which doesnt make you go red or orange which some do, It blends beautifully and I've never had a single problem with this tan being patchy or anything, it's the only fake tan I have ever used.

If you want to look like you have super silky skin then its probably best that it feels super silky, This stuff is an absolute saviour to dry skin, Its the only cream that is super nourishing without leaving my skin sticky.

Okay, keeping your face glowy is even better when you look sun kissed and radiant all over. This stuff is honestly amazing, I wear fake tan a lot especially in summer, I love wearing pastel colours on tanned skin it looks amazing, it blends really well and makes your legs look amazing in photographs so if your doing summery outfit photos this is a great thing to have in your bag - its smells awesome too!

I love this primer, I really struggled to find a primer that wasn't matte or for minimising pores but I found this one and its super moisturising and illuminating it looks nice alone when I have fake tan on already or just as pretty under make up for a subtle glow. An alternative to the NYX is MAC's strobe cream, its such a lot of product so it lasts ages and it looks amazing under makeup or without, its slightly more pricey than the NYX though.

This is such an amazing highlight, I can apply this with my eyes shut it doesn't leave that horrible 'stripe' across my cheekbones its basically invisible with the nicest subtle shimmer. This is my key product for my skin looking super radiant. I also REALLY want to try the iconic london highlighter too!

I do love L'Oreals' Luminique foundation but when you have an illuminating primer on already and highlighter you don't want slightly shimmery foundation too. I prefer to use Bourjois healthy mix foundation its super hydrating its got a nice buildable coverage and it has a gorgeous dewy but not overly dewy finish.

To set your radiant dewy foundation this is perfect to keep it lasting longer without mattifying it and keeping that nice glow, Its super light and dewy and definitely the go to powder for a radiant complexion.

I only use the bronze side this is such a gorgeous shade and I love it to slightly contour my cheekbones whilst giving me a nice shimmery sun kissed look. I only use a tiny bit and lightly dust it over my cheek bones.

Hope that helped if your trying to find some dewy summer products. Don't forget you can follow any of my social medias by clicking on the social media icons on the left hand side of the page :)

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