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Beauty | Monthly Favourites - June

As you've probably noticed I've been a bit quiet this last week, I've changed the colour scheme of my blog! Hope you like it. I say it every month but I cannot believe how quick this month has gone, its halfway through the year already its crazy! 

I've got a bunch of new (and old) products that I've completely fell for in June. I thought I'd find it hard doing a monthly favourites series every month but its been surprisingly easy.
This month has been ridiculously hot, well the last couple of weeks of june were scorching!  I spent the first weekend in june up in Lake District which if you wanna see the amazing views and cottage I stayed in just click here It was honestly so so amazing! I want to put lake district in my monthly favourites! I also got my hair cut and went blonder! If you want to see how it turned out click here I love it! I got soooo bored with hair extensions and when I had them removed it definitely needed a revamp so this month I've been obsessing over hair care!

This is my favourite product I own, It over rides any beauty product seriously its so so amazing! First of all I seem to be the only person who doesn't like dry shampoo? It just makes my hair feel crap but this Oribe Texturizing Spray is honestly amazing, I blast it on my hair and it instantly is full of volume and texture which is the look I love especially with a choppy 'lob' haircut. It doesn't look or feel like you have any spray in your hair at all. Its a bit pricey but I honestly would repurchase it, without a doubt.

I thought I'd put these two together, they pretty munch go hand in hand. I really struggle to fine yellowy foundations, light ones aren't too bad but when I have fake tan they all tend to be a pinky bronze Bourjois have the best selection I think if you have more of a yellowy undertone. This foundation is such a nice consistency its medium coverage, it blends beautifully and I think I actually prefer this to my beloved YSL foundation. Another thing I struggle with is finding concealers to really brighten my under eyes, I've always had dark eyes and I've tried peachy concealers (to counteract the dark circles) and I've tried really white concealers but this is such a good concealer its like the mac prep and prime brightening pen but with more coverage. its super creamy and blends really nicely and brightens my eyes so much more than any other concealer I've tried high end or drugstore.

Obviously I had to include this! I've already dedicated an entire post on this product which you can see here I had to include it in my favourites because it is the prettiest powder I have ever used and I'm not even hugely fussed about powders but its so beautiful it makes your skin look lit up from within its so lovely, I got the shade 'Diffused Light' I love it.

Another hair product I've looooooved is this little shampoo and conditioner combo. I have poker straight hair naturally so this I feel has definitely helped add more of a wave to my hair, I got this in a travel size to take with me to Lake District and I am definitely going to get the bigger sizes - It smells amazing too.

I'm not sure if I've put this in a favourites post already but I've gone back to wearing my mac lipstick in shade 'Pure Zen' I wear this pretty much everyday and this infuse is my favourite lipstick that I've ever owned/ my most used this is the only lipstick I've finished a few times and I never use all of a lipstick it takes me ages haha! So yeah this has made its way back into my everyday makeup

My last little favourite I want to mention - although its not beauty, is this Zoella hand cleanser. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging itself I love the bottle and I think you get a lot in it compared to other hand cleansing products its just the font I don't really like, it looks like a children's product I feel but apart from that I love it and it smells amazing! my other half thought I'd sprayed body spray! haha

This month was pretty hot so makeup has been at a minimun its been too hot for that! I've really loved making more of an effort with my hair though - if you haven't seen it already you can go check out my new haircut style and what products I've been using just click here  
What have you been loving this month? don't forget you can follow me on any social media by clicking on the icons in the left side of the page :) Also let me know what you think of the new look :) 


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