Sunday, 16 July 2017

Beauty | Too Faced Natural Love Palette

This eye palette looks like it has just fallen out of a fairy tale book! I can't believe I have finally got my hands on it! I've wanted this for a while now because I am getting so into my eyeshadow, I much prefer the softness it gives compared to a thick eyeliner. Rewind that to a year ago though and I would never have chosen an eyeliner over eyeshadow but...things have changed.
I haven't really bought many eyeshadow products the main reasons being 1. they aren't cheap and 2. they don't seem worthy of the price if I only like half the colours. I am so fussy when it comes to makeup and shades that suit me and I haven't ever found an eyeshadow palette in which I love every single colour but now...I have. YAY!
The kind of eye make up that works for me is definitely neutral. I don't think bright eye colours suit me well, the natural love palette does infact have all sorts of colours but not any that are too bold to wear.
Honestly, this palette is soooo bloody pretty it makes the perfect present - this was actually an early birthday present from my other half! (thanks babe!) you could also buy it for any makeup lover in your family. Nans, Aunties, Mums, Sisters, Cousins and friends any age for any occasion they will love it and it will suit each individual.
I've studied it for hours and honestly hand on heart there isn't one colour I wouldn't use.
Before I actually got my hands on it I thought it was a complete summery and natural only eyeshadows like pinks, nudes etc. but there are some amazing deep darker colours that I cannot wait to use for autumn! Yes I'm already planning autumnal makeup looks!

Its definitely worth the price in my opinion, you have such a range of colour choice all year round, that are not only beautiful but so incredibly flattering I am beyond happy with this eyeshadow palette and let me know if you'd like to see some makeup looks with it.

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  1. I have been so tempted by this palette, but I really don't need to spent the money on eyeshadow right now. One Day.....
    A Sparkle Of Grace

    1. I know I was like this, Luckily my other half got it for me as a birthday present and I got it early haha. - Alicia Xo


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