Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fashion | Summer Jewellery - Going for Gold

Lately, I have been obsessing over the colour gold, I think its been mainly since summer. I think with a tan and my newish blonde hair (see here) they seem to really compliment each other. Also, I love gold against soft pastel outfits it looks incred!
I wanted some inexpensive bits to wear for my birthday and I found these gorgeous pieces on ASOS.
 I am so pleased with them and they all look really cute layered up together too.

This is the cutest ring ever! Its the perfect size for me, I like rings that are quite big and take up more room on my finger and this is a decent size without it being too bulky, its still really dainty. It is constantly glued to my finger now. I purchased it from Miss Selfridge which I forgot how nice their little jewellery pieces were! You can find the ring here and its only £5! They have so many gorgeous pieces on the website especially their jewellery!

This Filigree Ring is so so pretty, its such delicate detail. Its originally labelled a thumb ring but I wear it on the middle finger and I honestly love how it looks.
The next thing I got was just a basic (but really cute) gold plated bangle. I have a silver one and think they look really pretty layered with another bracelet, So that was the idea with this bangle. I love the size of it and the colour of the gold is gorgeous.
The last piece on ASOS (on the bottom right) is this cute leaf chain bracelet with pink beads in between each leaf. Its so pretty and feminine and I love this layered up with the bangle that I just mentioned.
This is choker is from Etsy which has quickly become my go to website for literally anything. It has such amazing unique things alot that can be custom made and your supporting a small business too so it feels a lot better. This is the prettiest choker I have ever bought. I love the design of this chain I love the simplicity of it, it looks so delicate and goes together beautifully with an off the shoulder dress and it really makes a cool outfit look edgier its such a versatile piece! 

These two piercings I've had for a year now but I like things to be matching so decided to get some gold body jewellery I love the heart i have for the daith I think it's super pretty, and my rook looks so much nicer with a gold hoop, I see everybody with silver body jewellery and I think this makes such a nice change and against gold I hair I think it looks so pretty. I also have a tiny gold nose ring now too.
What do you think? so you prefer silver, rose gold or gold? I know rose gold is pretty big at the moment. Let me know in the comments and don't forget you can follow me on any social medias by clicking on the social media icons on the left hand side of the page :)


  1. I honestly don't think I own a single piece of gold jewellery! I'm definitely more of a silver and rose gold fan. Your new little pieces look gooorgeous and you've definitely got me considering gold again!! I particularly like the thumb ring. Lovely post!!


    1. Thanks babe! They're such cute pieces aren't they! - Alicia Xo

  2. I love gold! It's my favourite colour jewellery but I also love mixing metals - I don't stick to the no mixing rule ;)

    1. I've always stuck to silver so I might try mixing metals now - Alicia Xo


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