Sunday, 30 July 2017

Lifestyle | Monthly Favourites - Birthday Edition!

I have stuck with doing monthly favourites since January and to be honest I thought I would have missed a few by now.
Seven months down the line I'm still doing it. However, this month I'm pretty much using the same summer makeup (click here to see that!) but I've got lots of new other stuff this month especially from my birthday so I thought I'd end July with my favourites from my birthday and from now on I'm going to do a lifestyle monthly favourites so I'll have a mixture of beauty, fashion, lifestyle (obv) and I might throw in some food or TV programmes I'm currently into that month maybe even some homeware! beauty can get a little too repetitive each month and when I'm happy with a beauty routine,  like I am currently I don't tend to try new things as much.

I'll get on with this months birthday favourites now. 
Oh! and by the way there's a lot of gold! oops!

If you haven't seen my gold jewellery post (click here) I've also updated it and added my gold daith and rook piercings on there now. Ive definitely developed a bit of an obsession with the colour. I've said before I think it looks a lot prettier against blonde hair and I am obsessed with my new gold body piercings they look so much better instead of silver, a lot more unique and seem more like jewellery, if that makes sense?
This was a gift from my 9 year old niece and I absolutely love it, I'd actually been looking for something like a bracelet or necklace with my name on so I thought this was so sweet.

How bloody cute is this glass?! I've used it constantly ever since I got it. Its a stemless wine glass which I love because I'm quite weird I drink anything in a wine glass because they're bigger I love having loads and loads of ice and a huge glass but because this ones stemless it seems more quirky so I can still have my wine in it and I can have soft drinks in it without it looking weird. This is all hand painted too which I think is insane it is so so beautiful and mines personalised with my name which is super cute also, It looks with cocktails in for BBQ's too haha. You can find this on etsy just click here for the shop they do really pretty wizard of oz glasses and all types of others.

This was obviously my main favourite. My boyfriend did a little scavenger hunt around the house and this was the last thing to find. I was so shocked and surprised that he got it and he got it in gold aswell haha. Its so useful for blogging and organising everything, I'm using it right now. its a lot better than using my phone when I'm not near my MacBook.

I promise this is the last gold thing. I've wanted headphones for ages now and I love that these match my iPad they're wireless too which I find so much easier I hate being attached to earphones or headphones with a wire it does my head in haha!

This was an early birthday present and it's definitely in my favourites, I've used it every single day, I wanted to it for so long and it's is, in my opinion so worth the money. It's pretty big and has 30 gorgeous shades and the packaging is beautiful. I did a more in depth post which you can see here
They were this months birthday favourites, I can't wait for one more month of summer and as soon as September rolls around I'm going to be getting so excited for autumn! Don't forget you can follow me on any of my social media pages by clicking the icons on the left of the page


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! That Too Faced palette is absolutely stunning; and I love your photography too. Yay for doing a solid seven months of favourites!! :)


    1. haha! thank you! I thought I would've gave up by now, thank you again I always worry about photography - Alicia Xo

  2. Loving the unicorn glass and TF palette, they're both gorgeous!

    Emily xo

    1. Thank you! the glass is soon cute isn't it?! - Alicia Xo


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