Fashion : Missguided Fashion Wishlist

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fashion : Missguided Fashion Wishlist
I thought I'd do a little wishlist post today. I love reading these especially when I fancy buying some new bits but I'm not really sure what I want, these give me great ideas and inspiration of what to buy for new seasons etc.
At the moment, I know its a month early but I am so excited for Autumn, the weather is starting to cool down a little bit and were getting a few more rainy days and in all honesty I am all for it. If you didn't know already Autumn is and always has been my favourite season, every time I go on a sunny holiday in the autumn months as much as I love beach holidays it is the most refreshing feeling ever landing in the UK with cold crisp air and crunchy leaves. Another thing I love about autumn (apart from the cute cosy homeware) is the Autumn Fashion, faux fur, faux leather, layering cute pieces I am all for autumn clothing and these are the bits I have been pining for lately and hopefully if your not into autumn fashion and prefer summer, this can maybe inspire you.
I love the faux fur collar on this leather jacket (and I think its removable) so it will essentially be a more diverse piece, I actually have a large faux fur pom pom for my handbag in this exact red, I love these dark reds in autumn paired with a dark red lip and black ripped jeans and a nice bodysuit would look so good together. 

Another thing I don't even think I own right now are nice black boots, I'm not really a shoes person if I'm honest I definitely prefer bags and I don't like shoes/boots too plain but enough to match a lot of things. These boots are £40 so not too expensive for a pair of boots that are going to last you through. These specific ones actually remind me of the Chloe Susanna Boots (If you haven't seen them they're here) So if you have seen the Chloe boots and you like them, these would be a great dupe! 

Okay, I know I just said I'm not a shoe person and I like things that match but how amazing are these! I actually think I prefer these to the black ones above which sounds like a huge contradiction haha. These would brighten up a good monochrome outfit I feel like these would be a nice bolder boot to have for going out or making a bit more of an effort.
I love this! This would suit a super casual date night like cinema and food type of date, it would actually look so good with the red boots above. I love the red and white against the black mesh it makes it stand out so much more than the usual black mesh tops I see all the time. 
I can imagine snuggling up in this on a Sunday morning. I love cropped jumpers and this one look like it has really long sleeves on it which I love because I find them a lot more cosier than normal sleeves that stop dead at the wrist. I love the distressing detail at the bottom too, a really nice casual comfy piece.
I love a lace up bodysuit and the fact this one is knitted makes me love it even more. They are so flattering and they are a a nicer, warmer alternative to a crop top and it has such a wintery feel with the knitted fabric its another basic essential that will go with so much in your wardrobe you won't have to buy more pieces for it to go with. 
I have this oversized shirt in the new york pink version so it was kinda the summer version of this one. I want it just so I have both versions haha but I do love the black and red especially for winter, it is such a thick shirt aswell it would look really cool with some leather leggings and a nice little crop top underneath, or a jersey body con long sleeve dress. 
We have a bit of a red, black and white theme going on at the moment but my love for winter monochrome and Disney is rolled into one on this. It would actually looks super cute with the black denim shirt I just showed you, I don't really have much to say its Disney and a bodysuit what more could you possible want as a cute basic essential?!
A little breakaway from the monochrome and reds, I love this colour in clothes I find it so flattering and I have a cute beige faux fur gilet this would look so nice paired with and some nude knee highs would make such a cute autumn date night outfit! 
This is suchhhhh a cool jumper! Again, a cropped jumper with nice baggy sleeves. The fact the logo is orange gives it a nice autumn feel whether your lounging about indoors, or pairing it with a really casual outfit for a shopping trip or something, I really like the look of this jumper and the colours. 

I mean that is quite a big wishlist I feel but I did narrow t down from like over a hundred down to 10 so thats pretty good! My favourite item has to be the faux leather coat with the fur trim or the the Oakland crop jumper, maybe the mesh dress too! I really can't decide haha. 
Anyway, Let me know if you like any of these pieces or any others that you have on your wishlist, Don't forget you can follow me on any social media platforms by clicking the social media icons on the left side of this page :) 

Beauty | L'Oreal Fine Flowers Cleanse & Toner

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Beauty | L'Oreal Fine Flowers Cleanse & Toner
My skin has been feeling really dry lately and although I love my current skincare routine, I know if you don't switch it up a little, your skin sort of becomes immune to it. So, I wanted to try something new and more hydrating the L'Oreal Fine Flowers combo sounded really nice and gentle, the packaging is super cute and it smells incredible!
I'm super lazy sometimes and I love the fact these two products can just sit on my dressing table, you simply apply to a cotton pad and sweep over the face and that's it your done -perfect! 
As soon as I used the cleanser and toner it felt quite luxurious on the skin, it left my skin feeling super soft and clean which is just what I wanted and I've been using it all week and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin texture and appearance. Its super gentle on the skin and I've definitely enjoyed using this in my daily routine.

Which skincare would you recommend? Don't forget you can follow me on bloglovin or any social media by clicking the icons on the left hand side of the page :)

Lifestyle | 50 Facts About Me!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lifestyle | 50 Facts About Me!
I thought I'd do a little lifestyle post today. I tend to write about general things that I love but I don't actually write about myself. I thought you'd get to know a little bit more about the person behind the blog by writing 50 facts about me. I love reading these and getting to know the writers behind my their blogs. So, grab a cuppa have a chill and get to know me a little better! :)

1.  I've been to Florida and I've visited Walt Disney World twice and I cannot wait to visit again! 

2. I have a Pug called Louie - He's amazing! Honestly he's the cuddliest most loyal dog in the world he is always my side!

3. I have a thing for Hawaii, I've never been but would love to go. The music, The surroundings everything!

4. I collect Funko Pops. It all started with The Rock and since then it has grown into quite a substantial collection! Next on my list is the Moana set!

5. My top 5 favourite actors are Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp & Tom Hardy or Will Smith I can't decide, each of these actors can play such a huge variation of characters. 

6. I also have a Pomeranian called Roxy who's been in the family for years!

7. I cracked my sisters head open - twice. When we were younger oops!

8. Lilo & Stitch is one of my favourite disney films and I love Elvis too so its perfect!

9. ... and lady and the tramp are one of my favourite Disney couples. 

10. Im 5ft2 :) and I love being diddy!

11. People always forget I'm naturally brunette because I've changed my hair ALOT (since I was 13)
12. I have around 14 or 15 tattoos.

13. I've had 12 piercings in total! but I only wear 6.

14. I have size 4 feet. 

15. My favourite fizzy drink is Dr Pepper 😍

16. I have a ridiculous fear of spiders, to the point where I could cry.

17. My favourite animal is a Lion, I think they are beautiful.

18. I don't know why but I can't leave end credits on after a films finished it creeps me out (especially the end creds on The Simpsons movie, don't ask!)

19. I'm obsessed with Paris, I love the city even my lounge decor is Paris themed.

20. I'm super opinionated and I love people with strong opinions. you can have opposite opinions without having arguments...shocking I know!

21. I'm sh!t at maths, like really really bad I've always hated it.

22. One of my dream jobs would be a wedding planner.

23. I love unicorns even before it was cool! In fact I used to get stick for having a 'unicorn' tattoo - Its actually a Pegasus because it has wings 👌🏼

24. I love to cook, seriously love it. I'm always watching food recipes and tutorials on YouTube.

25. I despise beans. Looking at them makes me wanna throw up.

26. I'm strong minded, My mind isn't swayed easily by anyone.

27. and also I'm very stubborn.

28. I love prawns! In any form, Tempura Prawns and Chili & Salt Prawns are my fave!

29. I find the rain super relaxing, I listen to it before I go to sleep at night.

30. When I was younger on a last min holiday to Havens my siblings and I dressed up on Halloween, It was very make shift and unplanned - I was Caspar The Friendly Ghost, It was just a bed sheet and some face paint but I did have Caspar leggings on! and yes I look more creepy than friendly - I know.

31. I once got so drunk I googled 'symptoms of death' because I felt like I might be dying.

32. When My boyfriend & I first got together we used the term 'live' instead of Love. It was more than like but too early for Love haha.

33. My favourite Disney songs are 'I'll make a man out of you' from Mulan, 'Hawaiian Roller coaster Ride' from Lilo & Stitch, 'Lava' from Lava and 'Strange Things' Toy Story. They are a few anyway I have loads more!

34.  I once stayed in a log cabin in Whipsnade Zoo Overnight and it was one of the coolest experiences ever! (I also blogged it here)

35. I completed Crash Bandicoot Warped in a matter of hours.

36. The Santa Clause Trilogy and The Grinch are my favourite Christmas films!

37. My favourite film is Man on Fire or Seven Pounds, if you haven't watched them...go watch them.

38. I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around.

39. I am Lipstick obsessed - I have wayyyyy too many.

40. I used to love the film Grease! (who didn't?) I saw the show at the theatre and I even won best dressed at my friends Grease themed party and I won the quiz too! haha

41. I would love a black Pug called Elvis

42. Hachi: A Dogs Tale is the saddest film I have ever seen! I thought about it for days after.

43. I am the youngest of 4, I have 2 Sisters and 1 Brother.

44. I have so much respect for Thierry Henry I think he's amazing!

45. My favourite TV Series has to be Prison Break! I recommend it to everybody. incredible writing!

46. In my opinion the Tinkerbell films are some of the most underrated Disney films! The attention to detail is just insane.

47. Although I'm a summer baby, born in July. My favourite Season has to be Autumn!
48.  This photo is one of my favourite photos, me in-between my late nan and uncle, I was so close to both.

49. I'll choose custard doughnuts over jam ones any day! So Underrated.

50. My last fact. This was actually a lot harder to think of 50 facts that I thought! 

That was 50 facts about me! Feel free to leave me any random facts about you too! Don't forget you can follow me on any social media pages by clicking on the social media icons on the left hand side of the page :) 

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - August

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beauty | Look Fantastic Beauty Box - August
I've been getting this monthly subscription box for 8 months now! I have converted to so many brands because of these subscription boxes. It gives me the chance to try brands and products I wouldn't usually try and so many natural products I have loved finding!

This months theme is 'Global Glamour' which means were getting to try all different products from around the world including the U.K Heres what we got!
Like I said this theme is global and the first product originates from Korea, It has SPF which is always a good thing around summer, its such a lightweight BB cream but it has a nice slight coverage so perfect for hot days when you want a little coverage but feel like you have nothing on your skin.
I love this! This is will make you feel like a greek goddess (yes its from Greece!) Enriched with Almond Oil and active Aloe which makes it perfect to use as an after sun, I got the Pear scent and I don't like pears but it smells so refreshing! I even have a pear scented lip balm now too!
I love the fact that you get shampoo AND conditioner together, This brand is from the US, I've never heard of it before even though Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore swear by it (and they have great hair!) I'm definitely gonna keep this one as an essential now.
You can problem tell by the name that this one was made in the UK, It's cruelty free and vegan, it i super moisturising and the packaging is so damn cute! I've kept this lip balm on me since it arrived in this box and its an essential in my bag now, I love it, I love the size and application and shape, super happy with this product.
You can get this in either the toner or cleanser, I got the Toner. This brand is from France and I've never had anything from this brand either, It left my skin feeling super smooth and refreshed so I might have to try the cleanser too.

I am SO skeptical about brow pencils, I'm obsessed with my Goof Prood Eye Pencil from Benefit but this has honestly taken it place, this product is from the beautiful Milan. The reason I love this pencil so much is its two-colour universal tip, you can see in the picture above it has two tones of brown and I have loved using it, the colour is perfect and I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out.

That was this months box and I am so happy with it! I love the fact that it includes things from all over the world, things I'd never think of choosing but thats why I love these boxes it stops me from getting stuck in a beauty rut haha.
Let me know if there are any sub boxes you get? (beauty or non beauty!) Don't forget you can follow me on any social medias by clicking on the social media buttons on the left hand side of the page :)

Lifestyle | The Perfect Date Night In + Why Date nights Are Important

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lifestyle | The Perfect Date Night In + Why Date nights Are Important
I think one thing that is mandatory for couples is a regular date night, I honestly think its critical. Relationships are hard work - thats a fact. We all work on our fitness goals or work/blog goals but when it comes to our relationships we tend to take them for granted at some point without meaning to. Assuming they'll always be there, when in reality our relationship is one of the most important part of our lives that needs focus and attention. I mean, your other half is pretty important they're the one person you will turn to when things go good or bad they're your rock and they're the only person you can create your very own family with so its the perfect way to relax together.

A lot of people think as soon as your in a relationship you settle down and become boring, you've found that person you've found yourself and thats that. Wrong. People think we stop growing but that's not true, We all continue to grow even after we've found our partners believe it or not.

If you stop making your relationship a priority its so easy to grow apart, especially if you both lead busy lives or have children. You can have date night how often you want. Here, I've put together my favourite type of date night which is a date night in, Its private its peaceful and its relaxing - and you haven't got to travel home either. It seems like its a little bit more thought out because your preparing everything yourself and if you do it together it strengthens that bond too.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to make dinner feel a lot more special. Just by having dinner outside makes it feel a lot more romantic; candles, fairy lights and chilling with a blanket under the stars - sounds so cute doesn't it!
When it comes to food its really up to you, you could cook a nice fillet steak, maybe opt for your favourite chinese takeaway and present it all pretty, you could even make a 3 course meal and do a course each and one together, Maybe you'd like to make the effort and cook their favourite meal for your partner or even better cook together
It really doesn't matter about the food its the one to one time with your other half thats bringing all this together and it helps when your in a cute and cosy environment. This is why we opted for our favourite meal of all time Spaghetti Bolognese, We cook it from scratch obviously and this was one of the fist ever meals I learnt to cook as a child and my other half loves it! - Obviously the dogs came to say hello too! haha

I really enjoyed doing this and I would much rather have this type of date night on a weekday, no phones or anything just the two of you and then have the special occasions all glammed up, this is perfect if your both super busy and if your on a budget. After we stuffed our faces we chilled for the rest of the night outside with the candles and the lights and grabbed some blankets making it really cute and cosy and watched some NowTV on the iPad with a hot chocolate and a banana milkshake haha.

I hope this helped you a little. Don't forget you can follow me on all social medias by clicking on the icons on the left hand side.


Fashion | The Perfect Festival Accessory

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fashion | The Perfect Festival Accessory
I love festival season, its the perfect time to play around with accessories. The two that spring to mind with me personally are flower crowns and glitter.

This specific flower crown is made by Rouge Pony its handmade and absolutely gorgeous the quality is amazing and it has a ribbon tie up at the back which is such a pretty touch, They have an etsy shop you can find here, They make all kinds of flower crowns and other hair accessories, They have some stunning bridal ones too! 
I paired this look with my peach bardot shirt dress from missguided, I think it suits the colouring of the flower crown so well and its perfect for a cool summery festival look.. 
For added subtle shimmer you can spray your hair wit this glitter hairspray you can find all sorts of colours and just lightly spray the rest of your hair so when it catches the sunshine it glimmers really lightly so it looks super subtle.

Let me know if your going to any festivals or if you already have been to some this summer, what look did you decide to do? Don't forget you can follow me on any social media just click the icons on the left hand side or just click below.