Sunday, 27 August 2017

Beauty | My Holy Grail Products

I thought I would share with you my holy grail products, the products that have never let me down, the products that I absolutely adore and will always recommend to others. I love knowing other peoples holy grails and why it works for them so here's mine.

Starting off with skincare, the 'Ultrabland' cleanser is my go to of all cleansers, even if I'm trying new cleansers I will always use this as my first cleanse. It has nothing inside except goodness, it even says if you use this and no other product for a month it will sort out your problematic skin, its honestly amazing and has such simple ingredients.
Another product from Lush Cosmetics the 'Skin Drink' moisturiser. I really do admire Lush as a brand all their products I've used always seem to work for me, they are all natural and cruelty free and are so gentle on the skin. This is by far the best creamiest moisturiser I've ever used, even alone it makes my skin look better which is why it quickly became my holy grail, it lasts ages too. I think I've been through 3 tubs of this so far and I will always go back to this moisturiser and I haven't yet found a better one. 
I love the healthy mix range by Bourjois and the concealer is definitely my favourite product its super brightening, doesn't cake and has just the amount of coverage, Bourjois is one of my favourite drugstore brands and I always come back to this concealer and I use it every day!
This has been a holy grail product of mine for years, honestly this was the first liquid eyeliner i could use successfully and comfortably and I have tried all sorts of eyeliners  because I never hear anything of this eyeliner, I've tried new eyeliners through blogging recommendations and I honestly have never found one that lasts along, doesn't transfer and is a jet black. I love the precise application it has on this wand its super flexible and sturdy and super thin so you can build it up. This is honestly hands down the best eyeliner and easiest to use. It helped me master eyeliner at the age of 15!
Lipsticks are my favourite make up products to buy, I have quite a collection of lipsticks now by all different brands, high and low end. My all time favourite brand of lipstick has to be Too Faced especially the melted liquid lipsticks, they are so pigmented and they last all day, they are the only liquid lipsticks that don't go cakey or make my lips dry and they come in such beautiful colours aswell! I put off trying liquid lipsticks for ages because they just didn't appeal to me but I am so glad I invested in the Too Faced melted lipsticks.
I use lip balm every singe day, I used to loved the Nuxe lip balm which is around £9 but once I got some cute Burt's Bees lip balm and I was completely sold, its around £3-£4 pound so basically half the price of the Nuxe lip balm but it seems to work better than so this is my new holy grail lip balm, it is so nourishing and it makes my lipstick go on so much smoother! 
This texturizing spray has become a life saver, sometimes I literally do nothing to my hair except spray this, it works perfectly with my shorter hair now and I just haven't found a hairspray that matches up to this one which is annoying because its not exactly cheap!
I've become a little attached to my Micellar Water from Garnier. I much prefer taking my makeup off with this rather than cleansers I don't know why but I just cleanse after my makeup is off.

Those are my holy grail products, the products I completely love and can't live without and always go back to! What are your go to products? 
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