Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fashion : Missguided Fashion Wishlist

I thought I'd do a little wishlist post today. I love reading these especially when I fancy buying some new bits but I'm not really sure what I want, these give me great ideas and inspiration of what to buy for new seasons etc.
At the moment, I know its a month early but I am so excited for Autumn, the weather is starting to cool down a little bit and were getting a few more rainy days and in all honesty I am all for it. If you didn't know already Autumn is and always has been my favourite season, every time I go on a sunny holiday in the autumn months as much as I love beach holidays it is the most refreshing feeling ever landing in the UK with cold crisp air and crunchy leaves. Another thing I love about autumn (apart from the cute cosy homeware) is the Autumn Fashion, faux fur, faux leather, layering cute pieces I am all for autumn clothing and these are the bits I have been pining for lately and hopefully if your not into autumn fashion and prefer summer, this can maybe inspire you.
I love the faux fur collar on this leather jacket (and I think its removable) so it will essentially be a more diverse piece, I actually have a large faux fur pom pom for my handbag in this exact red, I love these dark reds in autumn paired with a dark red lip and black ripped jeans and a nice bodysuit would look so good together. 

Another thing I don't even think I own right now are nice black boots, I'm not really a shoes person if I'm honest I definitely prefer bags and I don't like shoes/boots too plain but enough to match a lot of things. These boots are £40 so not too expensive for a pair of boots that are going to last you through. These specific ones actually remind me of the Chloe Susanna Boots (If you haven't seen them they're here) So if you have seen the Chloe boots and you like them, these would be a great dupe! 

Okay, I know I just said I'm not a shoe person and I like things that match but how amazing are these! I actually think I prefer these to the black ones above which sounds like a huge contradiction haha. These would brighten up a good monochrome outfit I feel like these would be a nice bolder boot to have for going out or making a bit more of an effort.
I love this! This would suit a super casual date night like cinema and food type of date, it would actually look so good with the red boots above. I love the red and white against the black mesh it makes it stand out so much more than the usual black mesh tops I see all the time. 
I can imagine snuggling up in this on a Sunday morning. I love cropped jumpers and this one look like it has really long sleeves on it which I love because I find them a lot more cosier than normal sleeves that stop dead at the wrist. I love the distressing detail at the bottom too, a really nice casual comfy piece.
I love a lace up bodysuit and the fact this one is knitted makes me love it even more. They are so flattering and they are a a nicer, warmer alternative to a crop top and it has such a wintery feel with the knitted fabric its another basic essential that will go with so much in your wardrobe you won't have to buy more pieces for it to go with. 
I have this oversized shirt in the new york pink version so it was kinda the summer version of this one. I want it just so I have both versions haha but I do love the black and red especially for winter, it is such a thick shirt aswell it would look really cool with some leather leggings and a nice little crop top underneath, or a jersey body con long sleeve dress. 
We have a bit of a red, black and white theme going on at the moment but my love for winter monochrome and Disney is rolled into one on this. It would actually looks super cute with the black denim shirt I just showed you, I don't really have much to say its Disney and a bodysuit what more could you possible want as a cute basic essential?!
A little breakaway from the monochrome and reds, I love this colour in clothes I find it so flattering and I have a cute beige faux fur gilet this would look so nice paired with and some nude knee highs would make such a cute autumn date night outfit! 
This is suchhhhh a cool jumper! Again, a cropped jumper with nice baggy sleeves. The fact the logo is orange gives it a nice autumn feel whether your lounging about indoors, or pairing it with a really casual outfit for a shopping trip or something, I really like the look of this jumper and the colours. 

I mean that is quite a big wishlist I feel but I did narrow t down from like over a hundred down to 10 so thats pretty good! My favourite item has to be the faux leather coat with the fur trim or the the Oakland crop jumper, maybe the mesh dress too! I really can't decide haha. 
Anyway, Let me know if you like any of these pieces or any others that you have on your wishlist, Don't forget you can follow me on any social media platforms by clicking the social media icons on the left side of this page :) 



  1. I have some boots similar to the black studded ones and they're just perfect to wear with everything - jeans, pretty dress, you name it!

    Hope you manage to treat yourself xxxx

    Poll x

    1. Thank you haha! I hope I own all of it by december! I deffo want a pair of black boots soon. - Alicia Xo


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