Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lifestyle | The Perfect Date Night In + Why Date nights Are Important

I think one thing that is mandatory for couples is a regular date night, I honestly think its critical. Relationships are hard work - thats a fact. We all work on our fitness goals or work/blog goals but when it comes to our relationships we tend to take them for granted at some point without meaning to. Assuming they'll always be there, when in reality our relationship is one of the most important part of our lives that needs focus and attention. I mean, your other half is pretty important they're the one person you will turn to when things go good or bad they're your rock and they're the only person you can create your very own family with so its the perfect way to relax together.

A lot of people think as soon as your in a relationship you settle down and become boring, you've found that person you've found yourself and thats that. Wrong. People think we stop growing but that's not true, We all continue to grow even after we've found our partners believe it or not.

If you stop making your relationship a priority its so easy to grow apart, especially if you both lead busy lives or have children. You can have date night how often you want. Here, I've put together my favourite type of date night which is a date night in, Its private its peaceful and its relaxing - and you haven't got to travel home either. It seems like its a little bit more thought out because your preparing everything yourself and if you do it together it strengthens that bond too.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to make dinner feel a lot more special. Just by having dinner outside makes it feel a lot more romantic; candles, fairy lights and chilling with a blanket under the stars - sounds so cute doesn't it!
When it comes to food its really up to you, you could cook a nice fillet steak, maybe opt for your favourite chinese takeaway and present it all pretty, you could even make a 3 course meal and do a course each and one together, Maybe you'd like to make the effort and cook their favourite meal for your partner or even better cook together
It really doesn't matter about the food its the one to one time with your other half thats bringing all this together and it helps when your in a cute and cosy environment. This is why we opted for our favourite meal of all time Spaghetti Bolognese, We cook it from scratch obviously and this was one of the fist ever meals I learnt to cook as a child and my other half loves it! - Obviously the dogs came to say hello too! haha

I really enjoyed doing this and I would much rather have this type of date night on a weekday, no phones or anything just the two of you and then have the special occasions all glammed up, this is perfect if your both super busy and if your on a budget. After we stuffed our faces we chilled for the rest of the night outside with the candles and the lights and grabbed some blankets making it really cute and cosy and watched some NowTV on the iPad with a hot chocolate and a banana milkshake haha.

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  1. I think it's so important to keep making time for date night too - although I'd make it even more regular if my dogs were as cute as yours! ;)

    Poll x


    1. Me too! Its so easy to neglect our other halves as bad as it sounds but you don't need to go out to have quality time together - the dogs definitely help though haha! -Alicia Xo


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