Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Beauty | My Stripped Back Skincare for VERY Dry Skin

I've been doing a lot of research into skincare lately and after being ill and super anxious my skin took the brunt of it. My skin was sore, dry and soooo flaky and made me feel like absolute crap. I literally went through a tub of Lush's skin drink which I love and although it eased it a bit but didn't soothe my skin.

I then decided I'm going to strip back my skincare, double cleanse and moisturise and thats it no toners, no extra creams just two simple steps. I was on the hunt for some super gentle moisturiser and came across the Aveeno skincare brand, After the first use honestly it stopped my skin from itching so much and it eased it almost instantly, I put it on before I went to bed and by morning it had already felt better, I continued to use it and since then have bought the giant bottle too! I use it on my face and body and the texture of my skin feels so so nice now, a definite staple for my skincare routine now!
Before I moisturise I obviously cleanse, the one cleanser that really moisturises my skin and is the best first step is this Lush Ultrabland cleanser, I have rambled on about this for so long! It honestly is amazing its almost like a butter texture and you simply rub into dry skin and take it off with a hot cloth or mitt and it leaves your skin ridiculously smooth and then I follow it with the Aveeno moisturiser and my skin just feels amazing!

These two products are for the same reason one of the areas that were super dry was the under eye area, I first spent £20 on The Body Shop 'Oils of Life' Eye Gel and it is amazing and super hydrating but it didn't soothe the itchiness for very long ( I ended up putting a tiny bit of Aveeno under my eyes which actually helped) then I came across Simple Hydrating Booster Eye Cream, I tried the tester on my hand in super drug and it felt amazing super dewy and super soft and delicate and I have been using this every morning and the body shop one at night.

My lip balm collection is a little out of hand. I have always had dry skin and I can't function if I realise I don't have a lip balm on me - seriously not an exaggeration. Well, the other day I didn't have any on me and I love my Burt's Bees but I wanted it in a tin form but they didn't have any in my local superdrug So I reluctantly purchased a Nivea lip balm I'm super fussy with lip balm and this one is actually my new favourite the texture is nice and creamy and it lasts a good while too, I have carried it everywhere with me and although I usually steer clear from 'fruity' lip balm this blueberry one I genuinely love.

I was honestly at my wits end the past two weeks with my skin and its never been so dry and sore like that before but it's definitely on its way now and it is all down to these products, I've actually really enjoyed this more relaxed skincare routine that still feels like a pamper. Do you suffer from dry skin? Have you tried any of these products? 
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  1. First of all, loving your Autumnal themed photography! Fab job. I don’t suffer from dry skin, I’m more oily but I do love a good Nivea lip product. I’m currently using the Watermelon shine lip balm and I’m obsessed x



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