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If you've visited this blog before you will already know my love for autumn I'm sure but if you are new to this blog then I will just inform you that I am fully obsessed with Autumn@
I don't even know where it came from in all honesty, I've always loved rain probably through to being influenced by my older sister who would get us playing in the garden in our pyjamas when it was pouring with rain then we would get a telling off for sneaking outside in our PJ's and no coats!

There are a number of things that spring to mind when I think of Autumn, which I've managed to round up in this post. I love the cosiness that comes along with Autumn, I love that you can really indulge in a lot more things like luxurious beauty products or really indulgent winter treats. The nights are become colder and darker which means we can snuggle under some blankets with some hot chocolate and watch some TV and get ready to watch the new series of stranger things (cannot wait!) it also means we have pumpkin spiced everything! (and gingerbread!) and I am dying to try Starbuck's caramelised pecan latte! Yes!

This time of the year I really start to knuckle down on my skincare - especially my hands! For overall face moisturiser I use Lush Cosmetics Skin Drink and it is my all time favourite! My hands get crazy dry. I have hand cream in my handbag, on my bedside anywhere I can grab it easily, the one I'm currently using and I am completely besotted with is the Bath & Bodyworks in the scent 'Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte' it has a gorgeous luxurious velvety texture, I hate greasy hand creams where you end u having to wait 10 minutes for it to finally sink in this one is not like that at all, it dries almost instant and leaves your hands feeling like silk and it honestly smells incredible, perfect for a sweet autumn scent🍂

A beauty trend that never fails me in the Autumn will always be the deep dark vampy lips! They are so flattering and give a super sexy look! Whatever your price range you can always find an autumn lip colour for you but if you want to indulge and treat yourself to a lipstick it should definitely be a deep red or berry lip! The Burts Bees matte lip crayon in 'Nape Vineyard' is just stunning its super dark and seductive and it is like a blood red but with berry tones I can't quite decide if its more red or berry, the application is amazing and it lasts a decent amount of time too! My other deep red faves are MAC's 'Russian Red' and 'Ruby Woo'. Russian Red is a super deep dark vampy red and Ruby Woo is more of a dark cherry red I guess. The lipliner I use for all of my dark reds is MAC's Cherry Lipliner just to keep things looking a lot sharper round the edges.
When it comes to deep berry lipsticks I love the Burberry Kisses Lipstick in the shade 'Bright Plum. My favourite though has to be Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks in 'Melted Fig' which is beautiful and lasts all day! I also love the shade 'Melted Berry' I think this is actually my all time favourite lipstick, it is such a beautiful colour and the colour pay off in these lipsticks are actually insane. They last all day without going cakey or drying my lips they are definitely my favourite brand of lipsticks and have been for a while now they seem to tick every box for me especially in the colder months when I want my makeup to stay put.
When it comes to eyes I stick to the darker and gold shades from my beloved Too faced 'Natural Love' Eyeshadow Palette, I bloody love it!
You just cannot beat curling up on the sofa with some blankets good TV and some snacks and drink! I absoloutly love the M&S american style cookies, My favourite ones are the maple syrup and pecan cookies and the salted caramel ones are insanely good!
Drinkwise, when it comes to hot drinks anyway. I love Twinings Gingerbread green tea with some honey or the salted caramel Green Tea, they both taste amazing! The other hot drink I always have is definitely Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and caramel syrup its my absolute favourite combo! You cannot beat a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate by Costa though! I really want to try some of the Bluebird Tea Company teas, the Snowball one sounds amazing!
Also, my favourite alcoholic drink has to bee Brothers Toffee Apple Cider oh my its the tastiest alcoholic drink in the world, I remember having it when I was first with my other half when we visited Winter Wonderland - awwww!

The last autumn essential! Good company, good films and cosy nights in! I find that you can't have a cosy autumn night without candles and fairy lights, they make everything feel warm and so much cosier. I love blogging whilst having a nice caramel or gingerbread candle flickering away next to me, when its dark and gloomy outside theres nothing more relaxing. I mean, its optional really but I love having family or friends over for a good game night. Playing heads up or 5 second rule and snacking on all the comfort food and drinking all the toffee apple cider! Then chilling down with some blankets watching scary films! Perfect! Autumn definitely brings us more nights in which I'm actually so happy about!

My Autumn essentials. I cannot wait for more cosy nights with lots of treats and snacks watching scary films and stranger things! What are your Autumn Essentials?
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  1. I am so keen for Autumn to set in, cannot WAIT for long walks and snuggling up with loads of blankets, candles and hot chocolate. AND of course Halloween!!! xx

    1. Me too! and bonfire night! ahh I'm excited haha! - Alicia Xo

  2. Oh my goodness, Alicia. I LOVE how you've Autumn-ified your blog. I love this post. Nothing beats a good night in. I've never tried those M&S cookies. My Autumn essentials definitely involve a bit of wine and a good book - I don't feel like I've read properly for ages. x

    1. Awww, Thank you! Yes to the wine haha! and I've recently got back into reading too after stopping for a while but I'm loving it. - Alicia Xo


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