Friday, 1 September 2017

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Hello September!
I cannot believe how quickly this year is going, August has been a weird month for me but mostly good. In all honesty on the beauty side of things I haven't tried many new things but August is that transformation in-between seasons I feel, So I've started to dip into autumn fashion ready for September and I've definitely had to buy more hand care things too because my skin gets so dry when the weather constantly changes. I've got my 5 things I have got this month and absolutely loved and I thought I'd share them with you too.

When I bought this I should've bought it in crates! I mean anything with doughnut animations all over it looks cute and I am completely obsessed with the packaging, I keep this on my dressing table now haha. It looks and sounds super summery but the scent has a subtle Christmas cinnamon scent which I love, it smells like cinnamon doughnuts its such a relaxing scent and it makes the bath so bubbly too. I think I may have to get the hand wash next...

Mauve Fluffy with Gold Chain Detail Cross Body Bag 
This is my new pride and joy its from Primark it looks more lilac in real life but it is an almost dusky pink lilac colour. I was actually hunting around for a red jumper or some cue cheap jumpers for the beginning of autumn and my 9 year old niece spotted this bag and I completely fell for it then she rushed me over to the jumper section because she'd seen a jumper the same colour and it was actually such a cute combination that I bought both haha, My niece clearly knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and I am sure she'll be the next fashion blogger haha! The bag is just too cute to not like, I feel like if your outside of blogging its a love or hate piece but I feel like every blogger might be wearing this in the autumn, it has cute chain detail and a little pop clasp and two pockets inside, the size is perfect to fit all my essentials even my blog essentials like my camera notebook etc. It has such an autumnal feel and I can vision it with so many cute outfits! 

I always have anti-bac in my bag and I go through bundles of it. This one is the only one I've found that doesn't dry my hands up as much as the usual ones and it smells so beautiful! (I love scents okay!) Its the same scent as the original Soap&Glory scent and as per the packaging is super cute!

I have used this so much this month, I got it from Amazon its a cute pink and rose gold bluetooth speaker I bought it mainly for BBQ's in the summer but whenever I'm blogging I just put this on and listen to all the relaxing tunes...maybe some Moana songs too!

This is another gorgeous scent! I mentioned before when the weather changes and it has been - constantly, my hands tend to suffer. The formula of this hand cream isn't greasy at all but it feels like it works straight away and leaves them soft for hours. I can't fault this product and I always have it on me now and I use it before bed now too so I had to mention it in this favourites. 

Those are my five faves this month, I almost always have it all mainly beauty products but like I said last month I want to include lifestyle bits like gadgets, food maybe some TV programmes. 
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  1. The frosted sprinkles scent is lush! I have handsoap from Beauticology in that scent. Your blog layout and photos are really pretty btw!

    Ilse |

    1. Its gorgeous isn't it?! I definitely need to get the hand soap for my bathroom haha! Thank you so much that means a lot! :) - Alicia Xo


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