Sunday, 22 October 2017

Beauty | Nügg Lip Mask & Lip Scrub

I am totally in love with these products. I already wrote a post on my new super simple skincare routine for super dry skin you can see that 'here'
I definitely have a huge lip product collection, I have so many lip balms, lip scrubs anything that will keep my lips moisturised. Lips dry out faster than any other part of the body and only has 3-5 layers instead of 16 layers like the majority of your body so I try to keep them super hydrated, they are so much more plump when they're moisturised I have definitely noticed a difference when I have dry lips my top lip looks so thin and dry lips just don't feel great.

I found these two products by Nügg and I've been using them for a while to see how I feel about them or to find out if its just a bit of a 'gimmick'. The first one is the pink metallic ball which is a lip scrub, I have used lip scrubs for about 3 years now because I haaaate having dry lips. The Nügg lip scrub is hands down the best scrub I have ever ever used, seriously. It isn't as rough as Lush lip scrubs its super moisturising and has like a thick almost paste consistency because its made with jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter and sunflower seed wax with little tiny grains of sugar combined in it to get rid of dry skin. It's an all natural product and because its not as rough as most lip scrubs its a super gentle treatment for sensitive lips. I have really enjoyed using this as a little pamper treat but I am even happier with the results, I feel like I definitely have my skincare in a happy place right now and I am pretty happy about it.

The next lip product is in the gold metallic packaging and this is the lip mask. You can either sleep in it or just put it on your lips for 20 minutes and then simply wipe off, I have done both I use it before I get in the bath and wipe it off when I get out and then put lip balm on and it does definitely make my lips super velvet soft and it does help get rid of any rough feeling thats been left after wearing matte lipstick all day. It has a minty/aniseed type scent to it and it is supposed to plump your lips which I'm not 100% if it does my lips personally look more plump when they're hydrated anyway and it does feel odd having a lip mask on but I do love a face mask so I like the concept of one for my lips, it doesn't go tight as it dries like a face mask just a tiny tiny bit. I use the lip mask about 2-3 times a week and the scrub I use pretty much every day and I think they are going to last a decent amount of time too I have used them quite a bit already and it has barely made a dent so hopefully these last me a good while.
I think the lip scrub is my favourite out of the two and one I would definitely recommend. These are the two lectures more up close.  I do use both so obviously the lip mask is really good too but I feel like the lip scrub is nicer to use and I think everybody would get on with it easier its super hydrating instantly. 
What do you think? Have you used any of the Nügg products? I really want to try their face masks too!
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Lifestyle | My favourite accessories to keep me organised!

Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with pretty stationery. Pretty paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers, clipboards you name it I had to have it. I would have notebooks stacked pile high with barely a sentence inside nonetheless I still needed that new fresh notebook! 
The begining of the school year used to be an absolute dream for me, walking around the shops usually Woolworths & WHSmith's choosing the prettiest, coolest pencil case I could find and filling it with all the smelly gel pens and cute pencils and erasers.
This obsession with stationery definitely didn't go anywhere but I am more efficient with how I use things and I still sometimes cave in and buy that extra notebook I don't desperately need but I actually use them up now instead of them just gathering dust.
I completely lose my head when I don't have a plan. I'm fine when it comes to last minute trips or days out but when it comes to jobs, blog posts, chores, events etc I have to have lists upon lists, I mean, I don't have to but I like to. I feel like seeing things on my to do list slowly being ticked off is quite therapeutic and I forget quite a lot but thankfully my lists and notebooks have my back.
I wanted to share with you the planners I use consistently and often.
These are my go to notebooks, Yes I have 3...ish and yes they are all beautiful and gold - but very useful.
The Little Bullet Book has quickly become my new best friend I got this from WHSmith obviously the book is bloody gorgeous I love the font and style of it and honestly it organises everything, things I never even thought about organising before, my wardrobe, my bank balance, my exercise and wellbeing it literally has a section for everything I am always jotting bits down and keeping track of everything in here and It has no months of the year in this book so you don't have to wait till January to use it you write in the month at the top so you can begin your organising as soon as you buy it. .I can fit it in all of my handbags and it's not too bulky or heavy. 
This second book you can see is a super similar style to the first I was originally looking for a diary for appointments and events but I could only find 2017 planners which I would only be using for the next two months and 2018 which I can't use yet I then got on to the idea of buying a little planner with the little ring binder clasps so I can buy separate inserts for the planner, customise it completely to my taste and then I won't need to wait till 2018 to use it. I keep track of all my appointments and blogging stuff in here and this isn't a book I use on the go its more for when I'm home working, although I do take it around with me depending on what I'm doing. The quality is amazing its so padded and really sturdy I got it from hobbycraft which I've never looked for planners before in there but I loved it straight away I can't wait to buy some more cute little inserts from Etsy.

I got tis one from click the link to check out their cute website. Perfect for people who want a quick list with no faffing around. This I mainly use for house chores or little bits I have to get done ASAP I leave it under my coffee table and I just grab it fill it out in the morning and get to it as a little mini reminder of what to do in the day/morning its one of those tearaway ones so once your done you just rip it off and recycle it - super simple✨

If your looking to be slightly more organised hopefully these will be helpful, all different budgets and all different ways to stay organised. 
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Lifestyle | 'Blogger Recognition Award 2017' Acceptance

I love the idea of this and I am pleased I got nominated! Lately there seems to have been a lot of competition with bloggers especially on social media but this is the perfect way to lift each other up and and show our appreciation of the blogs we love!

The Rules
The Bloggers Recognition Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  It’s a wonderful way to show that there are other bloggers who enjoy and appreciate your hard work!  If you have been nominated and choose to accept the award you must follow these rules.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    • Write a post to show the award.
    • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
    • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
    • Nominate 15 other bloggers you want to pass this award to.
    • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

      Thank You!
      First of all I'd like to thank Jaimi - Pocket Full Of Daisies for nominating me in the first place so I get the chance to nominate others and can hopefully find more blogs to read along the way. 

      How My Blog Started
      I actually started my first blog back in 2012 - I think but then I just lost all motivation and deleted it because I thought it was rubbish to be honest. After I met my boyfriend he kind of egged me on to start it again after telling him how much I loved it and the rest is history I guess. 

      2 Pieces of Advice to New Bloggers
      Be consistent - It does help honestly I was soooo inconsistent in my first year and just blogged as an when I felt like it but after I adapted a little routine I really noticed a difference in views and engagement. I love reading comments on my blog and at one point I thought I'd never get any!

      Engage! - Engagement is huge too in my opinion, try and reply to comments as often as you can and don't forget to like and comment posts or pictures if you like them its so easy to forget sometimes and also there are so many blogger chats on twitter that really help others find your blog and for you to find more my faves are #thegirlgang #GRLPOWR 

      My Nominees! 
      Alice 'According to Alice' Alice posts about beauty fashion & lifestyle she pretty much covers everything and has some really cool halloween looks right now!

      Kirstie 'Aloha Kirstie' - Disney lover All round positive person! 

      Tarnya 'Sweet Allure' - Lifestyle blogger who is also amazing when it comes to art! She sells her beautiful water colour prints on her Etsy store - Go check it out!

      Debra-Bow 'Debra-Bow'  - Stunning Beauty and Lifestyle blogger

      Lauren 'Loulabellerose' - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle 

      Hayley - 'Year of You' Travel & Lifestyle blog, Motivating, Encouraging and the perfect blog when you need a boost!

      Erin - 'Erin Writes' Beautiful writer with amazing poems!

      Dollie - 'Dollies Daydream' Dollie suffers from a number of illnesses and is a great inspiration to others who also suffer with the same, she writes about her experiences, appointments and products she's loving too!

      Mel - 'Little Miss Mel' Everything from Hauls, Lifestyle posts to make up and beauty!

      Claire - 'That Mumma Rocks' Beauty, lifestyle and gaming! 

      Beth - 'Beth Louise' Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

      Sharna - 'The Perks of Being Sharna' a very balanced beauty & lifestyle blogger documenting her daily life and important topics like mental health, relationships etc whilst also blogging about the things she loves 

      Abi - 'Abi Street' Beauty, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle 

      Leah - 'Devoted to Pink' Beauty, fashion Lifestyle & Travel

      Katie - 'Beautiful Messed up Minds' Beauty, Lifestyle & Mental Health 

      Congrats! I can't wait to read your posts too! 
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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Beauty | Too Faced Cocoa Contour & Highlighting Kit

 I am such a huge fan of Too Faced they have easily become a favourite of mine in the last year or so. 
Their packaging is just so gorgeous and pretty and the products themselves are just as amazing!
I decided I wanted a decent quality contour kit I had a couple of high street ones and they were okay but seemed to cake or not last very long which made my 'on the go' makeup bag get pretty bulky.
I used a high street contour palette that was £19 pound and I only used 1-2 colours out of the 8 colours it had in the palette and it didn't have a mirror either which was kind of annoying.
so I was willing to pay a bit more for a palette that is smaller, that has a mirror and that I can use the whole palette - so no waste!

I do love a little contour but I don't want something that is super pigmented but I also don't want to have to use half the product for it to show up, this product is kind of in between, This is a light to medium shade, it is easily buildable and so easy to blend I literally use one swipe and its enough.
The highlighter is beautiful it's hard to explain, at first I thought it was going to look like a glitter ball, it looks like it has larger glitter particles compared to other highlighters that I've used but it seems to leave less of a 'trail' so you don't get that iridescent line across your cheeks or nose most of us try to avoid.

I attempted to swatch this palette so you had a better idea of what it looks like, I definitely need to invest in a lens the highlight is so so subtle but looks beautiful on the cheeks and the medium cocoa is the perfect shadow shade with its ashier tone and the water tone in the dark cocoa you can use for a more bronzed or sun kissed look. The powders themselves are honestly so so soft when I was watching them I used my finger and they feel like velvet which probably helps them to blend so well, they're not drying whatsoever

I love using this palette and I am so happy I finally have one that ticks all the boxes! Don't forget you can follow any of my social media platforms by clicking on the social media icons on the left side of the page :)


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Lifestyle | September Favourites

I hope your proud of me! I'm in the 9th month of my monthly favourites! I've managed to keep it going from the beginning of the year right up until now and hopefully will carry this on - I'm quite impressed with that to be honest, Its been a struggle in the summer months when I'm a constant hot mess but this is the time of year to start snuggling up and introduce new fashion pieces and skincare!
I love September I always have since school, when it was the start of a new school year. It always seems like you notice the change in season the most, the beginning of september is quite mild and still pretty warm then it just transitions into a gorgeous autumn setting which I by the way am all for.
My inspiration rockets in september, I try it out more things for some reason and I just get obsessed with everything autumn related. I even prefer taking my dog out for walks in the rain rather than on a hot day. I honestly love the cold weather! I think 
The first thing I have to mention in this jumper from M&S The second it hits September I can't wait for the 'sweater weather' Honestly this is the comfiest, cosiest jumper I have ever ever worn! It feels like a cloud. It is is such amazing quality I think it was around £35 you can find it here and I have lived in it since I got it. Its a gorgeous soft thick cable knit jumper and I love the turtle neck detail the way it goes up, it doesn't fold over like most turtle necks its really light around the neck which I like, its so much more comfortable to wear. I am so obsessed with this knit its amazing! 
The next thing that has been a beauty saviour is this Aveeno cream, I've seen it on TV hundreds of time and just never really thought any more of it until the past week I was super ill and my face was horrendous it was so dry and flakey and sore! I had excema as a kid and I think where I had been under so much stress and the change in season it just took a real toll on my skin to the point where I had used over half the pot of my Lush skin drink moisturiser and still it did nothing but the Aveeno after the first use it eased it so much, I wished I'd found it sooner I use this on my face and body now and I feel like my the texture of my skin is completely new! I want to get the bath soak now I did write a more in depth post here.
This bag is just gorgeous and it looks super trendy with the shape and size and the colour is perfect for the season, I like this for when I'm not carrying too much so for brunch, shopping or date night, Its from River Island and was about £28 - So cute!
I thought I'd put a film in my monthly favourites too. I love watching films, I always have and I love going to the cinema. I was a bit scared though not gonna lie but it was amazing! It is soooooo much better than the original, it doesn't have that weird robot spider at the end thank god. I honestly think you should go see it! I won't say too much even though its a pretty well known book and film already but it is amazing. I hate clowns and it is a bloody terrifying clown (unlike the original film)
We also got these freaky posters for free as we came out of the screening, Its gone straight in our game room!
Okay I have never put a book in my favourites, in all honesty I very rarely pick up a book. When I was young I loved reading, my nan read to me a lot and always bought me books that I would finish in no time, now I guess I use my time to read on blogs which I really enjoy. 
This book I had no intention of picking up. I was waiting to go into a meeting and had some time to kill and I thought I'd check out some mindfulness books in WHsmiths, this one just happened to be hanging out of the shelf most so I picked it up and inside was a note which my nan used to use herself, I found it so bizarre I even tweeted Estee to see if this was in all the books, It wasn't. Anyway, I attended my meeting and the quote just seemed so fitted I went back for the book had a little browse and the paragraph I'd read just felt like I was reading my own thoughts it was beyond weird but I had to get it and I haven't put it down. I follow Estee Lalonde on social media but I genuinely didn't buy it because of who it was by, I haven't followed her social media for long but now I am a fan of her youtube now. I just thought it was going to be a typical blogger book but I relate to it so so much all different parts of the book and I keep re reading certain paragraphs and I just totally adore it and I think I found my love for reading proper books again. I would recommend you to give it ago if you haven't already I am so glad and grateful I've found this!

That's this months favourites, I think the Bloom book by Estee Lalonde was the highlight of new purchases this month definitely!
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