Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Lifestyle | My favourite accessories to keep me organised!

Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with pretty stationery. Pretty paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers, clipboards you name it I had to have it. I would have notebooks stacked pile high with barely a sentence inside nonetheless I still needed that new fresh notebook! 
The begining of the school year used to be an absolute dream for me, walking around the shops usually Woolworths & WHSmith's choosing the prettiest, coolest pencil case I could find and filling it with all the smelly gel pens and cute pencils and erasers.
This obsession with stationery definitely didn't go anywhere but I am more efficient with how I use things and I still sometimes cave in and buy that extra notebook I don't desperately need but I actually use them up now instead of them just gathering dust.
I completely lose my head when I don't have a plan. I'm fine when it comes to last minute trips or days out but when it comes to jobs, blog posts, chores, events etc I have to have lists upon lists, I mean, I don't have to but I like to. I feel like seeing things on my to do list slowly being ticked off is quite therapeutic and I forget quite a lot but thankfully my lists and notebooks have my back.
I wanted to share with you the planners I use consistently and often.
These are my go to notebooks, Yes I have 3...ish and yes they are all beautiful and gold - but very useful.
The Little Bullet Book has quickly become my new best friend I got this from WHSmith obviously the book is bloody gorgeous I love the font and style of it and honestly it organises everything, things I never even thought about organising before, my wardrobe, my bank balance, my exercise and wellbeing it literally has a section for everything I am always jotting bits down and keeping track of everything in here and It has no months of the year in this book so you don't have to wait till January to use it you write in the month at the top so you can begin your organising as soon as you buy it. .I can fit it in all of my handbags and it's not too bulky or heavy. 
This second book you can see is a super similar style to the first I was originally looking for a diary for appointments and events but I could only find 2017 planners which I would only be using for the next two months and 2018 which I can't use yet I then got on to the idea of buying a little planner with the little ring binder clasps so I can buy separate inserts for the planner, customise it completely to my taste and then I won't need to wait till 2018 to use it. I keep track of all my appointments and blogging stuff in here and this isn't a book I use on the go its more for when I'm home working, although I do take it around with me depending on what I'm doing. The quality is amazing its so padded and really sturdy I got it from hobbycraft which I've never looked for planners before in there but I loved it straight away I can't wait to buy some more cute little inserts from Etsy.

I got tis one from click the link to check out their cute website. Perfect for people who want a quick list with no faffing around. This I mainly use for house chores or little bits I have to get done ASAP I leave it under my coffee table and I just grab it fill it out in the morning and get to it as a little mini reminder of what to do in the day/morning its one of those tearaway ones so once your done you just rip it off and recycle it - super simple✨

If your looking to be slightly more organised hopefully these will be helpful, all different budgets and all different ways to stay organised. 
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  1. So cute, I love how everything is the same colour scheme.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. Thank you! I can't help myself haha! - Alicia Xo


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