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Lifestyle | September Favourites

I hope your proud of me! I'm in the 9th month of my monthly favourites! I've managed to keep it going from the beginning of the year right up until now and hopefully will carry this on - I'm quite impressed with that to be honest, Its been a struggle in the summer months when I'm a constant hot mess but this is the time of year to start snuggling up and introduce new fashion pieces and skincare!
I love September I always have since school, when it was the start of a new school year. It always seems like you notice the change in season the most, the beginning of september is quite mild and still pretty warm then it just transitions into a gorgeous autumn setting which I by the way am all for.
My inspiration rockets in september, I try it out more things for some reason and I just get obsessed with everything autumn related. I even prefer taking my dog out for walks in the rain rather than on a hot day. I honestly love the cold weather! I think 
The first thing I have to mention in this jumper from M&S The second it hits September I can't wait for the 'sweater weather' Honestly this is the comfiest, cosiest jumper I have ever ever worn! It feels like a cloud. It is is such amazing quality I think it was around £35 you can find it here and I have lived in it since I got it. Its a gorgeous soft thick cable knit jumper and I love the turtle neck detail the way it goes up, it doesn't fold over like most turtle necks its really light around the neck which I like, its so much more comfortable to wear. I am so obsessed with this knit its amazing! 
The next thing that has been a beauty saviour is this Aveeno cream, I've seen it on TV hundreds of time and just never really thought any more of it until the past week I was super ill and my face was horrendous it was so dry and flakey and sore! I had excema as a kid and I think where I had been under so much stress and the change in season it just took a real toll on my skin to the point where I had used over half the pot of my Lush skin drink moisturiser and still it did nothing but the Aveeno after the first use it eased it so much, I wished I'd found it sooner I use this on my face and body now and I feel like my the texture of my skin is completely new! I want to get the bath soak now I did write a more in depth post here.
This bag is just gorgeous and it looks super trendy with the shape and size and the colour is perfect for the season, I like this for when I'm not carrying too much so for brunch, shopping or date night, Its from River Island and was about £28 - So cute!
I thought I'd put a film in my monthly favourites too. I love watching films, I always have and I love going to the cinema. I was a bit scared though not gonna lie but it was amazing! It is soooooo much better than the original, it doesn't have that weird robot spider at the end thank god. I honestly think you should go see it! I won't say too much even though its a pretty well known book and film already but it is amazing. I hate clowns and it is a bloody terrifying clown (unlike the original film)
We also got these freaky posters for free as we came out of the screening, Its gone straight in our game room!
Okay I have never put a book in my favourites, in all honesty I very rarely pick up a book. When I was young I loved reading, my nan read to me a lot and always bought me books that I would finish in no time, now I guess I use my time to read on blogs which I really enjoy. 
This book I had no intention of picking up. I was waiting to go into a meeting and had some time to kill and I thought I'd check out some mindfulness books in WHsmiths, this one just happened to be hanging out of the shelf most so I picked it up and inside was a note which my nan used to use herself, I found it so bizarre I even tweeted Estee to see if this was in all the books, It wasn't. Anyway, I attended my meeting and the quote just seemed so fitted I went back for the book had a little browse and the paragraph I'd read just felt like I was reading my own thoughts it was beyond weird but I had to get it and I haven't put it down. I follow Estee Lalonde on social media but I genuinely didn't buy it because of who it was by, I haven't followed her social media for long but now I am a fan of her youtube now. I just thought it was going to be a typical blogger book but I relate to it so so much all different parts of the book and I keep re reading certain paragraphs and I just totally adore it and I think I found my love for reading proper books again. I would recommend you to give it ago if you haven't already I am so glad and grateful I've found this!

That's this months favourites, I think the Bloom book by Estee Lalonde was the highlight of new purchases this month definitely!
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  1. I really want to try Aveeno! I've heard amazing things about their products, I need to pick me some up I think. I haven't seen IT yet, I still need to watch it. Loving the Autumn vibes on your blog right now by the way, looks gorgeous x


    1. honestly they are both amazing! haha and thank you! - Alicia Xo

  2. How amazing is Aveeno! I've been using it for about 2 years now and would never change it :)

    Emma at

    1. I can't imagine using anything either the results were almost instant I really want to get the bath soak now too can you imagine haha - Alicia Xo


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