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Lifestyle | Monthly Favourites - October!

How is it the end of October already?! Are you seriooouuuus?! I've had a pretty hectic month but I love October, it starts to get a bit more cold and crisp although this month was surprisingly mild and warm int he beginning it gets a lot more exciting with halloween and I have loved it. 
I obviously am sticking to my monthly favourites so heres what I've been loving in October...

Stranger Things Obv has to be in my faves! I'm guessing you've already seen it? if you haven't WHY?! don't worry I won't leave any spoilers just incase you haven't got round to watching it yet, If you haven't seen season 1 I would definitely recommend watching it. Season 2 is bloody amazing! It has all the emotions and just makes you feel everything! It is so tense in some places and I was honestly sitting bolt up right with my hand over my face not knowing whats going to happen, Season 1 was a lot more Sci-Fi, Season 2 is like a Sci-fi Horror its honestly amazing and the 2nd season is so much better than the first! LOVED IT!

I loved this pencil when I first used it around a year ago and then I'm not sure what happened but recently I went to a benefit brow bar in Debenhams and I had the face mapping and eyebrow wax and they used the goof proof brow pencil on me and I mentioned I'd used it and loved it a while back and used the shade 4 which she advised shade 3 would be a tiny bit more suited so I tried that after the wax and I was honestly so in love with my brows after and obviously I purchased it in the right shade this time
I would totally recommend benefit brow bar AND this brow pencil.
I forgot how much I love these products! I always switch up foundation all the time and I used this before but in the wrong shade so I just kinda forgot about it but at the beginning of this month I was in need for some foundation and was looking on Debenhams and suddenly remembered how much I loved this one. I use a light fake tan (Bondi Sands) and I'm shade NW30 which is a good shade for when I'm fake tanning. The concealer is the Pro Longwear concealer in shade NW20 it conceals my dark circles and doesn't budge all day. These two are perfect for the colder months because they don't move at all, I prefer sculpt because it has a slightly hint of dewiness rather than the pro longer foundation is matte and doesn't sit well with my dry skin, sculpt is kind of in-between dewy and matte its a nice satin finish I think.
I attended Comic Con on the 27th of October and it was incredible! I have a little post coming (maybe a haul vid too!) It was so cool and we got a lot of funko pops which we collect (we have around 100) It has everything from Disney, Marvel, WWE, Nintendo literally everything. I really want to go dressed up with all my family, they sell the coolest and some exclusive merch, cool prints and artwork you should definitely go if you love games, films, disney, marvel, WWE, Harry Potter they have something for everyone and all ages its amazing and some people go in such cool costumes!
I already did a post about this so you can see that 'here' but I had to put it in my favourites, Its such a good product and I love the packaging I feel like Too Faced really nail their packaging which I always find cute but practical, it's never too bulky but big enough to had a decent amount of product with an equally decent sized mirror. This contour kit is super bendable and lasts a good while I find a lot of contour kits I've tried previous to this can tend to go a little bit muddy on my face, especially due to my dry skin but this is so nice to blend I've really loved using this. 

As it's been the halloween season. You can't go this month without burning a cheeky halloween candle - Bath & Bodyworks obviously.
This is the cutest halloween themed jar and it smells so incredible I've been burning it all month. On the bottom it has the notes in this candle which are 'Purrrfect Pumpkin, Black Cat's Clove, Ghostly Vanilla and Batty Brown Sugar' How cute! It suits this season so so well I've loved it and also it looks pretty damn cool over burning at halloween.

My favourites this month all done! A bit of a mixture but I like mixing it up instead of doing beauty as I tend to get quite comfy in my beauty routines. Oh yeah, don't forget you can follow me on any social media platforms by clicking the little icons in the left side of the page ✨



  1. I've always wanted to go to Comic Con! It just seems so cool and fun. Definitely on my to-do list, I'd love to go all dressed up as well. Always wanted a Bath & Body Works candle, I wish we had their stores over here! x


  2. You definitely should! Its so cool! They do them all over. I wish we had a bath & bodyworks over here too :( - Alicia Xo


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