Sunday, 31 December 2017

Beauty | Bare Minerals Detox Face Mask

I had to dedicate an entire post to this little gem. I only tried this out by chance I don't really go to BareMineral counters very often but to be honest, anything I have tried from this brand I have always gone back to repurchase. 
I love a face mask and lets face it for us girls, they fix everything. I have loved using face masks for absolute years, me and my friends would love sleepovers when we were around 13 and would always have a pamper night with a face mask and karaoke (singstar on the playstation)
I have a few favourite face masks and I do consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to face masks. My firm favourites have always been the Lush Cosmetics 'Cupcake' along with the body shop himalayan charcoal mask but this Bare Minerals detox mask has topped my all time favourites that I have ever used and that is a huge statement. First of all the packaging is super cute and looks super luxurious in my opinion, it comes with a clear spatula that I use to apply the mask with which  makes it a lot less messy! It also is super thick and creamy which I really enjoyed I left it on for about 15 minuted and it dried but it didn't crack and go hard which I hate sometimes when they dry and it feels like its stuck to your skin when you wash it off and it feels like concrete. This wasn't like that at all, it was still super smooth and because I'm so used to the face masks that dry and crack I didn't think it had worked but once I took it off my blemish had minimised and my skin was super glowy which I have never seen on my skin before due to it being so dry and dull looking I actually had glowy skin which I can usually only create with highlighter. This was instant results after using it for the first time, I was so impressed. This is 100% my new favourite face mask and I can definitely see it soon becoming a holy grail product of mine.

I truly recommend this product for blemish free and glowy skin! Have you tried any other Bare Minerals products? I definitely want to try more. Don't forget you can follow me on social media by clicking the social media follow buttons on the right hand side of the page :) 


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