Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Makeup Revolution Highlighters

Highlighter is quickly becoming my favourite part of my make up routine. I have bought one high end highlighter which is amazing but honestly I don't think highlighter is one of those products that you need to really invest in, especially if your foundation isn't long lasting your going to have to re apply your highlight when you do your foundation again anyway.

I have two highlighters from makeup revolution. A liquid highlight for you girls who, like me have dry skin that you want to make dewy and for my girls who prefer a powder highlight over some more combinational skin, or even for my girls who want a popping highlight then set it and make it pop with some powder on top!

The first highlighter I'm going to talk about is my favourite - the liquid highlighter in the shade liquid champagne this personally for me is such a good dupe of the Iconic London highlighter which is around £30 I think? yet this makeup rev one is only £6! A little goes a long way, its gorgeous, blends amazingly, which I have actually really struggled with when it comes to liquid highlighters, I've found I try to blend them into my makeup and it seems to disappear or take my foundation away I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong, however this product doesn't give me that problem. I blend it with my beauty blender and it doesn't disappear or take away my foundation it stays super dewy and radiant and the champagne colour is sooooooo gorgeous and will look perfect against sun kissed skin this summer! 

The powder highlighter is the 'golden kiss' super intense skin-loving highlighter. This is a gorgeous champagne highlight also which is a stunning shade and it looks so so pretty alone I really love this shade and it reflect beautifully and the lasting power is pretty damn good for just £5! I've had a £24 highlighter which didn't last along as this one has. If your on a night out or you really want a pop! of highlight you could pop this on top of the liquid one to set it.

Do you love highlighter as much as me?! I love setting it with the powder version but the liquid highlighter really does an incredible job alone too the colour really pops which I love! Don't forget you can follow me on any social media platforms by clicking the follow icons on the right side of the page (bottom of the page if your on your phone!)



  1. I absolutely ADORE Makeup Revolution highlighters- they're so cheap, but the pigmentation is on a par with Charlotte Tilbury!!

    1. I am so impressed with these! they last longer than my actual foundation the pigmentation is bang on isn't it? I deffo agree - Alicia Xo

  2. I love Makeup Revolution! They're absolutely killing the game lately. Their highlighters are my favourite drugstore highlighters for sure, I swear by them. I've not tried this gold one but I need to! I'm also after a liquid highlighter so I'll have to give the MUR ones a whirl x


    1. Yessss you deffo should the liquid is my fave! Its my fave highlighter I've used, literally ever! - Alicia Xo


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