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Beauty | My Favourite Products of 2017

I thought I would do a huuuuuge round up of all my favourite Christmas beauty finds from the entire year, the products that I have tried and tested and have kept going back to all year round. 


This year is the only time I have actually really got into my hair care, I decided to cut my hair into a 'lob' back in June and I noticed a considerable change in the thickness of my hair I've always had really thin hair so I want to hold on to this thickness so I have actually made an effort with my hair care.
I try to leave my hair to air dry when I can so this Redken no blow dry hair product has quickly become my new best friend I just ass tiny amount to my hair and distribute it all over my hair and it doesn't leave it flat to my head it dries quickly and looks thick and smooth no frizzy bits.


If you have been reading my blog for a while, well, first of all thank you for sticking with me and secondly you will probably know that I have developed a huge love for Lush Cosmetics 'Ultrabland' Cleanser I have tried others but nothing makes my skin feel the way this does. I enjoy using it and I actually ordered a bigger tub of it which lasts me a lot longer! I can't talk or recommend this enough I have quite dry, sensitive skin and this just wins hands down 100% my number 1 product of the year! It's buttery texture makes my skin super smooth and hydrated it and the natural ingredients are fine for my sensitive skin.

In the transition between summer and autumn my skin rapidly went down hill, it was itchy and sore and ridiculously dry. I first went onto Aveeno and it helped it clear up massively but then I found out that its not considered cruelty free which sucked because it genuinely changed my skin around. So I was on the hunt for cruelty free product that still worked and did its job.
The first place I went to look was obviously Lush, I found a cream 'The Dream Cream' that had really good reviews and recommendations for super sore itchy skin such as eczema (which is what Aveeno helps with too) 
It soothes, calms and hydrates and it works the same as Aveeno if not more, which I am super happy about, If I find out a product I'm using isn't cruelty free then I do try and find an alternative, some don't work as well but with skincare if it doesn't work there isn't much point buying it. Luckily The Dream Cream has been amazing! 

I also have one last skincare item, an eye care product. Which is in actual face a little miracle worker, its not the cheapest but it definitely works if you want a cheaper option I would recommend the simple hydrating booster eye cream.
I personally prefer the Oils of Life eye cream because you get a lot in the jar and its a nice luxurious cream and I use it mostly at night before bed. It brightens darkness around eyes and keeps them super hydrated.

Lip Care

I have already said I have dry skin and the winter plays havoc on my lips and makes them super dry and chapped, I have used so many lip scrubs over the years but they are all hard like sugary scrubs, this one by Nügg is like a lip balm, creamy in consistency with tiny beads of sugar to help exfoliate the lips. I have found this so much better that regular sugar scrubs because it feels like its hydrating at the same time. 

I love a thick lip balm, I'm not into an oily consistency when it comes to lip products but this Nuxe lip balm has an almost matte finish so your lips look like they've hardly got anything on and it really does sort my lips out, I use this every single day and I love it. 

Make Up

I wasn't going to do a make up section because my make up is forever changing and I'm always experimenting with new products but I thought I would share with you my 'brand of the year'  type of thing, the brand I have adored this year and have continued to go back to.
Too Faced Cosmetics! 
Too Faced is a brand that I have fully fell in love with this year and a brand as a whole I would definitely recommend.
Too Faced liquid lipsticks are incredible I honestly couldn't recommend these anymore, they aren't the cheapest liquid lipsticks they are around £19 I think but the staying power is amazing, the pigmentation is amazing and they are the main brand of lipsticks that don't dry my lips out, my favourite shades are: Peony, Fig, Rust & Berry I always recommend these lipsticks if I know of anyone on the hunt for a good liquid lipstick.
Another product I have loved enjoying is their Natural Love eye palette. The colours are beautiful I was a bit sceptical as the reviews said you have a lot of fall out but I haven't experienced any at all and I have used this since ever since I bought it. 
The other Too faced product I loved using is the contour palette its the only thing I use for my contour and I really want to try some more products from too faced. I really want to get the foundation I think and their diamond highlighter it looks insanely beautiful but its sold out everywhere!

Those are my very selective but my firm firm favourite beauty products this year. I can't wait to try brand new products in the new year!
I hope you have a great new years! Let me know what your up too whether its a night in or out I'd love to know everyone's plans
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  1. I really need to try some of the Lush skin care stuff, I’ve only ever used their bath bombs

    1. I started off using their bath bombs but once I tried their skincare I was sold! They have a tea tree toner which is amazing too! It was amazing when my skin was having breakouts! - Alicia Xo


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