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Confessions of a 'Moon Child'

I like reading personal posts, it gives me an insight of what my favourite bloggers are really like and what they have experienced and I seem to get more engagement with personal posts too, which means you like reading them as much as I do.
This post was going to be half rant/half advice. I've had a crap week and sometimes I can't get my point across and that makes me incredibly annoyed so I like to vent or start writing and it distracts me. If people are getting to me and there is confrontation I have 2 ways of dealing with things, I will either be silent or too vocal, there's no in-between and sometimes it gets me in trouble.

I have never read into my Starsign, my late nan was super spiritual and it did rub off on the family and she was into crystals etc. but I haven't read into my actual starsign before and I was looking at different hairstyles on Pinterest and then stumbled across quotes and zodiac sign and every quote about the zodiac sign 'Cancer'.
I am a Cancer/Cancerian and I cannot believe the connection and similarities I have with my starsign its actually scary, I am a cancer through and through, for sure!

''This is the first water sign of the zodiac and the Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon 'Moon Child' endowing her with awesome intuition and imagination. She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn’t feel right about someone, it pays to take notice. She won’t know the reason, but she will probably be proved right sooner or later. Similarly, her unerring instinct will tell her at once if someone is to be trusted. This is not about being judgmental – it’s about instincts and feelings''

This statement is 100% true for me and I never realised being a cancer was being a 'moon child' and although I'm not hugely fascinated by space it kinda freaks me out. I  have always been fascinated by the moon and stars, whenever I'm out at night I always search for the moon ever since I was a kid which I know is probably coincidence but the statement is definitely true, I'm not judgmental but I am intuitive and I know who's not trustworthy and I am usually right. 

Personality traits of a Cancer

  • Homebody at HeartIt keeps them grounded and makes them feel safe. Cancers will spend a lot of money decorating their homes and filling them with all the things that give them comfort and make them feel secure. A bit like hermit crabs.
  • Artistic & CreativeThey tend to have a strong creative force, one that involves them with the arts in some capacity, and they take great pleasure in expressing themselves creatively, through writing etc
  • IntuitiveThe crab is a sea creature and as such, takes it cues from the moon. Depending on the ebb and flow of the tides, the crab decides how to best chart its course. Cancers do the same thing as they respond instinctively to the situations around them.
  • Soft Underbellies -  The similarities between this sign and its symbol continue because both have extremely soft underbellies. It's no secret Cancers are easily hurt, and their wounds take a very long time to heal.
  • Kindness - There's a big difference between being nice and being kind, and Cancer is truly aware of this. Whether it's rescuing a stray dog or feeding the homeless, Cancer is the first one in line to offer a helping hand.
  • Dependablehile their moods may flicker like that of a candle caught in a storm, you can always depend on them. Whether it's for love, money, or simply to lend a helping hand, Cancers are known for coming through in a pinch.
  • Persistant - Cancers, are known for their staying power, and they can outlast just about any adversary. After all, crabs have claws for a reason. So when Cancers decide to fight for something, you can rest assured that they will go the distance.

All the above is accurate and it made me realise that if all this is true then, we simply are who we are, you can't change the deep traits you have  if its because of your starsign, I am a big believer in karma and things like that and it does make sense when you just don't get on with certain types of people and thats okay there are a million more that will be compatible with you!
If anybody wants you to change some of your traits, there probably isn't much use because  you are who you are and it will always shine through, always be yourself and if somebody can't accept you, then move on.

I know this is such a random post but I am totally intrigued now about starsigns, I know this isn't the same with everybody and some aren't their sign at all but I really am a cancer to a t!
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