Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Ultimate Blog Planner + Accessories

Okayyyy, I know, I've already wrote a post on how I'm going to stay organised and I am you can find the post here. I'm currently using the Peony Planner by the Happiness Planner, It keeps me positive about the day ahead, I can write a little to-do list or my schedule but the basis is to keep me positive and keep my mind on track of positive and exciting things, I usually fill this out before bed to offload my mind so I can sleep better and when I wake up I have all my little positivity on one page which is a great start.

Now I'm in the routine of putting pen to paper - and really enjoying it. I decided to go ahead and buy a planner from Dot Creates. They have all kinds of planners, journals, stationery even phonecases and gifts. 
I was going to go with the ultimate Blog planner which looked pretty damn good! It has all sections for upcoming events, sponsored content, blog content, stats records,  and you simply tick it off when you've published, all my stationery is peach and gold so I really wanted the peach ultimate planner which is £12.50 which is incredible but then I came across the ULTIMATE ULTIMATE blog planner! This one is the premium blog planner, the I can do this - Blog planner for £28 this is like the mother of all planners, it's not my peach and gold aesthetic but the navy and gold looked so so pretty and in person, honestly, its just stunning! I know I know, don't judge a book by its cover but honestly inside there isn't anything that is missed out on this it's super thick, but practical it fits in most of my handbags (its A5 size) sounds strange but the thickness of paper makes the plan feel super luxe.

The planner contains:
12 month (undated) planner
144 content monthly planning pages
2018 & 2019 calendar 
2018 & 2019 key dates
1 x A6 sticker sheet
Content ideas page
Weekly diary space
Weekly noted and to-do lists
Weekly stats recorder
Weekly content & social post review
Monthly hand-drawn quotes
Monthly key dates section
Monthly goals area 
Sponsored content pages
Notes pages

That's quite a lot for a little planner! I definitely would recommend this if your upping your blogging game, This year I really am trying my hardest to get my blog the best it can be and planning is key for this, I feel so like its so easier to maintain and I get a lot more inspiration to write. I have found it so therapeutic planning everything and the hand drawn illustrations are such a cute little touch. It definitely helps when your planner is this cute you want to write in it all the time, I'm still using my peony planner before I go to sleep to plan personal things and to recap on what I need to focus on to reach my goals but this has every single blog idea and plan for my blog and I have absolutely loved using this.

An accessory that goes perfectly with a planner are some stickers, some very cute stickers. They are so practical, they actually save time and these are just amazing, I got them from an Etsy shop called Jadies Crafts I got mine personalised, I have 4 sets of stickers I have a set that say 'meetings', 'take photos', 'blog post' and a set of hearts and also a set that say 'alicia á la mode'. The script is so so pretty and I can easily stick them on the days that I need to, I love the cute little camera on the ' take photos' sticker set. They are so perfect to keep my blog planning on track, what days I need to take photos, what day I need to post and meetings I need to attend etc. and it all looks super neat and it takes me 0 time - perfect!

What do you think? I am a sucker for pretty stationery and I am just obsessed with this little book at the moment, I take it everywhere now and the stickers are all inside now, she also made a cute little sticker with my name so I put that into the beginning of the book.
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  1. This planner is SO cool, I love the design and you get so many things along with it! I'm tempted to buy this in an attempt to get organized but that's very unlikely for me, haha. I feel like every blogger should own one of these to keep everything in order x


    1. Its so practical, they do other little ones for £12.50 which is so good! Xo


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