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There are a number of things that spring to mind when I think of Autumn/Winter and I've tried to include all of them in this post - beauty, skincare and my
Winter is all about feeling cosy and comfortable. Food that you can indulge in on the odd occasion because ya know...Christmas, dry January etc.

The one little thing I love more so lately and in winter time is a good book, for when you don't fancy any company and your having a little chill time, perfect for in the bath or relaxing before bed. I used to love reading and I am currently reading Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher, its such an easy read, its so funny and really relatable if you've ever felt a little but lost - especially after a break up but its definitely and uplifting read and I have loved it.
In winter my skin takes a bit of a battering so oils or moisturisers are a must for me. I already did my new skincare routine which you can find 'here' Its not just my face though I tend to buy hand moisturiser in the colder months because the freezing cold ruins my hands!
I have been loving this little hand cream, its super thick and luxurious you can get it from LookFantastic its by a brand called Crabtree & Evelyn, it's not the cheapest I got this in one of the boxes or maybe the advent calendar but I love it it nourishes and soothes my hands and I carry it everywhere with me, obviously if you don't want to pay £18 for a hand cream there are some amazing ones in super drug that do the same job!
In the summer I rarely have baths, its too hot! however, a nice warm relaxing bath is the perfect way to end a cold day picking my favourite lush bath bombs, my favourite this winter have been twilight which really helps me relax and I loved the reusable bubble bar! I still have some left and I love using that and lighting a few candles, In fact autumn/winter candles are my faveee, the scents make you feel all warm and cosy there is nothing better than having a gorgeous smelling candle flickering on a cold rainy day anything cinnamon or gingerbread I love!
Beauty\Makeup ramps right up in winter time. No more worrying that your makeup is melting off or having to throw your hair in a bun because if you have it down any longer you'll want to shave it all off just to stay cool. No. Winter is where you can put in that extra effort with your hair and makeup and feel comfortable all day. Full coverage everything if you really want to... but for me the one make up trend that starts to creep in autumn months are the deep berry tone lipsticks. The rusty reds are cool too. Anything deep and sultry work all the way through to winter. My go to lipsticks for this time of year is definitely too faced, NYX and I love Burberry lipsticks too. I wasn't at all bought on the whole liquid lipstick things, they're drying, not as precise to put on and they didn't last half along as a simple mac matte. WRONG too faced are the gods of liquid lipsticks. Seriously. The sponge looks like it should be soft and squidgy, its not its firm and fluffy. The precision on this lipstick is incredible I don't even need to use lip liner with these. The colour is amazing and the staying power? it doesn't budge. I'm head over heels with these products and they do amazing colours for every season. 

Ahh this post wouldn't be anything without amazing food
When your settling down infront of the fairy lights or you've just got in from the cold air the one thing that makes me happy? FOOD yes! lots of it. Nibbles, Snacks, Pies, Stews and all kind of pastries! I love making big dinners for my family. Casseroles, beef wellington anything warming and hearty! I love getting out a board game then maybe putting a cosy film on, get snuggled up and eat from a cheeseboard - crusty bread with some Camembert ahh its the best!  

What are you winter essentials? Remember to stay up to date you can follow me on any social media platforms but clicking the follow buttons on the side (or bottom of the page if you're on your phone)


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