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Choosing the perfect lip for Valentine's Day

Whether your having a 'Galentine's' with your besties or a Valentine's with your babe, It's always nice to roll with a theme. 

When I think of Valentine's Day I think of all the pinks and all the reds. Pinks are perfect if your going for lunch with the girls or a little day date with your love. A super pretty pink.
I like opting for a pink when I'm feeling super girly and want to feel 'pretty' I think pink is a super flirty colour lip and it looks so pretty on everyone, if your not into pinks you can always try to lean more towards the nude pinks or any shade you feel comfortable, remember this is just the colours I go for and I tried to pick ones that suit a range of skin tones and hair colours.

Red is definitely a colour that springs to mind when I think of valentine's day. It's that universal colour which everybody reaches for when they are feeling bold or want to make a statement. There are such a range of red tones, some prefer more orange reds, post box red, I really love cherry reds or dark reds I think depending what hair colour I have (I change it a lot!)

I thought I would put together a little post on my go-to lipsticks for Valentine's Day!
I have sorted through all of my collection and narrowed it down to my personal favourite red and pink shades that I think would suit this holiday.

MAC - Russian Red 
This is one of my favourite shades of red! Its a gorgeous dark red that is super sultry and sexy, I really like this on me but it looks insanely beautiful on darker skin tones
This is perfect if your feeling a little more daring or want to make a statement, it is honestly such a beautiful shade and so perfect for a Valentine's Date or A night with the gals! Also its a matte finish so it really lasts a decent amount of time. This is a pretty good universal shade in my opinion because I haven't found someone that doesn't suit it! you can find it 'here'

MAC - Ruby Woo
Ruby Woo is a slightly more red than the Russian Red, This is more of a ... well, Ruby colour as you'd imagine. This to me is quite the iconic red that you'd imagine the likes of Marilyn Monroe wearing with her gorgeous platinum hair but it suits a range of skin tones and hair colours - redheads rock Ruby Woo beautifully in my opinion! 

I love these lipsticks, they are perfect in this harsh cold weather at the moment they keep my lips super hydrated without looking really glossy. I actually prefer this colour on me if I have fake tan on it seems to look a lot nicer when I personally have a little tan. This isn't as bold as the Russian Red so I feel like if you want to rock a red lip for a lunchtime date or a day date this wouldn't look too much.
I loved this colour with a tan as I just said but with my new ashy blonde I am obsessed I have been wearing it all week since going back to blonde, I'm kind of glad because this isn't cheap so I can finally get more wear out of it, its become my everyday lip. It doesn't last very long but you can apply lipcote on top to make it last a bit better.
NYX Liquid Suede - Tea & Cookies
If your not feeling the red this year you can always opt for a muted pink. I love these liquid lipsticks, they have been in my collection for a while. This is a super pretty muted pink, it suits light medium and dark skin tones it's so wearable it looks amazing day right through to night and its so flattering.

Bellápierre cosmetics Kiss Proof Lip Crème - Nude
This stuff is incredible, Seriously! I wore this all day the other day and I had like 3-4 drinks, and ate and it didn't budge in the slightest, this to me is a muted pinky nude but they have a shade called 'Antique Pink' which I really want to purchase. I've raved about too faced liquid lipsticks for months because their staying power is phenomenal but I would honestly go as far as saying these are better! This is the first and only thing I've used of this brand I think and its honestly amazing, perfect for valentine's if you want a nudey pink that is going to last through everything! I had to include it because it's not kiss proof for nothing!

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick - Peony
I couldn't leave my all time favourite pink lipstick out! Too Faced lip products are amazing. This is a gorgeous pink and again the lasting power is so good so you haven't got to keep checking your makeup if your busy with your friends or other half. I have mentioned this so many times so I won't bore you with the details but its the perfect pink. As you can tell I much prefer muted or nudey pinks just because I find them more flattering and more suited for valentine's day in my opinion.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk

MAC - Pure Zen
I paired these together because they go together perfectly. The Charlotte Tilbury lipliner is gorgeous, it's the only lipliner I can successfully over draw my lips without it looking cakey or obviously false. This is so close to my natural lip colour I think it help it being pretty much undetectable that I have it on. I then pop over MAC's Pure Zen this is a creme sheen which I never opt for from MAC I much prefer matte finishes but these two together are so perfect especially if you just dot it in the centre so it looked little ombre with a nice sheen.

They are the favourites that I picked from my own collection and ones I'm thinking of using. 
At the moment I'm undecided I think it's between the Charlotte Tilbury/MAC combo or the Burberry Military Red because I am loving that against my new blonde hair! (What do you think by the way?!)
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  1. Your photos are so beautiful and such girly, gorgeous shades! Pillow Talk and Pure Zen look gorgeous together, I adore Too Faced lip products too :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that, yessss Too Faced products are so good aren't they?! - Alicia Xo


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