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Happy International Women's Day! My blogging inspiration - InTheFrow

I remember being in primary school and we all got asked to think of our hero, someone we looked up to, who inspired us. We were asked to write a paragraph on this person and how we looked up to them. 
A few mentioned pop stars, actors, actresses, I think there were a couple of Disney characters too. I decided to write about my nan, I guess I've always taken words quite literally and there wasn't anyone that truly inspired me like she did except other family members. She was super strong, she didn't take no sh*t, she was fiercely independent and worked every hour for her family. 
That, to me felt inspiring, no pop star or actor had that affect on me and I've been like that ever since. I don't feel like I can get fully inspired by somebody unless I feel like I know at least a small portion of what they're about. I can get inspired by looks, fitness and makeup — sure! but to look up to someone is kind of difficult for me, I feel like 'famous' people only show us what they want us to see which is 100% understandable, I will always choose a documentary of a singer/actress etc. though because I'm fully aware as a celebrity they do have media training so they know how to take interviews and things but I feel like documentaries are a lot less filtered. You see them in their homes, around their families and in a less glam environment. One documentary I would totally recommend is Lady Gaga's Five Foot Two. I've always loved her and she is truly an inspiration to many you should definitely give this a watch!

Anyway, this isn't about my love for Gaga (who I actually do find inspirational) this is a dedication to the insanely beautiful Victoria Magrath she is the creator of the hugely successful, award-winning blog - Inthefrow. I first came across Victoria's Youtube after watching a number of beauty videos and literally just fell into a loop of similar videos, I came across Inthefrow, it was her skincare routine video, I then watched an American haul of hers I think it was and I thought she looked super cool and quirky and I loved her pink hair! I loved watching her Youtube for fashion videos and tags etc but for me it was her blog that I always regularly checked and I have done for a few years now.
Her pink hair became purple and she began to add some travel posts and videos into the mix. This is when I fell in love with her blog, the pictures from her Trekamerica trip made me long to go — weirdly my nan did the same trip with a different company! Since then it seems like she has just flourished and grown in the blogging industry and has really made her mark.
Her work is beyond impressive and I really do trust her views I think she is super reliable which is number 1, as a reader you can see how hard she's worked to have an impeccable reputation which is the reason I always go to her blog for up and coming products, I know she's honest and she has a lot of self respect and I have a huge respect for her.

Watching her grow has been so inspiring to watch, I love what I do and I may never excel as much as she has but I always take inspiration from her and I am definitely going to work harder to get there. Her style is incredible it has evolved in such an incredible way I cannot wait to see what she has put together, she still has that essence of cool while still looking really sharp, chic and well put together and that is a look she suits to perfection and she knows it and that's why it works.
You can see she has accepted herself she speaks about beauty and fashion but she also talks about important things like global warming or relationships, even night terrors! 
She is one of the most relatable people in this industry in my opinion. I definitely don't 'fan girl' that often and I honestly don't have many people that inspire me on this level. I would be so happy if one day when I have kids they will look up to Victoria, she sets such a good example and incredible work ethic and you can just see the passion through her work and that's what always draws me back.
Where I have been a loyal reader for so long I feel so proud when I see her work getting noticed and meeting incredibly talented people like Dame Helen Mirren! it makes me squeal inside the fact that I have got to watch her meet amazing hardworking women and you think she has reached as far as a blogger can go, you know, being the face of Ted Baker, being an Ambassador for FeelUnique AND L'oreal, even featuring on their TV advert looking gorgeous as ever! she has worked with some phenomenal brands, Burberry, Dior, Hugo Boss, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Balmain Eyewear and Tiffany just to name a few! yet she is still so balanced and down to earth and modest and shows gratitude in every video of blog post.

I mean, look at this elegance and beauty and sheer bravery, all for a photo and it clearly pays off, This is such an incredibly beautiful photo taken by Alex  
I know you probably have already seen her work and her photographer boyfriend/team member Alex Harrison who is amazing at photography (and his edits omg) he films the most beautiful footage on his Youtube too. They are honestly the dream team and their work together is honestly mind-blowing and this is true relationship goals for a blogger - trust me. 
If you have been living under a rock and for some unbeknown reason haven't seen Victoria's blog and Youtube and Alex's too then you can find them here:

I honestly have nowhere near enough room to list the amount of incredible things she has worked on and the places she's been I would love to sit down with and pick at her brain and listen to her stories.
They both have the most incredible Instagram pages and I am so in awe of both their work. I just thought I'd write this piece on such an incredible blogger and if you're ever in a little rut with your blog or you're having a bad day I would totally suggest giving her youtube a watch or reading her blog it honestly helps me so much to wind down and ease my anxiety if I'm having an off day.
She is amazing with beauty and fashion related things but her lifestyle posts are second to none.

She truly is an inspiration and I respect her immensely and had to share this incredible woman with you all I am in awe of her always and will forever be inspired! 
Who's your inspiration?

Happy International Women's Day!


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